Tuesday, April 27, 2010


For over a hundred years , 1846 to early 1960's,"Redneck "Justice ruled the South. Jim Crow policies aimed at terrorizing Africans Americans and other minorities. These policies did not just harm Americans it stunted the growth of financial, social, and economical opportunities for ALL families including "poor white" white families, who were told, they should benefit from segregation and bigotry policies.

The truth is they never did. There housing , living conditions, Health services and financial opportunities never improved during the years of segregation and Jim Crowe State bigotry policies. In fact it took Dr. Martin Luther King jr. and the Civil Rights Movement to extricate the Old South from its economic quagmire without the shame of violence.
The defeat of JIM CROWE RECKLESS AND OPPRESSIVE State bigotted policies allowed financial and economic opportunities to come to the South. States that refused or continued their oppressive tyranny remained backward and slow to catch up.

The Arizona State Administration just like the Old South of 1864 adopted a pro- fascist, anti American immigration policy aimed at bringing harm to minority immigrants, who are hoping to bring prosperity to their families and the Arizona State treasury , the State Tax collector will attest.

"The Show me your papers" Arizonian facist law crafted and propagated by white supremacists anti American , 'Birthers' and GOP activists is very reminiscent of the law of Nazi Germany they used to profile Jews and other minorities for Nazi persecution.

Immediately after the second World War, the USA State department used the vision of uniformed Nazi Police stopping "different looking" Europeans, demanding,"Show me your papers".This was as a means to promote freedom in America..inviting economically and politically oppressed people to join us in America. It was a promotional propaganda in the PR war against European Communism.

Of course this promotional propaganda was happening whilst non white Americans were brutalised by JIM CROWE bigotted racial policies. So rather than promote freedom to find economic opportunities, Arizona State Administrators are promoting Police State strategies against hardworking families.

The Arizona State official website beckons people all over the world to ' REDISCOVER ARIZONA '....... but what they want the world to really discover ..is Arizona State bigotry...an American Bora-Bora for GOP Right Wing groups , just as Osama Bin Hiding has in Afghanistan.

Which is an embarrassment, to the concept of the "free world", to all the men and women, who died to ensure a' Police State ' never came to America. Even old white citizens of South Africans, who pummelled black South Africans with apartheid , are bowing their head in shame, sickened by this crass backwardness. Because of their progressive leadership South Africa were able to end State bigotry and will be hosting FIFA's World Soccer Cup in June 2010.

So Arizona may have to learn the lessons White Supremacist South Africa had to learn, the economic and social boycott way. Bigotry have no shelter on this Planet Earth .