Friday, September 30, 2005

William Bennett made the wolf call to the Trailer park...

In the Board room down in the Dungeon of the Republican Radio Broadcasters producers weekly meeting,a decision was made ; to reassert the confidence of the republican faithful, following the national and international exposure and embarrassment the President got, for his open racial response, to the devastation in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

As a result of that meeting, William Bennett decided he has no fear , nor love for America, so he would fire up the trailer park, to reignite the Red states, some excitement on behalf of the sagging approval rating of their beloved President Bush.

Since racism is the main pillar of American Republican conservatives , the clarion call had to be racial. Now other Rebulican conservatives talk show devils have also made racial attention calls, since the Katrina hate crime in New Orleans. The oxy maniac radio host from Philly, Rush Limbauch, made his wolf call to the hateful, he called the New Orleans Ray (Neggar ) instead of nagin.

All the pretensive values that was projected to middle class America ,as Red States values of the Right, turned out to be the values of Thieves, Criminals, Liars,Traitors, Power abusers, law breakers, warmongers and racial fascists in the Republican party.
Ashamed for associating themselves with these decadent devils from the bowels of hell, Real America, is distancing themselves from these creatures of the black lagoon, the cesspit of american humankind. Their approval is sunk faster than the Titantic on a hurricane night.

That creature , William Bennett, was the education Secretary in the Administration of the RED DEVILS , patron, President Ronald Reagan. These are the people that are responsible for the bastardisation of the Great American Education system. Where knowledge, was removed from the curriculum ,so as to produce the sex offenders, serial killers and ruthless murderers that emergeed all over America .

To stop this wanton destruction of America, by the Republican conservatives, AMERICA ,you are the only people, to save yourself. THOSE OF YOU WHO STAND TO LOSE MORE, FROM THE INTERNAL DECAY AND DESTRUCTION, OF OUR COUNTRY, ARE THE ONLY ONES LEFT TO SAVE THIS ONCE BRILLANTLY GREAT CIVILISATION.

It is your time , honorable and honest , America ,to shine, get up, stand up . Or Without your flow and glow ....... That's it....... the END . knew it.....

Sunday, September 25, 2005


We have been promoted and touted as the richest nation on the planet. Forbes magazine has headlined and listed who are our big money earners. It has been recorded that we have a population of over 300 million and there exist 400 Billionaires within our national borders.

Nowhere in our psyche were we encouraged to think poverty, was rolled under the rock or the rug. The war President, as George Bush likes to describes himself, eliminated or minimised federal support for middle class , lower class and ordinary people . Even the elderly and the sick have fared no better. The folks that worked their Asses off to build this country , over the last seventy years, have had to scrape and scratch to stay alive because the Republican Administration,sickeningly ignored them in their budget plans.

Katrina devastation of the Gulf Coast, apart from exposing the little known callousness of the President of the UNITED STATES, forced our little known poverty into the spotlight. The hundred miles an hour winds blew off the cover hiding the poverty,that this administration encouraged with such policies as tax kickbacks for the ONE PER CENT super rich of the American population. Taxes that could have been used to bring comfort to working Americans, who not paid sufficiently to take care of their housing, education, kids and health care needs.

Besides refusing to help hard working Americans who are underpaid. The President and his callous administration, have been draining the national treasury dry to engage in a war that has provened to be unjustified and unnecessary. A war that the President shamessly fabricated the reasons to invade another peoples country.

Amid the roaring of the angry winds of Katrina and Rita another noise became audible about our American political and economic future. Apparently this so called money managing party of the CEO'S, have been borrowing money from China to foot their free spending spree. We are not sure how much money America owes China or how long it will take for America to pay back the One Billion chinese. But we know that China has, ever since the formation of the Peoples ' Republic of China, always opposed America bullying smaller nations and non white peoples.
Should China decide to cash in the mortgage on America, they have been given by the George Bush administration, before we are ready to pay , Will they ask for New York to be annexed to the Chinese in return for the money Dubya owes?.

In the final analysis we must admit that the Wall Street yuppies, were wrong , when they told us that a rich nation, need the party of the CEO'S to manage our nation's social , political and economical business. We now know that they will treat our people of lesser means, the way they treat their low income workers. This is the last time we must have a Republican President in the White House. From Richard Nixon thru Ronald Reagan to George Bushes, we have been an economic and social mess . Without racism as part of their message, THE CONSERVATIVES WILL NOT HAVE AN APPEAL TO POOR AMERICANS IN THE RED STATES.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Don't use your guilty sword on Nagin.......

It's shameless , the level Americans, who were once a highly admired people for our wisdom and seeming fairness, has now sunk to the bottom of the barrell with all the scum and sludge.
Tuesday September 19th ,2005 , clearly signals the diseases we are dying from. Callous opportunism and disregard for kindness.

Miles O'Brien , of CNN, who I love and respect for his journalism and attention to detail. SHOWED HIS DEVILISH REPUBLICAN side on Tuesday 09/19/05. With nose flaring , eyes glaring, and his horns popping, Mr OBrien the morning anchor, tried to rip and snarl the Mayor Of New Orleans , for issuing a call for residents of semingly safe areas to return to homes and review the state of their property, so they may begin at least a preliminary assessment of their future.

So some agreed and some disagreed with this , no big thing, you will hope since every one is trying to find a common place to start the rebuilding process in New Orleans. In the light of Hurricane Rita , Mayor Nagin had to obviously to change the call, and ask those who made it home to leave again. Does that this situation make him a bad leader..Not in my book . That's a sensible leader.

The issue became a national disgrace, when the CNN reporters seem to want to make up for exposing PRESIDENT BUSH inept leadership and international embarrassment, by drilling the Mayor, in an unfair manner, totally unwarranted .
It is plain to see that this attack on the Mayor was meant to appease the REPUBLICANS and an attempt to soften the spot light on bad leadership from the white house. The prolonged seemingly coordinated attack was carried on by the next CNN reporter to follow , Ms. Castello, who had a man and his wife contradicting each other about the efforts of the Mayor to help families re-enter safe areas to review their damaged property. The wife changed her support for the Mayor when she realised her husband changed his mood based on the prompted angle of the questioning ofMs. Castello.

Whatever padded buzz words Ms Castello used the husband caught on and tore into Mr. Nagin.

It reminded me of those movies that depicted court scenes of padded justice, where a mob lynching was about to get approval. Miles OBrien and Ms. Castello took the new orleans mayor out for a good southern Hanging on tuesday 09/19/05
The poor and the undignified cannot get a prolonged success over the the rich and wealthy..... but they will die trying........ Nice job, Miles....signed Karl kove.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Our Dear President Bush, just looked behind him, did not see anybody and was advised that its GOOD damage control politics to accept reluctantly responsibility for the slow response to a gigantic disaster in our country.

Do you think that President Abraham Lincoln wouild have waited this long after an embarassing historical moment, to look around and decide, well, ......oops there is'nt anybody one left in the room but me ..oh, its me that is in charge !

Thank you, President Bush for the Super Power Leadership... and for the example you have set for my 15 year old and ALL the future young leaders... Is there a resignation in the works.?
Yesterday you said that you don't think that RACE played a part in you failing to issue Presidential orders to provide immediate water to the sick and dying. Sir , you flew over the devastation from Crawford , Texas onto Washington D.C. your home and office. You had a panoramic view of homes submerged in water up to their roofs. You saw on CNN and other Networks , horribble tales of Americans in distress in New Orleans, and along the Gulf Coast and you went to sleep. You awoke the next morning, read your newspapers, watched the morming news from every city in America, and saw people dying from lack of water and went back to sleep that night.

Be honest, did the fact that mostly all the footage, showed black people in a major catastrophe take away the urgency of the situation, because you have seen so much mass suffering involving black people from Africa, that it did not phase you at ALL.????

I am stating without fear of contradiction , that you and your Administration had totally the opposite sentiment to what ALL non white poeple felt all over the world.
The non white and black people ( from all over the world ) saw their brethen in distress, and they all knew , or expected, the response, they feared the most, those folks will not be treated as RED blooded Americans.

The sad thing about this episode, is how much white folks in America are in DENIAL. They have seen police brutality on black youths, they have seen the KKK killed and maim women and children churches. They have seen middle class , middle aged men and women, hunderds of them held back by National Guards hurling abuse at Americas 5 and 8 year olds, on their way to the school of their choice. You have men and women who were part of that hatred within the various levels of the Republican Party , in Congress, in various levels of the Bush Administration. Yet they stunningly, behave as if they came to the USA months ago from MARS , with no knowledge, of the hatred of Americans towards other Americans.

This is the background , every non white and black person on this planet assessed the situation, as it unfolded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. A recent poll done by USA Today and Gallop Poll found that 9 out of 10 white folks do not believe RACE is one of the reasons the federal government failed to come quickly to the rescue of victims in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Polls taken of white folks, after the brutal police attack on an African immigrant in a New York police station, did not believe that race had anything to do with it. White folks do not generally make a statement of protest when an action of criminal intent is taken against a non white or black person by State or Federal officials. So it is not surprising to see and read these poll results.

It is very important to note that there are thousands maybe millions of WHITE FOLKS playing a TREMENDOUS role in comforting and supporting the victims of the Hurricane ALL over the USA. These are the Americans together with the other ethnic groups, with their love of humanity, that are protecting America from the wrath of bad luck.

People are products of their environment, ask Doctor Phil. Some white folks, still have not gotten the memo. They expect ALL black folks and non white people to see and react as they do , after over a hundred years of various kinds racial abuse. Doctor Phil has proven dozens of times that people are fashioned by the scenario that surround their lives. Even so, not every abused person or groups of human beings, will show even and level reaction to things around them.

It is an accepted fact that a society like ours is uneven in its distribution of resources and wealth. So poverty is expected as much as we expect, millionaires and billionaires. There is great poverty in THE RED STATES , where people are living in horrible conditions selling their blood to earn a living in the trailer parks and mobile home communities.. These people are white people, hispanic people , black people and all kinds victims of an uneven society. So BIG MOUTHS , with empty brains, like SIR CHARLES BARKLEY, who think it is cool to beat down poor people for being poor. It is sad to be poor , it is mentally exhausting to be poor , in fact POVERT IS A CRIME that conservative politicians and their parties perpetuate as a mission statement.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Without a doubt our President's reaction to the devastation of the Gulf Coast particularly, NEW ORLEANS was motivated by the low class and the ethnicity of people that were affected.

We know that rich folks have no tolerance or appreciation for anything below their class level. But when the Matriarch of the Bush Family , Barbara Bush , acknowledges the family's position on the evacuees you know that's the Republican Convention's party line.
I am convinced that there was only going to be ONE response and ONE response only from the Bush Administration, that's the one, we saw on the first week of September 2005.
How heartless and cold can a human being get; if the best comforting words for human beings ,who have gone thru a horrific experience of losing everything but their dignity and their sanity, will be, they ( the black evacuees) are alright where they are now , because they ( the black evacuees) are underpriviledged and poor.
It is this southern view of non white people that makes the Republican Party attractive to the residents of the RED states. It is this view that will influence bigotted FOX NEWS commentators to look at the images on TV , of human and property devastation and make out the outline of a black youth hauling out a plasma TV from a water soaked store. Knowing fully well that the kid had no where to place the equipment, since he had no home. This scene is repeated and rerun as a guide and encouragement to a nation's response to a historic tragedy.
Can we imagine the response of the Rich folks and supporters of the Republican party,would have been, had there been immigrants in large quatities among those residents on the Gulf Coasts States. The United Nations would have had to declare War on the USA for them to get attention and humanitarian care.
Beware of Bad Karma
In the world of metaphysics KARMA is good; BLIGHT (bad karma) is bad. Many people and countries invest in KARMA , as it helps bring good fortune and general goodwill .
America we need a KARMA check. we need to place Our President , his Administration, and his Party under one of the two catergories.
Many civilizations slowly declined because they invested in so much bad Karma. The treatment and response to the victims of Katrina, to my mind , is an investment in bad Karma.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


While other Americans are showing their love for the victims of Katrina , the Hurricane.
I want to tie up a few streams of thought that can lead to the understandable reason for the lack of preparation and almost non existent immediate response.

It was widely predicted that the assuming of the Presidency by George Bush and the control by the republican party of our congress will follow major castasrophes. The problem was not the catastrophe in itself but the leadership that was going to guide us thru it.

The attack on America on Sept11 2001 was bad enough but the President's leadership afterwards , has led to the depletion of our human , material, monetary resources.

Because of the unnecessary war in Iraq the president has ordered numerous budget cuts in areas where 80% of Americans will be affected. Some of the slashes occurred in health , public housing, education and general areas of state and federal development.
One such area had to do with New Orleans and the very people we saw suffering ,third world style.

President Bush slashed the New Orleans, levee maintenance budget , then sacked the civilian chief of the Army Corps of Engineers , Michael Parker, when he complained about it.
So the break in the levee could easily be attributed to lack of maintenance and a catergory 4 hurricane..
So imagine the mindset of the President , even when he declared an emergency prior to the Hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast, he is going to lomit the resources to America to support his war in Iraq .
Neither the Home Land Security Secretary nor the FEMA'S Director could do anthing until they got the approval from the President as to how much Resources could be directed towards the Gulf Coast states following the ravashes of KATRINA.

The war in Iraq is sucking our resources dry , it has caused the initial rise in gas prices. So bringing the Boys home from Iraq, is imperative to maintaining a level of preparedness in case of disaster or emergency. At this moment in our history we could not handle two national emergencies. The slow response was because Home Land Security and FEMA had to wait on President Bush to decide on how much to pinch here and scrape from there from the War budget. So America is now second to the priorities of supporting our President's lies.

To add fuel to our burning embarrassment we have another shock coming .
ON OCTOBER 17 2005, The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and consumer protection Act, goes into into effect. Democrats attempted to amend the Bill to include measures to protect victims of Natural disasters suchas hurricanes.

The Republican Party in congress voted down the amendent, proposed by Sheila Jackson (D-TX) without debate. So all the homeowners on the Gulf Coast, in particular, who may think that they can file for bankruptcy in the wake of their misery can thank the Persident and his Administration for the agony and distress they will endure for years to come.

So it is my view that President Bush does not love America as much as he loves his political position, himself , and the Republican Party. What a mess the RED States have gotten us in.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Every city , every county has rich people, middle class and poor people. We all know that during an emergency, such as a flood, or any other natural disaster, the last folks to respond to the plight of those less able to deal with the adverse conditions are Rich folks.

The Republican Party represent the ruling class / the rich folks in America. We have as intelligent people to understand the economic class behavior of the party in the White House .
Because of their class nature and background it is in the interest of the present Bush Admin. to respond with blinding speed, to emergencies in the other parts of the world than to do the same to areas where poor and lower middleclass Americans live.

President Bush Snr. , responded in the very same fashion as his son, following the Hurricane attack in Homestead South Florida, in the early 1900's. The black and poor folks had to almost riot to get emergency supplies to save their lives.

Then the Federal and state officials , just as they are doing today, tried to distract, America and the world from their slow Ruling class response, by citing desperate measures by desperate people( looting, and craziness by young people) as their main concern.

All the White House Admin's. policies and measures are designed to serve primarily, the rich and their class, it is something poor folks in Florida, Ohio, and the Red states may not have known about the Republican Party, other than they are not opposed to the white supremacists from their neighborhood. It must be noted that the folks in Alabama, Mississippi and New Orleans are not ALL black. So while there is racism influencing the response to Hurricane victims, it is also an anti poor /middle class attitude.

Under any conditions this is the fault of the Administration and the Presidentand commanderin chief. He failed to lead his troops to take care of a national emergency. He has failed and should be fired.