Monday, November 05, 2007


Let us have a street parade, a street party, yes everybody, the American people, have UNITED and are calling for change .With 364 days until the next Presidential election, America has decided, we will sweep the Republican Party into obilivion . This could mean that we will not only have a progressive leader ,who is a lover of the American people,but who wants , all Americans to succeed.

In case you have not heard, the largest margin of dissatisfied Americans with an incumbent President was released over the weekend.. Seventy five percent of all Americans want a change of President, a change of party influence in Congress, a change of economic and political directions.

We may ask, who makes up the outstanding 25% of this American population. It is not surprising to know that the very wealthy amongst us ,who do not share our national despair, will be a large portion of the happy bunch of " leave alone we like it the way it is" twenty-five per cent selfish Americans.

But on the other side of the economic and social scale , there are a significant section of the poorer and working classes who will be counted amongst the twenty-fivers, as well. We may find the majority of the twenty-fivers living in enclaves, called trailer parks, all over the southern states and mid west. These unfortunate dwellers in the trailers parks are like the unforgetten people of America ,living in deplorable conditions, without health care protection, yet supporting the party of the rich.

They won;t be dancing in the street,one year from today,as America heads in the opposite direction.away from the Republicans and George Bush. The Trailer Park dwellers and their lovely story telling Country music won't be serenading a progressive America, that would not attack and ostracise African Americans ,minorities and immigrants. They won't serenade any attempts to bring them out of the malaise of poverty,either,that they have been living in since the civil war of the mid 19th century.

The rest of America and the world ,nevertheless, will be looking forward to a progressive America and an eager Hillary Clinton as President.