Sunday, September 04, 2005


While other Americans are showing their love for the victims of Katrina , the Hurricane.
I want to tie up a few streams of thought that can lead to the understandable reason for the lack of preparation and almost non existent immediate response.

It was widely predicted that the assuming of the Presidency by George Bush and the control by the republican party of our congress will follow major castasrophes. The problem was not the catastrophe in itself but the leadership that was going to guide us thru it.

The attack on America on Sept11 2001 was bad enough but the President's leadership afterwards , has led to the depletion of our human , material, monetary resources.

Because of the unnecessary war in Iraq the president has ordered numerous budget cuts in areas where 80% of Americans will be affected. Some of the slashes occurred in health , public housing, education and general areas of state and federal development.
One such area had to do with New Orleans and the very people we saw suffering ,third world style.

President Bush slashed the New Orleans, levee maintenance budget , then sacked the civilian chief of the Army Corps of Engineers , Michael Parker, when he complained about it.
So the break in the levee could easily be attributed to lack of maintenance and a catergory 4 hurricane..
So imagine the mindset of the President , even when he declared an emergency prior to the Hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast, he is going to lomit the resources to America to support his war in Iraq .
Neither the Home Land Security Secretary nor the FEMA'S Director could do anthing until they got the approval from the President as to how much Resources could be directed towards the Gulf Coast states following the ravashes of KATRINA.

The war in Iraq is sucking our resources dry , it has caused the initial rise in gas prices. So bringing the Boys home from Iraq, is imperative to maintaining a level of preparedness in case of disaster or emergency. At this moment in our history we could not handle two national emergencies. The slow response was because Home Land Security and FEMA had to wait on President Bush to decide on how much to pinch here and scrape from there from the War budget. So America is now second to the priorities of supporting our President's lies.

To add fuel to our burning embarrassment we have another shock coming .
ON OCTOBER 17 2005, The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and consumer protection Act, goes into into effect. Democrats attempted to amend the Bill to include measures to protect victims of Natural disasters suchas hurricanes.

The Republican Party in congress voted down the amendent, proposed by Sheila Jackson (D-TX) without debate. So all the homeowners on the Gulf Coast, in particular, who may think that they can file for bankruptcy in the wake of their misery can thank the Persident and his Administration for the agony and distress they will endure for years to come.

So it is my view that President Bush does not love America as much as he loves his political position, himself , and the Republican Party. What a mess the RED States have gotten us in.

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