Thursday, December 01, 2011


In the grand scheme of manipulative American ruling class (1%) politics, led by the Brothers Koch, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and a committee representing , the richest and cruelest elite among us. There is a belief, etched in granite at their Head Quarters, that says, ... "WE ARE THE PIED PIPERS , THE JIM JONES, OF THE AMERICAN MIDDLE AND WORKING CLASS, THEY WILL FOLLOW US TO THE DEPTHS OF THE SEA...TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BLACK HOLE OR TO THE KILLING FIELDS OF JIM JONES...IF WE TELL THEM...."

We have not being able to capture this ruthless assessment of Americans on tape, but we know its there. We see it everyday on the wretched faces of their 'front men', like Speaker John Boehner , Mitch McConnell , Karl Rove and the slew of Republican and Tea Party "con men" and stupid woman, competing for the Presidency.

There is ' good' reason for these greedy and ruthless Americans to believe, that their schemes , tricks, lies and deceptions will work in every generation of the American population. Just imagine owners of white indentured slaves, were able to trickly convince them to follow the Confederates and General Lee, into a 'Black Hole' of economic backwardness, attempting to destroy the potential of an up and coming Super Power, USA, and fight for them in the Civil War of 1861-1865.

Our present 'One Per Centers' of the 21st century, are ideological and some times blood descendants of those traitors, of the 19th century. Their philosophy says that even when we ALL worked tirelessly, to make a product, or service that sells successfully , that the only ones who should eat well and be able to provide for their families in a decent manner ...should be the ELITE ....the minority of the company or of the society.

Even after they , as an economic class , have squandered the collective finances of the entire society, leaving millions of Americans in dire need of life's sustenance, they will refuse to contribute a small amount to save and rebuild the lives (and our country) of those who helped our country become successful.

A major pillar of their mistaken belief, is that despite our collective ( theirs and ours) contributions to the success of America....that success should ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY be enjoyed by them and their families. Just as the King and his family exclusively enjoyed the wealth provided by the Kingdom's peasants.

However there is one component , of their flawed belief system, that they,the 1% is literally banking on, that the King and his family did not have available to them, back in the Colonial days.. This one component ..I call CLASS ASPIRATIONS. This is where we, as middle and working class citizens..aspire to be living in a Tudor House.......or enjoying the lifestyle of a millionaire or even a billionaire. The King and his Family could never dangle , the carrot of delusion, to his peasants that they can join him , and become King just by working hard.

But the one per centers, can have millions of workers respond to the "carrot of delusion" by offering personal luxury, if you see the world and its people like they do. When that magical carrot bubble burst..they normally add the racial component, by saying..."at least you are white like me..." and NOT Black or Hispanic like them..." even if you and your family don't have Health Insurance like me....Just like the Evangelistars , with their promised heaven, at the end of our "hard - luck " life...

Similarly the ruling class representatives believe , that the middle and working classes are total fools, who won't ever get wise , and believe in themselves and NOT want to be like them they won't the drink the Kool Aid poison, or drown in the depths of the sea this time......Because they have matured....and refuses to be peasants as before.... A comfortable middle class environment, with a favorable quality of life for the vast majority..with top quality educational training..and respect and love for all.....without a Manor on the hill, owned by Grinch .

We want to say loudly....AMERICA IS NO LONGER A CONSERVATIVE COUNTRY... WE ARE PROGRESSIVE AND REVOLUTIONARY...... 21st century style.......OCCUPY AMERICA..., to save and protect our country see it reach its 21 st century potential....