Monday, August 22, 2005


I asked my christian friend, what about the anti christ we have been hearing about, is he here yet?
She said that he can be anybody that is setting himself as devout christian, yet doing harm to the people generally. Hmm.... I wonder who could that be??
This question came up in response to a newspaper story, that highlighted a Teacher , who wrote senator Mel Martinez to complain that the education system is weak because of immigration. Well, Senator Mel Martinez is both a product of immigration and the education system , so Miss Thing, the teacher, got the boot up her Booty, for scapegoating.
Since the Republican Administration, has been in the White House, and following 9/11, scapegoating has risen as an excuse to justify cruelty to sections of society.
In American history scapegoating has been used primarily during periods of uncertainty.
The failure of the southern economy in the late19th century and early 20th century was blamed on African Americans refusing to labor for FREE.
Movie Celebrities were scapegoated for the rise in Liberal thinking in America, after WWII, and branded as communists, to initiate an anti democratic crackdown.
Internationally, Hitler scapegoated , the Jews to build popularity for his Fascists doctrine.
Idi Amin of Uganda, scapegoated Uganda-Asians, drove them out of their homes and country to build himself an everlasting popularity. The common thread running throughtout all these examples and more are : They are aimed at minorities, and are always encouraged and administered by conservative, republican-type, fascists groups and Governments.

Presently members of congress, primarily Republicans from the Southern and RED states have been encouraging their supporters to single out sections of the ethnic population and brand them as enemies, to be attacked . The entire Hispanic population is targetted as a scapegoat. All immigrants not from sweden and the former soviet republics are scapegoated. Caribbean Baseball players are targetted , by a front man, as reasons for teams substandard performances.
Remember the French , were targetted as enemies, for not supporting our President's pack of Lies.
All these instances of scapegoating since 2000, has been tacitly and openly supported by the silence of the White House Administration, their extremists fringe groups and certain members of congress , particularly from rhe RED states.
The ironic thing about the concept of scapegoating is, that the most notorious scapegoating, took place in the 17th century. Where the ancestors of much the white Australians and the early white settlers of North America (most now living in the RED states ) were scapedgoated by King Charles of England and bandished from England simply for not supporting the King.

The concept of the USA being the largest multi racial, multi cultural, multi religious country in the world is not yet accepted by members of congress and the Republican White House Administration so the obvious differences are exploited , to the detriment of our great country.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Thunder clouds
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Tom Cruise was sending us a message and I only just got it. Six weeks ago, I saw 'War of the Worlds' with my wife and two kids. My kids and I agreed on the story of the Movie, my wife had a different view.
Yesterday I visted a Right Wing weblog. After, I became so incensed by the Bullnonsense , conniving Lies, misinformation, and revision of the facts by this God (devil) worshiping blogger. That I spent the rest of my sleeping time thinking of the best response on my weblog.
While I was getting dressed, for work it dawned on me that the EVIL THREATENING AMERICA is not really external,it only appears this way, just as the thunder and lightening seem to affect the residents ,in Tom Cruise neighborhood at the beginning of the movie, 'WAR OF THE WORLDS".

Philosophy has taught generations, that it is the internal conflicts/ contradictions within a thing , that causes its movement/progress (negative or positive).
In the movie, there appeared within the bowels of our country, the source of the chaos and deaths, the evil things were living amongst us all these years waiting to destroy our country and families upon instructions.
The strange thing about the evil descending its darkness on our happiness was the way it happened, suddenly. Just like November 2000, the election of George Bush and its aftermath.
The circumstances of sept.11, 2001 also reveals another possibly, thru out the flim. Could it be that 9/11 was conceived within the USA , and appeared to be executed from external forces. The moral of the story concludes that the people who had the most to lose from the success of the the evil monsters amongst us, were the ones to fight the hardest to secure victory, for all of us. The other striking conclusion is that the main controller was a very distinct looking ugly white man.
Does that mean if we can in reality find that evil man (amongst us) , we may be able to have , in America again, the joy and happiness that Tom Cruise 's family found at the end of the movie.

Of course there are many examples of the aura of darkness and evil that has mushroomed since November 2000, There are for example, the leading role given to the anti-christians Christians; Governmental support for the mercenaries of evil ( the minute men) on the Mexican Border, who wants to kill any mexican on sight. But will show love to Canadians doing the same thing.

Tell me what spirit can motivate a man , a Republican supporter, no doubt, to mow down crosses with his Truck , crosses representing, we are constantly reminded, our heroes killed in Iraq. Notice , these men and women have not been killed defeating, TERRORISTS, but fighting insurgents ( the 21st century, guerrillas) fighting for their own country.

Check me next time.... for the news on what century this evil came to America.

Monday, August 15, 2005


American consumers were the most admired inthe world. Consumers from Europe , Asia and south America admired the wide variety of quality products and services available and all loved the American spirit of shopping.
But there was one quality of the American shopper that everybody the worldover were most proud of, it was our demand for standards, standards in quality , service and price. We were the revolutionary consumer, neither the manufacturer nor the white house administration were spared the wrath of our organisation and response, to defeat high prices or poor quality products.

The Bush Administration is now labelling the GREAT USA as a conservative country, who are no longer leading the world against high prices and consumer protection. We now roll over like a 240 year old man and accept what ever is thrown at us as consumers. We behave like we are ALL , the 8% very rich , who we pay the price even if its astonshingly ridiculous.

America, we are now sophisticatedly conservative, we are posh people, we don't protest, we accept our COOL AID, from the conservative leader, and wait to die .

The frigging price of gas is $258.98 per gallon. Five dollars gives you only 1.8 gallons of gas .
Isn't this over 100% the cost of gas since George W. Bush invaded Iraq. We are paying in lives
and hard income dollars for our President's folly. Suddenly S5.95 per hour families , and $8.25 per hour families are as conservative as families earning at least $100.00 per hour.
It is amazing how stupid we have ALL MORPHED into.
Since the 2000 elections, check out the American personality , we threaten terrorists OSAMA , SADDAM, NORTH KOREA even IRAN when we have to send our Kids to fight on our behalf
but when it is our turn to intiate some action, we are soft and weak, too posh , too conservative to say Boo.
So when our Heroes return home from the front line , with broken spirits and bones they are welcomed by weaklings who did not stand and defend the standard of living left behind

C'mon America get your thumb out of your mouth...... Your silence is deafening....

Monday, August 01, 2005


It"s August 2005, it 's time for FOOTBALL, .....yeah, yeah.....yeahhhhh. Most wifes that are not sports minded will NOT care what their husbands, sons or fathers do every sunday until Super Bowl. Some are preparing to be part of the weekend party taking place at stadiums around the country.

Other domineering Wifes are growling and snarling at the mention of DIRECTV by their Husbands.
These husbands are coming to my office and asking for info. about the NFL SUNDAY TICKET and the FREE Tivo. They happily take my business card hoping to call me after discussion with the BOSS only they never could get their woman's support to enjoy sunday at home with the guys , the barbecue wings and NFL football.

For those that have cooperative lovely Wifes, here is the deal, :
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The NFL SUNDAT TICKET with 16 games on sunday.
Three Regular Receivers ---------------FREE
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