Sunday, January 08, 2006


As I prepared to express my thoughts this new year, I first thought of Cuba, and the cruel and unfair treatment meted out to those caribbean people, because they just wanted to build a society that will serve them and their generations well. The same ideals of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklyn.
But then I thought we Americans ,do not like individuals and smaller countries, than ours, that think independently.
So for over forty years we allow our US Governments ( Democratic and Republican) together with their Republican thinking , mafia type, Cubans friends, attempt to strangle a black and brown Caribbean Island into submission. So that rich Americans can relegate the aspiring Cubans to dream, only to be topless waitresses and busboys , as we seek a new playground.

Then I remembered that our National Capitalist policy ,is anti communism. That is until one billion Chinese communists said ,'we don't care', we are going to be prosperous and so efficient that we can lend Capitalist Nation , communist money, to service your capitalist economy.

Using the now famous, twisted and corrupt logic, our Leaderships in the White House treat Cuba 100 percent different, to the way they treat the communist Chinese. We seemed destined to keep the the Caribbean island nations in a state of revolving poverty. Simply because we have the military power , to scare small nations, who wants to become prosperous and efficient like China.
Even to play Baseball, the Mafiso and their Massa Bedfellows , in Washington , wants to use their lobby money to buy caribbean dinners made up of the Heart and Soul of the Cuban people.
We want so much to break the Will of the Cuban people, Corrupters from Washington to Miami are promising political support and money ,if we deny them the simple priviledge of playing international Baseball..

We dare not try that Bullcrap with China. Tiger plays international Golf there, the WTA plays international Tennis there, FIFA organises international Soccer there, and the Olympics will next be held in Beijing. No one knows who is the President of China, but the whole planet adores the Cuban President .Yet the Cuban people continue to get the American steel boot placed on their necks.

The Bush /Cheney administration original plan was to make Cuba next on the list of invasion candidates, that is,if the mischief in Iraq had succeded. Maybe the Cuban people and their country will be spared the destruction Iraq is now experiencing .
There is an old caribbean saying: " God do not like ugly or injustices" will god show his displeasure??

The last 90 days of the year were very captivating, our Leaders in the White House were caught in the C spin. Americans were grading our President a continous C-, while the chickens 'Chaos and Corruption' came home to roost on the white house lawn.
A wise man once said 'show me your friends and I will tell you who you are,' has become the January 2006, lesson, for tunnel visioned Red State Republicans.
The Republicans in Washington D.C. have re- introduced corruption in massive doses to our public affairs. Corruption in government is a Sin and a menace to any society it infiltrates.
In every country ,where political corruption dominated business and political activities, these countries ceased to be seriously productive.

In our recent history the Soviet Union is a prime example, Corruption , the disease, had so eaten their resolve and the core of their society ,they were a push over and crombled into dust, after all the cowboy talk , from President Reagan. He did'nt have to threaten with an invasion or Nuclear attack.
The Chinese had a big cultural revolution, within their revolution, to rid themselves of the counter productive disease called 'Officials Corruption'.

Throughtout the developing world e,g, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East , South East Asia and the Caribbean Corruption in politics is rendering these affected countries helpless, and unable to solve common and simple problems.
So America , beware of the germs of the Republicans in the White House and in Congress. In recent times they have attacked our enshrined rights, they have attacked the main principles of our Great Constitution and are presently infecting our political resolve with Corruption and Domestic spying.
On the spying on your people thing, are they going to blackmail Americans who they catch with pants down??
who are they spying on? The fat lady with all the Cats? The middle Eastern looking man, behind the counter at the service station? Or is it ,the hippie female Teacher at the middle school? Could it be all the Democratic Congressmen and women ?...... Man this is Bad , how dark and repressive are we going to get...