Thursday, May 28, 2009


Many times we read comments and statements from individuals and we decide whether to accept or reject their opinion based who they are or their stake in society.Most Americans are not schooled in class analysis. Which is the ability to recognize the Class nature and background of an individual. Since everyone belongs to a class in society , it is easy to surmise that they will reflect tendencies and position in support of that outlook.

This means we all seek our "class interest". The worker on the job sees his contribution to the job, differently to the management , who therefore suggest a pay scale that conflicts with the workers interpretation of his/her worth. If the law allows in our State, we will then get a Trade Unionist to represent us. The Corporate Executive nad his representatives seeking to deny Universal Health care for all as it may deny him easy profits he made for decades.

In politics , in America we are trained not to see people as manifestations of their Class or the class they aspire to join, but as liberals or conservatives. Totally giving us a false reading on who to trust based on class affiliations and who they represent. In life we know automatically, that if a person is affiliated to us in some meaningful way, we are most likely to give that person the benefit of our confidence. We also know that the devil comes himself to mislead us but sends an IMP/ archangel to to gain our trust and outsmart us .

But in America we have Ruling Class apologists, who openly hide behind labels of "conservatives" and "Republicans" to down play their class affiliation and definitely the class nature of their positions. A great example, this week is the daughter of Mister Evil, the former Vice President, Dick Cheney, who is seeking to invoke 'bush logic' to justify a ridiculous notion that " the Kings men" should be free from persecution when there is evidence that they abused the law and their high administrative position.

The outlandish position of the 'daughter of Dick' is similar to the snake oil salesman of the old wild west. These ruling class people think that the middle class and their ally , the working class, are listening to their "Jim Jones type excuse to have us drink their Kool Aid again". She is thinking of protecting her father from a dark dungeon where he really belongs, because of his unrepentant service to the Ruling Class at the detriment of those men and women who died on the battle fields of Iraq. Their deaths had nothing to do with National Service ,only that they were instructed to serve on the orders from the Commander-in -Chief, GWB, who is reported, at this time, not to be talking to the Dick Cheney.

So we must always assess the class nature , and background of the individual who are talking down to us on these TV Talk Shows. What class do they represent ? Will you trust them to negotiate an employment contract on your behalf , or will you suspect that they will sell you out to their Ruling Class friends. Then we should reject their Kool Aid, before you get contaminated with their anti people poison.

Another great example of the anti people sentiment of the Ruling Class is their response to President BHO's desire to have as a Supreme Court Judge, a person that has EMPATHY with the middle and working classes.

Suddenly we are seeing Ruling Class Senators and Congressmen responding with disgust at the thought that a supreme Court Judge is expected to share the life experiences,and be aware of the plight of those who do not have access to wealth. My Great Grand mother told her daughter to be aware of the biasness of those who administrate the law. That was a century and a half ago.

Here's a great definition of the word..:em·pa·thy (ěm'pə-thē)n.

Identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives.

All the world knows that the wealthy gets the law to serve them better than they do the middle and lower classes. All the world knows that if a member of the Ruling Class understands and empathize with the situation of the working class, he is called a communist or in the case of President BHO, a socialist. So the Ruling Class members do not want a Supreme Court Judge to understand the " situation , feelings and motives" of those outside the wealthy class. ALL OUR SUPPORT GOES TO JUDGE SOTOMAYOR !!!

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