Monday, August 22, 2005


I asked my christian friend, what about the anti christ we have been hearing about, is he here yet?
She said that he can be anybody that is setting himself as devout christian, yet doing harm to the people generally. Hmm.... I wonder who could that be??
This question came up in response to a newspaper story, that highlighted a Teacher , who wrote senator Mel Martinez to complain that the education system is weak because of immigration. Well, Senator Mel Martinez is both a product of immigration and the education system , so Miss Thing, the teacher, got the boot up her Booty, for scapegoating.
Since the Republican Administration, has been in the White House, and following 9/11, scapegoating has risen as an excuse to justify cruelty to sections of society.
In American history scapegoating has been used primarily during periods of uncertainty.
The failure of the southern economy in the late19th century and early 20th century was blamed on African Americans refusing to labor for FREE.
Movie Celebrities were scapegoated for the rise in Liberal thinking in America, after WWII, and branded as communists, to initiate an anti democratic crackdown.
Internationally, Hitler scapegoated , the Jews to build popularity for his Fascists doctrine.
Idi Amin of Uganda, scapegoated Uganda-Asians, drove them out of their homes and country to build himself an everlasting popularity. The common thread running throughtout all these examples and more are : They are aimed at minorities, and are always encouraged and administered by conservative, republican-type, fascists groups and Governments.

Presently members of congress, primarily Republicans from the Southern and RED states have been encouraging their supporters to single out sections of the ethnic population and brand them as enemies, to be attacked . The entire Hispanic population is targetted as a scapegoat. All immigrants not from sweden and the former soviet republics are scapegoated. Caribbean Baseball players are targetted , by a front man, as reasons for teams substandard performances.
Remember the French , were targetted as enemies, for not supporting our President's pack of Lies.
All these instances of scapegoating since 2000, has been tacitly and openly supported by the silence of the White House Administration, their extremists fringe groups and certain members of congress , particularly from rhe RED states.
The ironic thing about the concept of scapegoating is, that the most notorious scapegoating, took place in the 17th century. Where the ancestors of much the white Australians and the early white settlers of North America (most now living in the RED states ) were scapedgoated by King Charles of England and bandished from England simply for not supporting the King.

The concept of the USA being the largest multi racial, multi cultural, multi religious country in the world is not yet accepted by members of congress and the Republican White House Administration so the obvious differences are exploited , to the detriment of our great country.

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