Thursday, May 28, 2009


Many times we read comments and statements from individuals and we decide whether to accept or reject their opinion based who they are or their stake in society.Most Americans are not schooled in class analysis. Which is the ability to recognize the Class nature and background of an individual. Since everyone belongs to a class in society , it is easy to surmise that they will reflect tendencies and position in support of that outlook.

This means we all seek our "class interest". The worker on the job sees his contribution to the job, differently to the management , who therefore suggest a pay scale that conflicts with the workers interpretation of his/her worth. If the law allows in our State, we will then get a Trade Unionist to represent us. The Corporate Executive nad his representatives seeking to deny Universal Health care for all as it may deny him easy profits he made for decades.

In politics , in America we are trained not to see people as manifestations of their Class or the class they aspire to join, but as liberals or conservatives. Totally giving us a false reading on who to trust based on class affiliations and who they represent. In life we know automatically, that if a person is affiliated to us in some meaningful way, we are most likely to give that person the benefit of our confidence. We also know that the devil comes himself to mislead us but sends an IMP/ archangel to to gain our trust and outsmart us .

But in America we have Ruling Class apologists, who openly hide behind labels of "conservatives" and "Republicans" to down play their class affiliation and definitely the class nature of their positions. A great example, this week is the daughter of Mister Evil, the former Vice President, Dick Cheney, who is seeking to invoke 'bush logic' to justify a ridiculous notion that " the Kings men" should be free from persecution when there is evidence that they abused the law and their high administrative position.

The outlandish position of the 'daughter of Dick' is similar to the snake oil salesman of the old wild west. These ruling class people think that the middle class and their ally , the working class, are listening to their "Jim Jones type excuse to have us drink their Kool Aid again". She is thinking of protecting her father from a dark dungeon where he really belongs, because of his unrepentant service to the Ruling Class at the detriment of those men and women who died on the battle fields of Iraq. Their deaths had nothing to do with National Service ,only that they were instructed to serve on the orders from the Commander-in -Chief, GWB, who is reported, at this time, not to be talking to the Dick Cheney.

So we must always assess the class nature , and background of the individual who are talking down to us on these TV Talk Shows. What class do they represent ? Will you trust them to negotiate an employment contract on your behalf , or will you suspect that they will sell you out to their Ruling Class friends. Then we should reject their Kool Aid, before you get contaminated with their anti people poison.

Another great example of the anti people sentiment of the Ruling Class is their response to President BHO's desire to have as a Supreme Court Judge, a person that has EMPATHY with the middle and working classes.

Suddenly we are seeing Ruling Class Senators and Congressmen responding with disgust at the thought that a supreme Court Judge is expected to share the life experiences,and be aware of the plight of those who do not have access to wealth. My Great Grand mother told her daughter to be aware of the biasness of those who administrate the law. That was a century and a half ago.

Here's a great definition of the word..:em·pa·thy (ěm'pə-thē)n.

Identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives.

All the world knows that the wealthy gets the law to serve them better than they do the middle and lower classes. All the world knows that if a member of the Ruling Class understands and empathize with the situation of the working class, he is called a communist or in the case of President BHO, a socialist. So the Ruling Class members do not want a Supreme Court Judge to understand the " situation , feelings and motives" of those outside the wealthy class. ALL OUR SUPPORT GOES TO JUDGE SOTOMAYOR !!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Many political analyst and sensible media commentators are perplexed by the actions of Dick Cheney, former Vice President.Why is he on a media tour? What are his plans? What is the game ? what goal is he expecting to achieve?
What is the role of Rush Limbaugh in Mr. Dark Evil Vader plans?

Well, My dear readers permit me to present a perspective. First of all Dick Cheney in my opinion foresees himself as the American Czar of the world. He believes that Americas Armed forces is under utilized. He believes that we ( he) , America should rule the world with an iron fist, making all countries subservient to America's military might. Mr. Cheney is sick with the same ailment that afflicted Mr. Hitler, visions of grandeur, soon to be World Conqueror. Insane expectations ,straight out of Cartoon Network.

In Dick Cheney's demented maniacal mind he was willing to be a leader behind the scenes manipulating weak leaders like George Bush and his son. It is quite possible that his dream of the potential to personally use and abuse America's military prowess was hatched by Dick Cheney as he moved through the corridors of Washington's power brokering circles and White House influential positions.Richard (Dick) Cheney was Assistant to President Gerald Ford. When Rumsfeld, as Chief of Staff to President Ford, was named Secretary of Defense, Cheney became White House Chief of Staff. He later was campaign manager for Ford's 1976 presidential campaign as well.

The man credited with fashioning his ideological world view was Professor H . Bradford Westerfield, of Yale University, then a self-described ardent 'hawk'( extreme right wing fundamenralist) who believed the United States should be assertive in its role as the leader of the free world. However, Westerfield's views were modified over the course of time; and he came to characterize the Bush-Cheney administration's foreign policy as "precisely the wrong approach.

Nevertheless the extremism of Dick's militaristic desire was born and was in full growth spur by the time " Dick Lucifer" became Secretary of Defense under President George H.W. Bush. As we know he was the master mind behind, the first invasion of Iraq, Desert Storm.

In my view, following the defeat of George H. Bush, Dick called up a few of his buddies , such as Donald Rumsfeld and began to discuss some main talking points. Remembering the teachings of his old Professor, Mr. Westerfield, Dick saw an opportunity to "kill two birds with one stone"

The weakness of Saddam Hussein's Army, in Dessert Storm I, told him that America's military could defeat the entire Middle East country's military without danger of defeat and the cost of much American lives. The underground Right Wing extremist group grew to include a strong lobby of the Israeli Government and a few more Right Wing opportuinists, who hatched up an ambitious plan to seize White House power legally and use it to create an opportunity to "assert America's military power" around the world , beginning in the Middle East.

The country that was targeted as the Port,the opening, to this new world of America's military terror, was the infamous Iraq and its loquacious leader Saddam Hussein. The secret military plan called for a public relations campaign, after winning easily in Iraq ( they dreamed), to identify, Syria as the second middle eastern target.

Before that day came , they constructed an audacious plan to undermine President Bill Clinton and his Administration. President Clinton with his weakness for attractive women, facilitated them with his mistakes. It could be debated whether the intern, that gave President Clinton the famous 'blow job',was a plant of this malicious underground Right Wing group. The manner in which they exploited it to weaken the Clinton Presidency was not lost on his wife Hillary , who correctly called out, the conspirators and their Right Wing agenda, as the main reason for Bill Clinton's embarrassment.

However as history will testify, Dick Cheney and his Right Wing group did succeed in undermining the Democratic Party and the Republican Party won the election of 2000, with an input from the then Chief Justice, a personal friend of Dick Cheney . Dick Cheney chose George W. Bush and placed him as President, with him accepting the Vice President position. A place he figured he could maneouvr and manipulate things without being directly seen.

Just as Adolph Hitler miscalculated the invasion of Russia in his madman desire to conquer the world, and assert Germany's military superiority, Dick Cheney and his cronies miscalculated their dreams and lost on their average .

Many people have wondered why after the attack on 9/11 did the Bush Administration, put all the military material in a military theater that had so very little military benefits in the so called revenge against Al Quiada, the leading extreme militant muslin group.?

The answer was in the original plans of the secret group, led by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. The plan when it was confirmed as go, was to invade Iraq, take it over place a military type leadership that was easily manipulated by the White House . The 9/11 attack was at once a blessing and at the same time a curse on the plans of the underground 'Dick and Donald' underground Right Wing extremist group.

Many people believe that in some way, Mastermind evil planner, Dick Cheney, had a hand in orchestrating the attack on the New York Twin Towers. In my estimation it may very well be that Dick Cheney with his close contact with CIA , could have gotten some wind of a possible attack and submerged efforts to stop it. Or the underground group could have, with some great elaborate planning, put things in place to create the diversion of a militant attack and use it as cover, to justify their plan to attack Iraq.

So in fact Osama Bin Laden may have been a de facto accomplice in the Iraqi invasion. which meant that he could be repaid with a 'low level' search and destroy excursion in Afghanistan.The years, Iraq allowed Al Quaida to grow and enhance itself amongst the villagers on the Border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Inside America, in Washington, the failure of the underground plan to make America's military an assertive imperialist personal Army of terror on unsuspecting countries was causing two kinds of problems. One was the uneasiness of the "middle of the road" middle class. They, generally like to believe in the aspirations and assertions of the Ruling class, were becoming concerned with safety of their personal liberties and Civil Rights.

Dick Cheney, in an effort to salvage a defeated plan, sought to introduce FEAR as a military tactic on Americans. Through President Bush,he sought to attack the GREAT AMERICAN CONSTITUTION as a hindrance in their phony war on terrorists. The Patriot Act was a component in that masquerade of pretending to fight militant religious extremists, by reducing the role of the American Constitution.

Between the years 2002 and 2008 , the Republican Party , the white House and the misinformed residents of the so called Red States were fighting a losing battle on all fronts. It began to become apparent there was a sham war effort in Afghanistan, the war was a mess in Iraq, and constant evaporation of support for the war concept, amongst the working class was followed by an increasing number of the middle class.

Unable to defend its failed policies, the Republican Party, faced an eloquent Chicago Senator who as a black American with historical bruises of oppression, suppression and discrimination was able to expose the Bush/Cheney failure to improve the livelihood of Americans during their tenure. He rarely sought to expose the mischievous plans of Dick, Donald or their puppet/ co conspirator George Bush. Instead he concentrated on restraining the slide of the American standard of living.

But Mr Dick Cheney, like the demented DON QUIIXOTE, is caught running behind his fallen star, trying to achieve his goal long after his sun, and his party's , had settled into the darkness of America's history.

Today he is trying to create chaos and distraction with a media tour talking about FEAR AND TERRORIST, two subjects that won him and George a second term in the white House in 2004.

There are some features of his crusade to cover "my footprints" by Dick Cheney that should be noted. In his overstretched mind, Mr Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney believes that he should rightfully be the new leader of the Republican Party. He frowns that after being the manipulator behind the curtains or from a safe place, in two Bush administrations , its time he should be the leader and US President.

Dick also thinks he has connections in the right places in the military and secret services that he can call on for support, when necessary. On his estimation,he needs to form a coalition with extreme media types, such Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Fox News.Their mission and have they accepted it , is to try and create the notion of FEAR of a terrorist attack, via their programs. At the same time they should keep the "unsuspecting " political base in the Trailer Park revved up with racial hate, for President BHO.

Of course this or any other Dick Plan will fail, it may have some casualties as the war mess in Iraq continues to have, but it will fail. America and its integrity will be restored. Dick and Donald, will join Mussolini, General Franco and Adolph Hitler in that restless place for fascist demagogues.

There is no doubt that Dick Bruce Cheney has being, since the George H Bush years, the most dangerous man in the world. Just close your eyes and think, for a moment, what danger the world will be in, if the dreaded, RED BUTTON is in the same office Dick Cheney occupies.