Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The USA Upper Class leadership has a history of supporting and encouraging anti people Regimes , bring pain and oppression to the people they come into contact with. The history in Latin America in the 50's 60's and 70's is littered with fascists regimes in almost every country , on one hand and massive deaths of civilians caused by these aggressive murderers on the other.

Today the most aggressive, fascist, militarist and aggrogant regime on the Planet is destroying Lebanon, with the encouragment of our USA leadership, while at the sametime saying thru the other side of their mouth ; "we deplore civilian casualities in Lebanon". It is this blatant hypocrisy that ensures the continous anger of the middle Eastern citizens, that allows terror groups to be created time again.

The talented Secretary of State Condi Rice has been thrown to the bottomless pit by President Bush and the Fascists Israeli Leadership.
While the bombardment of civilian positions continue relentlessly, by Israel, she has asked to demand that the armed political parties ,such as Hir'bollah, put away their arms . Even as the IDF invades their country. How can an armed Political Party be asked to surrender their unit and disarm in the midst of an attack? It means that you are looking for an excuse to continue dropping bombs on civilian locations, while pretending to be discussing diplomacy. This idiotic diplomacy and will infuriate the Arab even more.

During the occupation of Lebanon in the 1980's the USA blindly followed Israel into the peoples' country and paid with the lives of 241 of our husbands and brothers. It is wrong for anyone to invade another man's country , we have many dead soldiers because the wrong decisions were made, when exercising our military power. When we lost those 241 soldiers following the suicide attack , our response was to get the hell out of lebanon , we did not carpet bomb civilian locations as Israel are doing today.

Using the control of the media that is now in the hands of the small very wealthy media owners, we are not given the opportunity to assess the information independently but are propagandised by presenters such as Paula Zahn and Miles OBrien of CNN . Should we sympathise with the Lebanese people , should we sympathise with the Israeli militarist, who is wrong who is right , we cannot tell from the way they tell the news. Most people just repeat what Fox prattlers tell us and continue with our lives.

It is important to note that the bombing of the UN army position was deliberate. Make no mistake, Israel do not want any International peacekeeping force near where they are brutalising Lebanese and Palestian people. The bombing was meant to send a message to any country that wanted to contribute men to the forces that will stand between the Lebanese people and the occupation forces of the IDF.

Remember information helps us to see the Forest from the trees and helps us seek the truth from facts. Without the ability to have info. , we will be just like the Germans were under the Regime of Adolf Hitler.......duped followers