Friday, September 02, 2005


Every city , every county has rich people, middle class and poor people. We all know that during an emergency, such as a flood, or any other natural disaster, the last folks to respond to the plight of those less able to deal with the adverse conditions are Rich folks.

The Republican Party represent the ruling class / the rich folks in America. We have as intelligent people to understand the economic class behavior of the party in the White House .
Because of their class nature and background it is in the interest of the present Bush Admin. to respond with blinding speed, to emergencies in the other parts of the world than to do the same to areas where poor and lower middleclass Americans live.

President Bush Snr. , responded in the very same fashion as his son, following the Hurricane attack in Homestead South Florida, in the early 1900's. The black and poor folks had to almost riot to get emergency supplies to save their lives.

Then the Federal and state officials , just as they are doing today, tried to distract, America and the world from their slow Ruling class response, by citing desperate measures by desperate people( looting, and craziness by young people) as their main concern.

All the White House Admin's. policies and measures are designed to serve primarily, the rich and their class, it is something poor folks in Florida, Ohio, and the Red states may not have known about the Republican Party, other than they are not opposed to the white supremacists from their neighborhood. It must be noted that the folks in Alabama, Mississippi and New Orleans are not ALL black. So while there is racism influencing the response to Hurricane victims, it is also an anti poor /middle class attitude.

Under any conditions this is the fault of the Administration and the Presidentand commanderin chief. He failed to lead his troops to take care of a national emergency. He has failed and should be fired.

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