Tuesday, September 04, 2007


There is , to me at least, a kind of a dismality hovering over America. Don't you sense it , this feeling of doldrumism, where nothing seems to be happenning progressively ?.

Can you imagine you being in a ship , a large ship, that has its Steering wheel broken, ( It was known to be defectively rotten from the first day)and the ship is just going in no particular direction to meet land some where , someday.

Neither of us could describe an area of our national life that is bringing a glowing smile to our American peoples faces. The Professional financial gurus are holding a big secret about our economy and its future , I don't think it is a happy secret. How can it be a happy secret if so much billions is pumped out of the system into a non productive emterprise as the Iraqi Invasion.

Ordinary Americans(middle and working class) sensing danger tried to direct the floundering ship, by voting out of the Congress some of the diseased Republican politicians, in the last mid term elections. But unfortunately they did not bring out the broom to completely sweep out all the Republicans going up for elections in November 2006. The result is that we are not going NOWHERE fast, as we were doing prior to the that elaction; now we are still heading NOWHERE only, just slowly.

Inspite of all that is happening and not happening there is a group of people that are under attack by the American version of the German Nazi Gestapo. Allow me to preface that statement.
Whenever the representatives of the minority Ruling Class can't find favor with the majority of their people, or they want to fire up their fan base, they normally choose the most vulnerable group in the society to attack.

Throughtout the 20th century , up till the late 60's to mid 70's African Americans mainly their Men were always under attack,and always under the cover of legality.

The KLu kLux Klan covered by Law enforcements and the legal system destroyed thousands, maybe millions of African American Men and their families. The KKK and other under ground Militia performed acts of brazen britality while supported by Law enforcement and State officials, just like the German Nazi Gestapo. They all satisfied the Right wing politicians cravings to hurt or sacrifice African Americans or Jews to please their blood thirstty supporters.

So today with the Republican Party losing credibility every passing minute, who do you think is the New sacrificial Target?. African American men are still on the list,particularly deviant and distracted male athletes. But the legitmate Gestapo are targetting Immigrants...paricularly legally challemged Immigrants. Using the protective cover of maintaining the illustrious LAW AND ORDER, the American Gestapo are on a 'snatch and grab' policy, just as their counterparts in Nazi Germany did to the Jews before they expelled them to the Gas Chambers.

The instinctive reaction wil be ...so what they are breaking the Law. That seem to be rational the Nazi Gestapo used to neutralize the German people's reaction to their murderous crimes against the Jews. It was the same LAW AND ORDER justification, that was used, for arresting the first lady of civil(human) rights movement, Rosa Parks. The treatment of Immigrants, legal or illegitmate, is a question of cruelty and abuse of power. Who is going to stand up and protect these defenseless people. Who will be their Martin Luther King or as brave and stand up like Rosa Parks.

I would like to think that Hillary Clinton will be that kind of a champion, but she is too busy and will not allow herself to be distracted from her goal at this time, having constantly to defend why she is taking the side of people branded as not worthy. Barack Obama and John Edwards both possess the attitude and outlook to help but they too are to busy.

So who is going to be their champion? The Iraqi prisoners in the Abu Ghraid prison found a champion to highlight their abuses....who is going to stop this destruction of immigrant families.

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