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The following is an article from .."antiwar.com"
It may help explain some of the revelations of the last couple of days.
December 8, 2007
The Warpath to Regime Change by Gareth Porter
' Vice President Dick Cheney and his neoconservative allies in the George W. Bush administration only began agitating for the use of military force against Iran once they had finally given up the illusion that regime change in Iran would happen without it.
And they did not give it up until late 2005, according to a former high-level Foreign Service officer who participated in U.S. discussions with Iran from 2001 until late 2005.
Hillary Mann, who was the director for Persian Gulf and Afghanistan Affairs on the National Security Council (NSC) staff in 2003 and later on the State Department's Policy Planning Staff, told the Inter Press Service (IPS) in a recent interview that the key to neoconservative policy views on Iran until 2006 was the firm belief that one of the consequences of a successful display of U.S. military force in Iraq would be to shake the foundations of the Iranian regime.
That central belief was conveyed to conservative columnist Arnaud de Borchgrave of the Washington Times in April 2002 by prominent neoconservative figures who told him the Bush administration "had decided to redraw the geopolitical map of the Middle East," he wrote later.
The Bush doctrine of preemption, they told him, "had become the vehicle for driving axis of evil practitioners out of power." The removal of Saddam Hussein, according to this scenario, would bring a democratic Iraq that would then spread through the region, "bringing democracy from Syria to Egypt and to the sheikhdoms, emirates, and monarchies of the Gulf."
Under the influence of this central myth, after the 9/11 attacks, some of Cheney's allies in the Pentagon conceived the objective of removing every regime in the Middle East that was hostile to the United States and Israel.
In November 2001, Gen. Wesley Clark, who had then recently retired from his post as head of the U.S. Southern Command, learned from a general he knew in the Pentagon that a memo had just come down from the office of the secretary of defense outlining the objective of the "take down" of seven Middle Eastern regimes over five years.
The plan would start with the invasion of Iraq, and then target Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, and Sudan, according to an account in Clark's 2003 book, Winning Modern Wars: Iraq, Terrorism, and the American Empire. The memo indicated the plan was to "come back and get Iran in five years."
The neoconservatives were particularly serious about going after Syria. In the weeks following the initial U.S. invasion of Iraq, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, the chief neoconservative architect of the Iraq invasion, argued unsuccessfully for taking advantage of the presumed military triumph there to overthrow the Syrian regime of President Bashar Assad, according to an account from the right-leaning Insight magazine.
But contrary to the popular notion that the neoconservatives believed that "real men go to Tehran," no one was yet proposing that Iran should be the military target.
In September 2003, Cheney brought in David Wurmser (a close friend and protégé of Richard Perle and one of the key proponents of the plan for regime change in Iraq) as his adviser on the Middle East. Wurmser had previously articulated very specific ideas about how taking down Hussein by force would help destabilize the Iranian regime.
In a 1999 book, Wurmser had laid out a plan for using the Iraqi Shi'ite majority and their conservative clerics as U.S. allies in the "regional rollback of Shi'ite fundamentalism" – meaning the Islamic regime in Iran.
But Wurmser also believed that the Ba'athist regime in Syria was an obstacle to regime change in Iran. Beginning with the 1996 "Clean Break" memo, written by Wurmser with the help of other future Bush administration figures like Perle and Douglas Feith for the then-incoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Wurmser had argued that once Hussein was removed, the next step was to take down the Assad regime in Syria.
In a September 2007 interview with the Telegraph, a few months after he had left Cheney's office, Wurmser confirmed his belief that regime change in Syria – by force, if necessary – would directly affect the stability of the Tehran regime. If Iran were seen to be unable to do anything to prevent the overthrow of the regime in Syria, he suggested, it would seriously undermine the Islamic regime's prestige at home.
From 2003 to 2005, Wurmser and his neoconservative colleagues were in denial about the increasingly obvious reality that the U.S. occupation of Iraq was actually boosting Iranian influence there rather than shaking the regime's power at home, according to former NSC specialist Mann. She was well acquainted with the neoconservatives' thinking from her associations with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy in the 1990s, and she told IPS that she was "astounded" to hear neoconservatives in the administration suggest as late as 2005 that the situation in Iraq was on track to help destabilize the Iranian regime.
The neoconservatives had long viewed the Iranian reformists, led by President Mohammed Khatami, as the primary obstacle to the popular revolution against the mullahs for which they were working. As French Iran specialist Frédéric Tellier noted in an early 2006 essay, they believed the electoral defeats of the reformists in 2003 and 2004 would also help open the way to a revolutionary political upheaval in Tehran.
In an appearance on the Don Imus show on January 21, 2005, Cheney said the Israelis might attack Iran's nuclear sites if they became convinced the Iranians had a "significant nuclear capability." That remark underlined the fact that Cheney was not thinking seriously about a U.S. strike against Iran.
By the end of 2005, however, the neoconservatives had finally accepted the reality of the failure of the Bush administration's military intervention in Iraq, according to Mann. She also notes that the electoral victory of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, representing a new breed of nationalist conservative with a mass base of popular support, in Iran's June 2005 presidential election, spelled the "death knell" to the neoconservative optimism about regime change in Iran.
Mann observes that the neoconservatives had never foresworn the use of force against Iran, but they had argued that less force would be needed in Iran than had been used in Iraq. By early 2006, however, that assumption was being discarded by prominent neoconservatives.
Reuel Marc Gerecht of the American Enterprise Institute had been more aggressive than anyone else in arguing that Iraq's Shi'ites, liberated by U.S. military power, would help subvert the Iranian regime. But in April 2006, he called in a Weekly Standard article for continued bombing of Iran's nuclear sites until the Iranians stopped rebuilding them.
Within the administration, meanwhile, Wurmser was looking for the opportunity to propose a military option against Iran. In his September 2007 interview with the Telegraph, he insisted that the United States must be willing to "escalate as far as we need to go to topple the [Iranian] regime if necessary."
That opportunity seemed to present itself in the aftermath of Israel's failed attempt to deal a major blow to Hezbollah in southern Lebanon in the summer of 2006.
Neoconservatives aligned with Cheney argued that Iran was now threatening U.S. dominant position in the region through its proxies in Lebanon, Iraq, and the Palestinian territory, as well as with its nuclear program. They insisted the administration had to push back by targeting Iran's Quds Force personnel in Iraq, increasing naval presence in the Gulf, and accusing Iran of supporting the killing of U.S. troops.
Although the ostensible rationale was to pressure Iran to back down on the nuclear issue, in light of the previous views, it appears that they were hoping to use military power against Iran to accomplish their original goal of regime change'.
Reprinted with permission from Right Web.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Let us have a street parade, a street party, yes everybody, the American people, have UNITED and are calling for change .With 364 days until the next Presidential election, America has decided, we will sweep the Republican Party into obilivion . This could mean that we will not only have a progressive leader ,who is a lover of the American people,but who wants , all Americans to succeed.

In case you have not heard, the largest margin of dissatisfied Americans with an incumbent President was released over the weekend.. Seventy five percent of all Americans want a change of President, a change of party influence in Congress, a change of economic and political directions.

We may ask, who makes up the outstanding 25% of this American population. It is not surprising to know that the very wealthy amongst us ,who do not share our national despair, will be a large portion of the happy bunch of " leave alone we like it the way it is" twenty-five per cent selfish Americans.

But on the other side of the economic and social scale , there are a significant section of the poorer and working classes who will be counted amongst the twenty-fivers, as well. We may find the majority of the twenty-fivers living in enclaves, called trailer parks, all over the southern states and mid west. These unfortunate dwellers in the trailers parks are like the unforgetten people of America ,living in deplorable conditions, without health care protection, yet supporting the party of the rich.

They won;t be dancing in the street,one year from today,as America heads in the opposite direction.away from the Republicans and George Bush. The Trailer Park dwellers and their lovely story telling Country music won't be serenading a progressive America, that would not attack and ostracise African Americans ,minorities and immigrants. They won't serenade any attempts to bring them out of the malaise of poverty,either,that they have been living in since the civil war of the mid 19th century.

The rest of America and the world ,nevertheless, will be looking forward to a progressive America and an eager Hillary Clinton as President.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


There is an old proverb or saying, that suggest those who are closest to the image never gets to see the whole picture. This is true when describing the general reaction of Americans to the scary national leadership in the White House.

The international community on the other hand are sitting in the comfortable viewers balcony seats and charting the development path of our national and international activities. They sensed where we were heading.

What is actually happening, a Rush Limbaugh follower asked me recently, via email ? In simple terms the answer is "very bad things are taking place in the "brain" of the USA. Just as in Columbine and other areas of mass violence , "very bad things" were happening in the "brain" of the attackers before the chaos occurred.

Similarly just as those closest to the attackers, never interpreted the signs of insanity as anything dangerous,until after the fact. That's the way Americans all over this beautiful land are ignoring the sins and signs of a Leadership gone bonkers, consumed by the corrutpness of the power they wrestled from the congress , in particular and we, the American people in general.

It is quite obvious to those who are paying attention, and reading the actions and reactions coming from the President and his joint co President, that something very bad is going to happen soon. In my opinion the DEVIL IS RESIDING IN THE HEARTS OF OUR MAXIMUM LEADERS thirsting for more blood; your blood, my blood, the Iranians blood, more Iraqis blood, Chinese blood, Immigrants blood, American children's blood or just plain blood.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has intimated that she has told the Leadership, namely the President, ( in private) things about his administration that are unlady like. She too has seen the insanity close up, and is unwilling to do or say anything courageously, in fear of causing a political nightmare.

The sad question is how could so many people have missed this potential insanity. How could the media of all institutions not recognise something wrong. Journalists like Paula Zahn and Wolfe Blitzer spread themselves out, like red carpets looking up at this Leadership, from very early and did not see this pending evil and to alert us. Yet every country and their citizens were connecting the dots , making precise predictions.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Keith Olberman of MSNBC's countdown , talk show, calls it the decision to break the Great US Constitution, to break the congress, to make US citizens obsolete in influencing the direction of their government. The Vice President of the USA, Dick Cheney, apparently has been dreaming up a scheme, since avoiding and dodging servicing his country in Vietnam, to impose an Imperial Presidency, a kind of , elected Monarchy, in diametric contradiction to our cherished American Constitution.

A former adviser to Richard Nixon, John Dean, painfully explained to the talk show host, that the neocons Republicans had been planning for a long time to transform Americas democratic principles, and Presidency, into anti democratic dictatorship, with powers of a King, called President. He said they had the plans in a draw waiting for a big bang, to trigger the opportunity. When 9/11 came they just opened the draw, immobilise and demoralise Congress , neutralise the American people and put the plan into effect.

Mr.John Dean, former adviser to Richard Nixon, now the author of "Broken Government",revealed that Mr. Dick Cheney thought that disgraced President Richard Nixon should not have resigned. Since as President and Commander in Chief he did not owe any explanation to Congress or the American people for breaking the law and being dishonest.

I sat there listening to this assessment of President Bush and Dick Cheney's visions of grandeur to rule world using the US military forces , and thought of those comic book villians that had working plans to rule the world, like Adolf Hitler, with his outlandish blue printed dreams, and bring pain to the world. Up till now those dreamers' plans were smashed by great American heroes like, Spiderman, Batman, Superman,or Captain America. Or as in the case of Hitler himself, by the great liberating US armed forces of world war 11.

People in and outside America, are all earnest;y praying, asking their heavenly Gods, who will be the Great American hero to liberate the Great American Constitution, the US Congress, the Great American children without Health Insurance and the American people generally, from these forces of evil residing in the Great American Palace.

Do we know who that person is? I don't we do. But we know that person has to be here soon, because we may not have an opportunity before the November 2008 Election. We may be too busy agreeing with the decision to invade and blow up Iran. Then , again,we may not have an Election in November 2008.
What if the Blackwater mercenaries, inspires military action here at home, that forces President Bush to declare Martial Law and postpone indefinitely the Presidential Elections? Neither the US Congress or the US Supreme Court will be able to help us. I don't know.....I am just asking, about the Powers, that the Imperial Royal President of the USA, will have to give up January 20th 2009. Do you think Vice President Cheney will want to spend his own money to support the Blackwater Mercenary Army? Do you think the neocons will crawl back into their holes, after tasting our blood, and give back power to the American people , because we democratically voted them out?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney pulled of the greatest money making scam in the history of Planet Earth. It is so bad that at the end of this Dick and George Show, America could be dead broke.

I am confident that not since the expedition of Alexander the Great, that broke the Greek Empire and made it possible for the Roman Empire to emerge, have we seen such a drain of a country's resources.

The hearings of the Blackwater mercenary Army, which in fact is the private army of the Dick and George Show, clearly reveals that, we may be thinking of a" war on terror" but it is really a trick , to burglarise Americas national treasury. If we look with uncontaminated eyes, you will see that the war in Iraq ended about 90 days later after the invasion and occupation began.

But there were , first ,an Iraqi national response to the occupation called a terrorist insurgency, then followed a series of well documented military abuses on the Iraqis. This seem to fuel an all out conflict between factions and between the religious factions and the US forces.

In the absence of an International peacekeeping force, from the United Nations or from individual Countries of Europe etc., the private army of Dick and George were used for multiple purposes including the old colonial military policy of 'enflame divisions amongst the population to better control them'.

So the ending of the war in Iraq (90 days after the invasion)was counter productive to the Goals of , controlling a Foreign country, in the middle east, using it as a staging post for more conquests, at the same time controlling the revenue from Iraq's oil, and building a network of private contractors to support their grand plans while having all this financed by the US treasury. The income to the our treasury, in the final analysis will be zero. A big fat nothing.

Have you noticed that England declared that they are no longer using the phrase.. "War on Terror" Have you noticed that all the countries of the socalled 'axis of the willing'all pulled out. They appeared to have made an agreement, not to give details for their reasons for doing so.

It is my belief that Nancy Pelosi and the leadership of the Democratic Party, have eventually found out the scheme, and the depths to which its revelation could destroy, or at least threaten, our national security, together with the financial and economic foundations of the USA. They, as a conquence, have decided ,( it appears), to allow themselves to be held hostage, to protect this country from collapse and ruin, by the White House Administration until a new President is sworn in, and has the capacity and power to rectify the situation.

This may explain the softer tone of the Democratic Party Leadership , as opposed to the more radical approach called for by the rank and file and some members of the media . Many people in the hierarchy of Americas social and financial levels are aware of the impending disaster, so big donors are throwing all their money at the Democrats , indicating their desire to stay far away as possible from the Republican Party and its sins.

Hillary Clinton in the meantime has taken a quiet middle of the road philosophy to her campaign for the Democratic Party's nomination, trying to neutralise and dampen the mood of discontent amongst the middle and working classes of America.
They all know that ,we , who live in America are not ready for the bad news. I feel disappointed for us Americans but I feel sad for the poor white folks of the Red States, the Trailer Congregation, who has been the backbone of support for the Republican Party in the White House.

Since before the civil war these poor white folks have been misguided and misled by con men from amongst them and uppity white folks from the big cities, promising ,in return for their hatred of African Americans and other minorities, to alleviate them from poverty and improve their living conditions. They are going to be terribly disappointed again when the mess hits the fan.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


My mother had a saying ,that she picked up from her mother, which said: 'The bed you make, its there you shall lie'. Justice Clarence Thomas was interviewed on "60 Minutes" , the television Show on Sunday night. He gave the interview, to help sell his personal life, written in his auto biography book.

In his interview, he sounded and looked like a hurt man, begging for understanding from the African American population. In my opinion the man is unrepentant for utilising his talent as a Law Professional, in the service of those who principally administered and benefitted from an uneven system of Justice and Economic virtues to middle and lower income families, especially African Americans and other minorities

Justice Thomas is a product of cruel poverty managed by the evil Laws of Jim Crowe in the oppressive Old South. He is man Black American with a brilliant mind that sought to see about himself, joined the political organisation that supported and mostly encouraged the brutal violence against African Americans. The Republican Party , as an American institution, cannot be used as a sanctuary by the oppressed or children of the victims of racism and exploitation and hope to , years later beg for understanding.

Have you noticed that the Jewish Community shows no mercy to those who encouraged or supported the oppression of Jews during the period of fascism in Germany.

Justice Clarence Thomas lamented that he could not get a job after receiving a law degree from Yale University. It is no shame for an oppressed person to choose to work for someone who is willing to pay an acceptable salary. But it is done with the full knowledge that you will pay a price in Life or Death, that is heavier than a mountain. More importantly you are always judged by your actions after you have attained success.
There is no greater achievement in Life , than to have the ability to receive, the admiration ,love and respect from people of your community. If you did not get that love or admiration, it is only because you showed that community no respect by not serving their interest.

Therefore Justice Clarence Thomas has no sympathy to receive. Nelson Mandela served 27 years in prison for serving the interest of those who were most oppressed. what did he do???

Sunday, September 23, 2007


The worst picture or image I have ever seen, coming out of America, is a picture of adult residents of little Rock, Arkansas surrounding a baby girl about five years old, yelling and spitting at her as she is heading to school alone. Do you know the one?
Where women and men are angry with this ONE brave little girl taking the history of Education in America on her tiny black shoulders and walks proudly.
I have compared the cruelty of that image or picture to images I have seen of the cruelty of Adolf Hitler's army in Europe, during his campaign to impose segregation and fascism .
This month is 50 years since that momentus occasion, when the American education system was forced to improve its product in order to remain competitive in this world. Because of that act of defiance, knowledge was spread to all the people, heralding the information age and the increase in scientific development of new products to improve our lives.
The Founding Fathers' dream of making the USA the most progressive nation on Earth is enshrined in the principles of our Great American Constitution. An integral part of making us successful as a nation, they thought, was giving every human being the same opportunity and priveledge without discrimination and segregation.
Ever since the General Robert Lee and his Army of Confederates, sought to break that contract with Americans, we have had to be continously 'On Alert' , that rabid supporters of the Republican Party, amongst the super rich and the desperately poor white folks of the ' old south', do not try to impose the evils of the defeated pro slavery Confederacy.

The following is the story of 'the little Rock Nine,' that broke the back of the segregationist Jim Crowe's, anti US Constitution laws to America backward .
Please take note, pass this along it may help cleanse some minds still are longing for the past.

The Fight for Equal Education Resistance to the Movement Timeline
Use these links to return to the page you got here from or to investigate other issues related to this topic. If the Civil Rights Movement is new to you, you can visit our dictionary page from any page in the entire web site by clicking here.

Although most school districts at least attempted to integrate, some districts tried to avoid it, particularly those in the South. One of the most famous cases of integration was the story of the Little Rock Nine, which took place in Little Rock, Arkansas. Governor Orval Faubus had the National Guard block nine black students from entering Central High in Little Rock because he didn’t want to integrate Little Rock’s schools. President Eisenhower heard of this and sent Federal Troops to protect the nine black students.
Image of Thurgood Marshall at http://members.aol.com/klove/blackhist.htm from Ken Love, klove01@aol.com, March 2001. Email message
Fighting Back Against Faubus
On September 20, 1957, Judge Ronald N. Davies granted the NAACP lawyers, Thurgood Marshall and Wiley Branton, the right to stop Governor Faubus from using the National Guard to stop the students from entering the high school. Governor Faubus finally agreed with them about not using the National Guard, but he wished the nine would stay away from Central High until integration could occur without violence. He knew there would be violence because of the violence last time when the Whites beat the Blacks because they didn't want African-American kids in their school.
Images of Central Nine and Protesters at http://www.cnn.com/US/9709/24/little.rock
Off to School
On Monday, September 23, 1957, the nine students set off for the high school. They knew there would be violence so they went in the rear entrance. White mobs were there to protest because they didn’t want any Blacks in their school and the reporters were there in support of the Blacks. White mobs that were waiting for the nine students beat up black reporters because they didn’t want them near their school. When the mob heard the nine students had entered the school they went crazy. The black students left out the rear exit right when the mob came in so they wouldn’t get hurt.

Image of Central Nine and Federal Marshalls at http://www.cnn.com/US/9709/24/little.rock
To make sure that the students completed a successful day of school, President Eisenhower sent the 101st Airborne Division to Little Rock. Each student had their own patroller to walk with them to school and during school, but Whites still beat them. They stabbed Melba Patillo and sprayed acid into her eyes. If it weren’t for the 101st patroller throwing water over her eyes she would have been blind for the rest of her life.
After a few weeks, the patrollers left and the nine students had to protect themselves. Finally Christmas came around and the Blacks wanted to get away from the Whites. Eight of the nine students couldn’t be happier to get a break from school, but not Minnijean Brown. She was suspended for dumping her lunch on two white males because they were insulting her. The Whites told the press that they didn’t blame her for getting mad. She was suspended for 6 days. Then she was suspended again for calling a white girl, "White Trash." None of the Whites were suspended.

Video of Little Rock Nine at http://www.cnn.com/US/9709/24/little.rock/little.rock.mov
Faubus Fights Again
The other eight all finished the school year successfully, and Earnest Green Graduated that spring. He was the first black student ever to graduate from Central High.
Although Earnest Green graduated, segregationists in Arkansas wanted to stop the other seven remaining students from doing the same. The school board asked for an injunction delaying integration until 1961. Even though the injunction was granted at first, the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals said no to the injunction in August of 1958. The court told Little Rock it must integrate.
Governor Faubus had other plans. He signed a package of segregation bills that were passed by the Arkansas legislature, including a bill that granted him the power to shut down the Little Rock Public High Schools.
Just a few weeks later, the parents of the nine black students came under tremendous pressure. The families either were forced to resign from their jobs or were fired because of what was happening at the school. One of the families moved away. The five students that remained in Little Rock took courses from the University of Arkansas while they waited for their school to reopen.
The summer of 1959 came and the act that Governor Faubus had used to shut down the school was declared unconstitutional. Yet again Governor Faubus started to work on another law to take its place. To avoid the law, the school board opened up the school early on August 12, 1959. Only two Blacks that were assigned to Central High were members of the original Little Rock nine, Jefferson Thomas and Carlotta Walls. The other three went to the new Hall High. Both Jefferson Thomas and Carlotta Walls graduated that spring.
This story shows you how hard Whites would work to stop Blacks from integrating and how far Blacks will go until equality is won. Melba Patillo now teaches at Central High School. Forty years ago she was beaten and stabbed. It went so far that she had acid thrown in her eyes. Now she gets hugs from students there, black and white alike. Today, the school is sixty percent black.
excerpted from wikipedia.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Alisha Burton Karen Burton Frankie Brewster

George Messer Danny Combs Bobby Brewster

The Sunday Gazette of Charleston West Virginia, has reported that, the above residents of Pecks Mill, Logan County, held, raped and tortured a black woman, in their house.

According to criminal complaints filed against six people (above) in this case, she was beaten, stabbed, choked, sexually assaulted and threatened with death.
The details are even more horrible. According to the complaints, she was forced to eat dog and rat faeces and to lick up blood. She was made to lick parts of Brewster’s body, under the threat of death. Her hair was pulled out. She was made to drink from the toilet. She was sexually assaulted while hot water was poured on her body, and while a man held a knife to her.
A woman allegedly cut Megan Williams’ ankle and said, “That’s what we do to niggers around here.”
The Six people had been charged Monday evening, including Brewster, the 49-year-old woman who owns the home where the alleged assault happened. She is charged with sexual assault, kidnapping, malicious wounding and giving false statements to an officer.
These are faces of racist America. These are the folks that religiously support the REPUBLICAN PARTY . These faces represent poor America, the poverty- stricken white America, that are encouraged to hate people, black people, immigrants, Asians , Hispanics, Jews and Meditterean people. They are taught to disrespect these people from birth, simply because they are not white.
A friend from the Caribbean emailed me to ask "Is this still happening in America?"
Yes , this is how poor white folks roll it. The house owned by Ms Brewster, where the crime alledgedly took place, is best described as a ramshackle trailer house. Clear evidence that poor white folks of the South remain the most backward elements in America.
New American citizens coming , from Europe , South America, Asia and the Caribbean to establish a new life in the land of the biggest opportunity, have a stronger drive to build a better America than these rats , masquerading as human beings, representing the White race.
The sickening truth about these acts of racial cruelty that's popping up in the South, like the racist persecution of school kids in Gena, Louisiana, are always more prevalent when we have a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT in the White House.
On behalf of Progressive America, the America of the 21st century, I kindly ask you to take another look (above) at the America of the defeated (1865) Confederated Army lifestyle . This is why immgration , and immigrants are so important to the eternal success of America.
These cruel, poor white folks , without education, cannot tell the difference between people who are similar to them. Ideologically they cannot see the difference themselves and Dick Cheney , George Bush and the oppressive Leadership of the republican party........all they know is that these people are white. So they remain poor, frustrated, angry and riden like Jackasses for more than a 150 years..with no end in sight.
'Wake up.. poor white people you are being left behind. Make that move to the 21st century'

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I did not notice this before; that white folks seem more than usually pissed off at African Americans.That is until I heard the Lawyer for one of the Louisana school kids,tell the story, of the white residents using the legal system to discrimate against African Americans, and also the white kid that jumped the black kid and beat him were exonorated.

You know about the case , where six African American boys were charged with attempted murder , in a back and forth school yard brawl. After one black kid was beaten by white kids , a white boy got his Ass kicked in retaliation, but the black boys were charged with attempted murder.

Originally my reaction was 'what the hell is going on here ?' Did someone awake JIM CROWE from his permanent slumber. It was clear white folks were openly pissed off again , in a way we have not seen since the the Klu Klux Klan were riding in open bed trucks snatching and grabbing black men to lynch them.

If we remembered how bitter white sports talk show hosts like Jim Rome,were with Barry Bonds for smashing Baseball's Home Run record , since he did not care to talk to any of them.

We saw recently how angry white folks were when Micheal Vick was charged with aiding and supporting Dogfighting. But they all cooled down when the New York Hotel Magnate left 12 million dollars in her will to her Dog. Suddenly they recognised, in America, that dogs were better off that them as well.

But why this rise in meaness from white folks towards non whites.?? Is it the economy pushing them further down and they are instinctively clawing at the next and avilable "human punching bag"?

Are they so ashamed of the George Bush and the Republican Party and its bringing out an aggressive psychopathic reaction. I know they thought that the Republican Party were their salvation and George Bush their Man for the ages.
When all the people of America and the world laughed our heads off at that ridiculous notion, they were waiting to have the last laugh. But it never came.

The attack on New York on Sept 11 , in a very sick way , was seen as the free ticket to keep the Republican Party's foot on the necks of all other people, for a long time. But that did not work.
The Invasion of Iraq was exposed as an international violation wrapped in the worst lies ever told to the American people by any National Leadership.

So it seems that the American white folks are taking out their frustration on African American Men in particular and all non white Americans in general.
If that is not true, how can we explain the reaction in Louisana to the school kids drama and the over reaction to Micheal Vick's dogfighting charges and the insane and rabid condemnation of Barry Bonds without any legal confirmation of wrong doing.

There maybe another reason but I can not find one as yet. If you have an opinion let me know. White folks are pissed off for some reason......maybe because they are losing their homes??? What do you think ?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


There is , to me at least, a kind of a dismality hovering over America. Don't you sense it , this feeling of doldrumism, where nothing seems to be happenning progressively ?.

Can you imagine you being in a ship , a large ship, that has its Steering wheel broken, ( It was known to be defectively rotten from the first day)and the ship is just going in no particular direction to meet land some where , someday.

Neither of us could describe an area of our national life that is bringing a glowing smile to our American peoples faces. The Professional financial gurus are holding a big secret about our economy and its future , I don't think it is a happy secret. How can it be a happy secret if so much billions is pumped out of the system into a non productive emterprise as the Iraqi Invasion.

Ordinary Americans(middle and working class) sensing danger tried to direct the floundering ship, by voting out of the Congress some of the diseased Republican politicians, in the last mid term elections. But unfortunately they did not bring out the broom to completely sweep out all the Republicans going up for elections in November 2006. The result is that we are not going NOWHERE fast, as we were doing prior to the that elaction; now we are still heading NOWHERE only, just slowly.

Inspite of all that is happening and not happening there is a group of people that are under attack by the American version of the German Nazi Gestapo. Allow me to preface that statement.
Whenever the representatives of the minority Ruling Class can't find favor with the majority of their people, or they want to fire up their fan base, they normally choose the most vulnerable group in the society to attack.

Throughtout the 20th century , up till the late 60's to mid 70's African Americans mainly their Men were always under attack,and always under the cover of legality.

The KLu kLux Klan covered by Law enforcements and the legal system destroyed thousands, maybe millions of African American Men and their families. The KKK and other under ground Militia performed acts of brazen britality while supported by Law enforcement and State officials, just like the German Nazi Gestapo. They all satisfied the Right wing politicians cravings to hurt or sacrifice African Americans or Jews to please their blood thirstty supporters.

So today with the Republican Party losing credibility every passing minute, who do you think is the New sacrificial Target?. African American men are still on the list,particularly deviant and distracted male athletes. But the legitmate Gestapo are targetting Immigrants...paricularly legally challemged Immigrants. Using the protective cover of maintaining the illustrious LAW AND ORDER, the American Gestapo are on a 'snatch and grab' policy, just as their counterparts in Nazi Germany did to the Jews before they expelled them to the Gas Chambers.

The instinctive reaction wil be ...so what they are breaking the Law. That seem to be rational the Nazi Gestapo used to neutralize the German people's reaction to their murderous crimes against the Jews. It was the same LAW AND ORDER justification, that was used, for arresting the first lady of civil(human) rights movement, Rosa Parks. The treatment of Immigrants, legal or illegitmate, is a question of cruelty and abuse of power. Who is going to stand up and protect these defenseless people. Who will be their Martin Luther King or as brave and stand up like Rosa Parks.

I would like to think that Hillary Clinton will be that kind of a champion, but she is too busy and will not allow herself to be distracted from her goal at this time, having constantly to defend why she is taking the side of people branded as not worthy. Barack Obama and John Edwards both possess the attitude and outlook to help but they too are to busy.

So who is going to be their champion? The Iraqi prisoners in the Abu Ghraid prison found a champion to highlight their abuses....who is going to stop this destruction of immigrant families.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Most of my posting reflects my political sentiment, as I respond to the reckless leadership our country has fallen victim to. Fortunately I am not simply a political animal , as my grandfather use to say. I have a beautiful brown skin wife who is very sumptous and love to be devoured.

This month is our anniversary and since I had been working out of town the last time it came around I wanted to do something delicious and sexual. I wanted to see that sparkling smile, my wife has become famous for and I also want to impress and make her girlfriends jealous . So I know I had to come up with something original, at least to her.

If I am going succeed I have to overcome some contradictions such as 'Miss Sparkling smile',commitment to her religious spirituality that has turned her into a sexual conservative, but however, she's always wet whenever I touch her "catty -ann" . So I have strike from the list, girlie -girlie action, or strip club visits.

I think am going to have to settle for Dinner,Wine , with John Legend and some Smooth Jazz in the background. But this time I am gong to add some spice for desert , some "exrralove" for variety and extra pleasure.

One of the first things I do after turning on my computer,on mornings, is to read the sexy happennings of Karael at 'my sexualdiary.blogspot.com'. She has provided me a wealth of understanding into the sexual mind of the married woman. I have learnt the value of the sex toy in the woman's dresser draw. So I have been shopping at 'Sex toy sex' for extralove arsenal.
You can see them on this page under heading LINK....titled "sexual extra love" . You will see the kind entertaining weapons I am going to introduce on anniverssary night. My intention is to complement our personal touch , with a ride on the silver surfer.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


It may appear that George Bush tenure has been a failure . If we are using the criteria to judge Presidents such as Abraham Lincoln and all the others including Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, then Mr Bush was a failure.

However we must be aware that these former Presidents were not blatantly puppets of American multi -national Corporations as George Bush agreed to be. We have to understand the reason for Dick Cheney being placed on George's right shoulder.

In the past national Corporations held only partial sway over the American executive branch. This was mainly because the American people called the shots, (to some extent), to the Presidents, and made them serve their interests using such methods as protests and demonstrations.

The attack on the Great American Constitution by Dick and George and the placing of puppet Justices in the Supreme Court was part of the strategy to immobilise and neutralise the American population . The beneficiaries has been Corporate America hoping to implement a straight jacket anti people economic , political and foreign policy that served them exclusively.

In this argument you have to pencil in the timely and convenient attack on 9/11. There are more questions than answers but it surely is suspicious that this attack occurred , we lost thousands of people , but the pointer group, the Neocons, were able to come thru for the American multi -national corporations desire to strangle American development

The issue of immigration has been skillfully mishandled by the entire American leadership in the Congress and in the White House. The normally anti people Republican Party found themselves divided on the issue because they could decide who to serve. Their choice was either the American corporate desire to have unfettered access to international workers to keep the price of labor very low so as to inflate their already bulging profit margins. The other was the rabid (always angry) white American who wanted somebody to easily hate. Or the White American who could be convinced illogically that the non white international worker will threaten their balance of the population.

If America was fortunate to have a President that was serving the people of America, he would have had the ability to objectively show us the benefits of having ready to work people to maintain our country's economic edge. But we are influenced with subjective backwardness from folks who work against our interests. Therefore we cannot get anything right, such as Health Care , social programs, International adversity, spreading the economic benefits of our success, even how to handle people rushing to help and continue to build America.

We have to end the coup that brought the anti people Corporate America policies and politics to the White House. We have to inspect continously,whom we expect to lead. We cannot allow the historically hateful minority to influence our country's ability to handle simple and complex problems.

To hopefully get it right we must amongst ourselves , in the middle class and the lowly paid working class, organise at all levels of the society. In the work place , in our neighborhoods, in the social settings, etc, where ever we congregate. But we have to be prepared to talk about influencing our leaderships in the counties, in the States and on the National levels. Lets make ourselves politically important again. Our America is yearning for our involvement...don't let her down.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


It is Mid June 2007. With the exception of the Upper middle class , and the Upper class (that includes the Oil producers), STOP and take a look back to the year 2000, January.

From then to now , we may see a country standing on a cliff , with two options. Either to take off and soar like the mighty Eagle or head down to treacherous slope to the bottomless canyon. As an American , with a heart of gold, where would YOU honestly say ,we are heading?

With the exception of the attack on 9/11, can we say that it is our fault, we collectively made a horrid miscalculation in who we chose to lead this great country?
There has to be some admittance , some kind of confession, to cleanse the soul and our foresight so we can do at least two things.

The first is put into perspective what was lacking in our analysis and vision to cause us to make that choice, not just once but twice. The second is to re exam our social and political outlook, that will force us to re -classify personnel and issues differently.

Last week I heard a report stated that 70% of the American population live paycheck to paycheck. That is not good. That's too many people hanging on by a shoe string. Be mindful that is not 70% of the targetted immigration scapegoats, we are told is the reason we are heading south down the slippy slope. That statistic represents the red blooded American family,who are seriously, one paycheck away from disaster.

If this is true , how can we fix it, in this modern era? What are our options? If there are any , do we care? Perhaps we prefer the Paris Hilton approach (without the financial support) of just floating around oblivious of time , space and circumstance.We then can collectively sigh....'that's hot', and forget about it. If we care , I will make my suggestions later in my next post. Let me know.

Monday, May 21, 2007


As a society we have made a habit of singling out groups, mainly ethnic groups for crucifixion.

We did that to the Native Americans, to justify building a new world. We did the same to African Americans, when we could not get access to continously use their FREE LABOR .

TODAY a new Immigration Bill is being proposed to make it "tough and fair" for International workers, commonly called Immigrants, to be added to our productive forces.
But why TOUGH and not just FAIR.??
That was the same question Dr. Martin Luther King asked of white America . One of the watch words of this democracy, is , JUSTICE FOR ALL. But we are proposing a law against International workers, that is tougher than the Trade Laws we have their countries.

We are asking the International consumer to purchase our products and services, while attacking their families living in America. Only biasness will inflict such one sided thinking.

Why does'nt it just be FAIR?? The same reason the fascist laws of segregation were tough. The new Bill is intented to bring pain and suffering to its target.
Senator Mel Martinez, my Senator, for my district, is agreeing with the people of the same mindset that drew up the segregation laws.

The new Immigration Bill is targetting Hispanics on one hand, and generally non white folks from everywhere on this Planet. This is mainly because former President Bill Clinton announced a year before he left office, that the composition of the population are close to levelling off between Whites and non whites. South Americans Hispanics were seen as largely responsible for this balance in the census numbers.

The border and the fence are smoke screens in the argument against International workers from South America. Border crossings take place all over the world. Europe is a maze of borders , workers moving as best they could trying to find the best deal for their skills and Labor. we are not hearing about mercenaries patrolling the borders of Germany , looking to kill somebody, who is looking for work.

But in the USA we are classifying them as infiltrators, subject to arrest, as enemy combatants.

No senator Martinez and other Senators and congressmen, you will never miss the water until the Well run dry.
You see, with International workers you don't have to wait for the investment , from Baby to Eighteen year old, to bring a person into the productive work force. They can consume goods and services already made for consumption. They can pay to ship products to their families and friends at no additional cost to the manufacturer or distributor.

Look at the positives not negatives , as perpetuatedly sponsored by the segregationist thinkers slithering in and around Congress.

As a progressive Leader , here in Orlando, Senator Martinez helped clean up the biasness in the Orlando USCIS office. So , we are asking him to be progressive again, he does not have to change his Party. Just serve the people!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Naive Americans Fooled by the Vice Commander

Today the former CIA Director is publicing his new book .... a tell all about the socalled WAR ON TERROR. (the British has given up the propaganda term) It appears that the VP (vice commander of evil) Dick Cheney created a scenario, so that his company could profit from invading countries in the Middle East with undersize US armies , while building a private mercenary army using taxpayers money.

The sad thing about this experience of electing the Republicians , led by George Bush and Dick Cheney, is that the only people who failed to see the trickery of this act of treachery by the Republicans was ordinary Americans who wanted to hurt someone in response to 9/11. These self seeking , greedy, Republicans , those in the White House and those in Congress , abused our patriotism at our weakest moment, for their personal gains.

We, the American people should seek revenge and justice for the mis- information, for using propaganda to scare the American people, for questioning our patriotism when we asked questions. Our Justice system MUST serve America by bringing to court , the people responsible for doing us wrong and embarrassing the intergrity of the USA throughtout the World. But please no pardons for any of those convicted,as the Great President Abraham Lincoln did after the Civil War.

Even the Active servicemen are openly exposing the Sins of these cruel people.

See the excerpt of the article concerning active duty Lt.Col. Paul Yingling..
By THOMAS WAGNER, Associated Press Writer
BAGHDAD - An active duty U.S. Army officer warns the United States faces the prospect of defeat in Iraq, blaming American generals for failing to prepare their forces for an insurgency and misleading Congress about the situation here.

"For reasons that are not yet clear, America's general officer corps underestimated the strength of the enemy, overestimated the capabilities of Iraq's government and security forces, and failed to provide Congress with an accurate assessment of security conditions in Iraq," Lt. Col. Paul Yingling said in the article published Friday in the Armed Forces Journal.

Friday, April 06, 2007


There is mounting evidence that plans are working to destabilise and un-nerve our confidence thereby allowing the Republican- type Upper class politicians to rule America uninterrupted. In my opinion the cruel acts of random terror attacks are carried out by Islamic militants but could be financed and orchectrated by maniacs amongst the Neo Cons.
When we think seriously of it , the Islamic militants have nothing to gain by attacking America. If you pay attention carefully you never hear the militants diffentiate between the ordinary Americans , working hard to serve their families, and Corporate America, who you might think they may feel , with the support of an aggressive White House and(former) Right wing Congress, are supporing policies against their people.

It is true that the developing world knows that American International policies mainly work against them and keep them from a faster rate of their national development. But these Islamic militants have no political identity, they operate like mercenaries, but for who and who is financing them. The original Islamic militants in Afghanistan were mercenaries financed by the Republicans and their leadership in the White House at the time. we also know that the forged letter that was used to justify the invasion of Iraq, was planted by operatives, working for presumably, Americans who were going to benefit from any reaction brought on by the the public declaration of the letter.

I could be wrong about this analysis but think about this .... the islamic militants who operated from within Afghanistan were enemies of Saddam Hussein and the Republican Corporate supporters wanted that country( Iraq), as much as the neo cons , in such a scenario there is room for collusion. It is these circumstances that allows deals to be made that can have an effect on our Constitutional freedoms placing the Upper Class in charge of "protecting" our national security ( for a long time) , whilst feeding our fears.

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Justin Raimondo of Anti War .com........
" The Bush administration, and its British enablers, seem hellbent on war in the Gulf, and it is only a matter of time before they provoke the Iranians into crossing the line. Such a disastrous outcome could be avoided, however, if we establish whether or not this most recent incident was a provocation. I agree, for once, with National Review, which is calling on the British government to repudiate the statements of its sailors and marines. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it, however: my guess is that the whole matter of who crossed into whose waters will be quietly dropped, at least by the British side, while the 15 former captives are muzzled or otherwise intimidated into silence. Unless, of course, there is an investigation, which can establish once and for all who is telling the truth – the fifteen sailors, or their government.

This is important, because if it was an incursion, then we get into the subject of whether it was intentional. And the only way to do that is to deepen the investigation, and find out whether – or, rather, to what extent – Western governments are trying to push us into war with Iran.

Speaking of provocations: now that the Democrats are in command of Congress, can they stop ladling out the pork long enough to look into Seymour Hersh's allegations that U.S. tax dollars are going to subsidize al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups in Lebanon and remote sections of Iran? Or is that too much to ask?

Word is out that the same "Office of Special Plans" gang that lied us into invading Iraq is now embarked on a new project, under a new name: the "Iran Directorate." Is there such a thing as congressional oversight anymore, or am I just dreaming of a halcyon and unrecoverable golden age of American politics?

We can stop the next war before it starts – but only if we catch the War Party at their game while they're playing it, and not after the fact, as in the case of Iraq. The Democrats are keen to cut off funding for a war that should never have started and could not have started without their cooperation: will they have the foresight and courage to defund the covert war against Iran before it becomes overt? I am not at all optimistic about this, but I'd be glad to be proven wrong.

This is being spun in the West as a "victory" for the Iranians, but it is nothing of the sort: a victory would mean an end to Western provocations, and a comprehensive settlement of outstanding issues – including the nuclear question – through diplomatic means. However, neither Washington nor London will permit this to happen, and so the Iranians have only been granted a short respite from the relentless assault on their sovereignty.

The regime-changers, after all, are still in charge: Bush is a lame-duck, but he's still the big duck, and Blair is leaving, but isn't yet gone. Together, these two can do a lot more damage before they're safely out of office – and, given half a chance, they will.

The War Party may be discredited, reeling with defections, and genuinely hated by the majority of the English-speaking peoples, but I wouldn't count them out quite yet. The drama of the fifteen captives was just the beginning: there are plenty more provocations where that came from. This one backfired, it's true, but the danger is not past, or even decreased – because the next one may well succeed in sparking a conflict that will make the Iraq war look like a picnic in the park."

Stay tuned as more investigations emanate from the Congress committees.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another Bat and Ball game ....exist...YEAHH

Unknown to most Americans, there is another Bat and Ball game that is played every day around the world. In fact a World Cup of the game of CRICKET is going on right now in the Caribbean. The games are played from Jamaica, all the way down the necklace of islands to Trinidad and Tobago and on to the South American State of Guyana.

The history of Cricket is the history of Baseball. Baseball got its rudimentary principle from this 'hit the ball with a wooden bat' idea from this former Regal English game . In terms of beauty of the play , CRICKET , has the ability to allow the spectators, (fans) to enjoy power and grace of the Batsman , while pileing on his personal runs that contributes to the teams final total. The game is simply about , who makes the most runs WINS.. But the individual plays of the Bowlers, Fielders, and Batsmen , particularly in the version being played in the World Cup. , make fabulous entertainment.
The game like most games are played, in and by, communities and neighborhoods in Europe, Australia Asia, Africa , in some South Americans States and in the Caribbean. The following is an excerpt from a Novel by famous Caribbean novelist EARL LOVELACE....

see if you can capture the imagery and picture of his tale... ( the title of this book is "Nobody will tell you who you are"..

" In Cascadu when Franklin went in to bat, around the ground (ballpark),the talking would stop. The people will look for a good place to sit, and from the Savannah the word would go out . little fellas (boys) will take off running in different directions to make the announcement.... Franklyn batting!!... Franklyn batting..!! Through the whole village ... (through the neighborhood ) it would go, Franklyn batting... and before she goes out her door, Miss Dolly would pull out the wood from her outside fireside and add some water to the pot she is cooking so it can bubble slow while the wood glowed to ashes .

.....Kenny slowing down his Taxi to shout out as he is passing, to the people bathing in the Spring. Hey , all you.. Franklyn (is) batting, Franklyn is batting!! You hear what I say Franklyn batting.. and he would drive another five minutes before turning around to pick up those ready to go and carry them to the Cricket ground.. And in the house behind the Savannah Manick's father, (on his day) off today...sitting down in his Hammock would make sure that he has a big cup water and a Bowl of peanuts on the floor , so he would not have to move while Franklyn batting!!..... Melda a clerk at Mendoza 's shop..ask Ross to hold on for her,at the counter with the selling , so she can go and see Franklyn bat.. she would go for just one Over (six balls) just one (she pleads) holding up one finger. Ross also raised one finger , while opening his eyes wide , emphasizing just one Over.

People look at cricket for the runs , but with Franklyn, it was the runs , yes, it was the runs, but his batting was'nt only (about) runs , it was the spring in his step, it was the spring in his step, it was the dance of his body, the confident readiness of his muscles to move forward and backwards, to tiptoe or pivot or kneel or duck (as the ball is hurled towrds him by the bowler).... That's just a peep hole into the luxurious entertainment that Cricket brings to the Fans...." Now the International World Cup is in the Caribbean..... The sad thing is that only Directv customers can get this spectacle LIVE....

Monday, February 05, 2007


I remember the days of the vietnam war , when the warmongers over layed the propaganda on the population, telling us that our military was saving OURFREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY, by killing the vietnamese people.
That was a vietnamese civil war the warmongers wanted to influence the outcome.The sad thing about the whole episode was that OUR political warmongers chose the wrong side to support.

The US military was given the worst propaganda, about who are our friends and who were not. Our soldiers were aware that they were fighting a losing battle and wanted to get the hell out of there, fast. A good soldier knows he has to comply. Again , today in Iraq, the warmongers, sold the military the worst lies since vietnam and shamelessly they think their propaganda was totally accepted by ALL in the military.

In the Senate, on monday, after the Super Bowl, the supporters of the warmongers, blocked the full-fledge debate on Iraq and blamed it on the military in the field in Iraq. Senator Judd Gregg Republican N.H. pretending to care about our priceless youths caught in the middle of another civil war, proposed an alternative to the proposal to STOP the INCREASE of military personnel and bring the invasion to an end.
This is how a WARMONGER disrespects the military he thinks cannot think or has no access to universal information... "We should not take action once soldiers have been sent into the field and are putting their lives at risk," he said. "We should not be saying to them through a resolution, which is nonbinding, that we don't think the mission you're on makes sense and we don't want you to do it." says Senator Gregg.
You will think that this Republican is a member of the Roman Empire' Senate, 2000 years ago. This was the argument used to justify and keep the Roman army fighting and plundering Africa and the Middle East until it was beaten back permanently behind the walls of Rome. Even then without todays communications, soldiers wanted to end the plunder of other peoples countries, because the justification was not there and without that moral justification , they mostly lost the spirit and lost the support of the Roman people. All they had was the manipulations of their warmongering Leaders and their supporters in the Roman Senate.

The same scenario is playing in our Senate today. We know where the Roman empire ended up, in rubble throughtout Italy, salvaged by a symbolic religious masquerade called the Vatican City. Where is the USA Empire going if it continues down the path traced by past Empires. WE HAVE TO STOP THE BULLSHIT... understand where this leading and get out Iraq before our Empire crumbles in the dust of the middle east.