Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Fox news is like a Nazi Television Channel, nearly all their information and news is slated as propaganda mischievously meant to corrupt the listener. I was forced to watch and listento a Fox commentator and their Anchor present the news, that White House Officials may be indicted today, including the Vice President, on charges stemming from abuse of power and basic corruption in the White House.
This commentator, shamelessly stated that his America, is not interested in white house officials breaking the laws, but bread and butter issues. Then you listen to the female Anchor position the questions to the progressive/democrat guest commentator as if to suggest that crimes committed by the ruling class is not that important.
I am convinced that there is a Republican Party fund that pays their supporters for making favorable comments in the popular news media. There is no other explanation for positions taken by people on the side of conservative republicans.
Republicans in the USA can be located at three levels. The first level are made up of ideologues who believe in minority upper class rule , a semi feudal society, where the Rich wield the same power as a slave master, on the rest of society . This includes middle class, lower working class , black and white, brown or otherwise. The second level are made up of racists who believe that the ruling class prefer white supremacy as a ruling and political policy. This they believe will give them superiority status on all non white citizens. The third level are made up of careerists who are trying to link up with the money people, to get some dreggs thrown their way. They are the Oreilly's and Limbaugh's who have no principles, but like empty vessels make the most noise and expect to be paid for it.

Under these circumstances love for America is conditional on the amount of power these evil devils possess at the time. They will steal , lie , sell out our Secret Agents, wage war on indefensible countries, even clean out the national treasury, leave the elderly and poor without sustenance while they waddle in obscene wealth.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Once while in the Caribbean, I boarded a Taxi, that took on four other passengers. while we were a bit cramped, no one was complaining. The driver ignited the ignition once but nothing happened. So we, all five of us , collectively thought no problem, it is going to fire upat the next key twist. But nothing happened but the ringing of the engine , waiting for a surge of energy to start the engine.

This went on five or six times, nothing happened. The driver made no attempt to get out and check under the hood. He remained trying , mumbling something under his breathe. For a brief moment there was a tense silence as if we were waiting for a cue to bail out of the taxi. Suddenly the passenger occupying the right back seat opened the door in disgust and alighted the vehicleslamming the door mumbling something , quite inaudile.

At that point , I am sure the others passengers thought , maybe they should do the same , but no one moved. This lull , provided the Driver with the opportunity to twist the key in the ignition another time .This time there was the varoom of an excited car engine. The driver swung out from his queue and we were off. The driver anticipating the question on his passengers mind , as to why did'nt the car start before or why did it start after the passenger immediately left the car . Before anyone uttered a word , he said, "some people are just blight, yes , things just go wrong when they are around". In other words , the driver believed the passenger that got out , was jinx, who attracted bad omens.
This approach is definitely unscientific, and does not belong in any problem solving manual. But religion has used it for centuries with much success, so I suspect it has its credibility in tack. In the Lil' Abner comic strip, there was a character called Joe Bliztl ( something to that effect), who walked around with a dark cloud , flashing lightining bolts, hanging over him where ever he went.
I am suggesting that President Bush qualifies as our "Joe Bliztl". Ever since the Republicans assisted Bush to steal the election from Al Gore, misfortune has followed bad Luck in America continously. Today taking aim at Florida, the very scene of the crime in 2000,where the mandinga, the voodoo , the obeah,the misappropiation of the election, took place, A bad Hurricane woman called Wilma ,with furious anger , wants to attack and hurt us, here in Florida again. I guess the message we we should get is; crime does not pay, or do not support the multitude to do evil.
oday we saw Saddam on trial
by a USA sponsored Iraqi officials ,no doubt as if on cue incompetence was evident all day. The Iraqi people should not have at a moment like this time in their history, have to be distracted by placing in Iraq, Saddam Hussein on Trial.
This in the circumstances should be handled by the International Court. Why isn't the United Nations overseeing adjudication of Saddam's crimes against humanity. Oh, Oh, I forgot the United States do not deal with the United Nations , or in fact the White House is now where international matters are decided.

What did Saddam Hussein do ?, a customer asked , while watching the charade on CNN.
My response was that he cussed out George Bush's Father so we invaded Iraq. His response was , yeah? it's the same reason why they want to kill Fidel Castro. My explanation for our President invading Iraq is more believable that the one he gave to the US congress and the world. Everyday there is another example of what a political mess we have put ourselves in , by having these crazy republicans in political leadership.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The Great American middle class built and created the liberties and freedoms that established a true Democratic capitalist civilisation called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This was done from the ashes, following the defeat of the feudal society of King Charles and its cronistic way of distributing wealth and opportunity in America.
The American middle class set about formulating a US constitution that guided all its principles in the process of building the best middle class and the most successful country in the world. With zeal and historical responsibilty, the American middle class defeated the enemies of democracy, during the civil war and the many times the conservative republicans who tried to turn back the hands of time and return feudal type antidemocratic politics to America.
Throughout our history the Great American middle class , fought along side minorities and other social groups, such as Women , for equal rights , African Americans for civil rights, pregnant women for the right to not to continue their pregnancy. They maintained a just struggle to end the Vietnam war.

Internationally , the American middle class was revered by all emerging middle classes in the developing and developed countries. Even when a USA president took an aggressive position to towards people in the third world, or other countries , they never lost their appeal. A great example of the unprecedented admiration they won for for themselves, was their firm stance against oppression. Apartheid in South Africa found very little support amongst middle class America , subsequently sanctions and the anti apartheid movement eradicated it from the earth.

Throughtout these momentous occassions the American middle class became wealthier decade after decade and as a consequence became fatter , slower and not as conserned about the principles of democracy and justice as they counted their wealth in the tens of million and the hundreds of millions. During the Period of 1992 to 2000 middle class Americans , moved from petty milionaires to billionaires. It was during this period ,more than ever in the history of America that middle class America entertained the idea of abandoning their class responsibility and historical attitude.

Seemingly, suddenly, the best middle class in the world seemed duped, and lost, floundering in their wealth. After being 'poisoned' by the glib, with no substance, from President Ronald Reagan, who apart from all his sins against the people, he proposed to 'trickle down' wealth and opportunity, to the middle and lower classes.

He went further and bastardized the Great American Education, by making it possible for our standard of education to fall behind most industrial countries, even China today. This was the first time in our 200 hundred year history that ,the American middle class had abdicated the role of leadership, to the anti liberty, pro-aggressive neo conservatives, who has a burning desire to rewrite the Great American Constitution, in the image of the super rich minority.

Although they fought back and regained some of their dignity by choosing Bill Clinton for President in the 1990's . This was done without conviction and understanding of the historical moment. In fact the Great American middle class was so consumed with their wealth creation ability, that they totally abandoned their social and historical responsibilty mission to protect America and subsequently the world, from the enemies of democracy and liberty.

So when the Neo Cons, created the distractions of attacking , the only eloquent leader of the middle class left, President Clinton. The Great American middle class , were so drunken with affluence they did not see the monster slip pass them into the white house.

The great American middle class, turned their back on the other classes , that depended on their support, for the maintenance of their social and econmic gains. With encouragements from the Yuppies of wallstreet, the defenders of American democracy , began to cower when identified as LIBERALS, who are ereally, the protaganists and defenders of justice for all. They became ashamed of themselves, as the world famous defenders of liberty, freedom and justice. If you call the former Great American middle class, LIBERALS, today, they will cringe and cry , like babies afraid of their past and their shadow.

This once proud and revered American Staple, was now made to look weak and old. This attack was not done by Osama nor Brezhnev from Communist Russia, nor Fidel Castro, but the descedants of those who opposed the Great American Revolution, at the very beginning, and descedents of the defeated Confederate Army. While the American middle class was aiming their attention at breaking the glass ceiling ,trying to join the Tudor upper class in their Manors.
The freedoms and liberty won in the construction of the mighty USA was unceremoniously attacked and demeaned on the altars of the Devils of the neo conservatives republicans.

Today the question on the minds, of the affected people in the USA and the rest of the world ; is the Great American middle class down for the count or are they just injured and will fight back and save the democratic civilisation of America.

I think that we are witnessing the demise of the Great American middle class, and subsequently the weakening of the greatest economic and social power since Roman Empire.