Thursday, September 06, 2007


I did not notice this before; that white folks seem more than usually pissed off at African Americans.That is until I heard the Lawyer for one of the Louisana school kids,tell the story, of the white residents using the legal system to discrimate against African Americans, and also the white kid that jumped the black kid and beat him were exonorated.

You know about the case , where six African American boys were charged with attempted murder , in a back and forth school yard brawl. After one black kid was beaten by white kids , a white boy got his Ass kicked in retaliation, but the black boys were charged with attempted murder.

Originally my reaction was 'what the hell is going on here ?' Did someone awake JIM CROWE from his permanent slumber. It was clear white folks were openly pissed off again , in a way we have not seen since the the Klu Klux Klan were riding in open bed trucks snatching and grabbing black men to lynch them.

If we remembered how bitter white sports talk show hosts like Jim Rome,were with Barry Bonds for smashing Baseball's Home Run record , since he did not care to talk to any of them.

We saw recently how angry white folks were when Micheal Vick was charged with aiding and supporting Dogfighting. But they all cooled down when the New York Hotel Magnate left 12 million dollars in her will to her Dog. Suddenly they recognised, in America, that dogs were better off that them as well.

But why this rise in meaness from white folks towards non whites.?? Is it the economy pushing them further down and they are instinctively clawing at the next and avilable "human punching bag"?

Are they so ashamed of the George Bush and the Republican Party and its bringing out an aggressive psychopathic reaction. I know they thought that the Republican Party were their salvation and George Bush their Man for the ages.
When all the people of America and the world laughed our heads off at that ridiculous notion, they were waiting to have the last laugh. But it never came.

The attack on New York on Sept 11 , in a very sick way , was seen as the free ticket to keep the Republican Party's foot on the necks of all other people, for a long time. But that did not work.
The Invasion of Iraq was exposed as an international violation wrapped in the worst lies ever told to the American people by any National Leadership.

So it seems that the American white folks are taking out their frustration on African American Men in particular and all non white Americans in general.
If that is not true, how can we explain the reaction in Louisana to the school kids drama and the over reaction to Micheal Vick's dogfighting charges and the insane and rabid condemnation of Barry Bonds without any legal confirmation of wrong doing.

There maybe another reason but I can not find one as yet. If you have an opinion let me know. White folks are pissed off for some reason......maybe because they are losing their homes??? What do you think ?

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