Wednesday, April 29, 2009


When I started thinking of preparing to write a comment about President Barack Obama's first 100 days in Office. My Original thought was to analyze the cooperation of the Ruling Class and their Republican Party during the early era of President Barack Obama.

But the sensible moderates of their Party began to feel isolated and embarrassed by the irrational covert and overt racial attacks by the leadership and their surrogates. This resulted in Senator Arlen Specter disassociating himself and his reputation from the anti people Republican Party.

The entire 100 days of President Obama's tenure as President has been used by the leadership of Republicans in Congress to 'nit pick' on nonsensical issues of the new President. Even when they are legitimately asking sensible questions on the strategies, to be used by the Obama administration to SAVE AMERICA,there is this unbelievable IDIOTIC STUPIDITY presented as American educated logic used as the basis for justifying their inquiry.

The infamous Tea bag "LYNCH MOB" Party tried to be a rally of the ideological Right Wing Ruling Class supporters. But it turned out to be exposed, for the whole world to see, as a racially motivated crowd attacking the President of the United States, because of his race.

----- The following story reminds us of the danger of terrorism here, in the USA. A terror the Republican Party conveniently ignores. Maybe the Republican Party supports racism as a means of regaining their lost political. The GOP nurtures this terror band and their members' families. This is what the media calls, "THE GOP POLITICAL BASE".-------

In my view the GOP is descending into the garbage heap of backwardness where they will dissolve into their natural ally. The KKK.

The whole world saw, (during the LYNCH MOB'S TEA PARTY) a series of placard waving feudalistic hate mongering groups trying to mask their hate crimes with calls for reduced taxations when the focal point of President Obama's Administration is lower taxes for the majority of Americans.

The strange thing is , before this last election many Americans did not have an educated idea, as to who are these GOP Party members. Many middle class Americans thought the Republican Party was just like them. They mistakenly thought Republicans were faithfully patriotic Americans, who will never try to undermine the foundations of the country they loved. They thought the GOP was a middle class party, that they just dressed well. That's why poor white folks voted, supported, held them up and showed them so much love.

They never figured out that the REPUBLICAN PARTY IS AN INSTRUMENT OF AMERICAS SUPER WEALTHY. Whose agenda is similar to that of Feudal Monarchies. Economically that want ALL the resources,and its profits of America to belong to them. Their only request is that the rest of Americans should own their labor and they the Super Rich and Republican Leaders, would, using their conscience and discretion (evidence shows they have neither towards middle and poor America) "trickle down" financial resources to the masses. Which include poor white folks in the Mid West and South.


Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine, one of the few remaining moderate Republicans in the Senate,and in the GOP, said, last Tuesday that Arlen Specter's abandonment of the GOP is "devastating,personally and I think for the party."

She continued, "I've always been deeply concerned about the views of the Republican Party nationally in terms of their exclusionary policies and views towards moderate Republicans," said Snowe, who has been approached, she said, by Democrats in the past about switching parties.

Specter's switch to the Democratic Party "underscores the blunt reality" that the GOP is not a welcome place for moderates, she said.

So far, she said, she's staying put. "I believe in the traditional tenets of the Republican Party: strong national defense, fiscal responsibility, individual opportunity. I haven't abandoned those principles that have been the essence of the Republican Party. I think the Republican Party has abandoned those principles.

She added that being a Republican is simply part of who she is. "It's my ethnic heritage, Spartan side, that continues to fight," she said.

A word of caution to the good Senator of Maine, the so called 'traditional sentiments' of the republican Party, are not what she claims. These are smoke screens phrases for 'well to do' middle class white people, who think they are joining a CARING PARTY that's willing to serve the masses. They are wrong, and they are getting a reality check...!! A rude awakening.

The Republican Party's main tenet is to disunite America, by any means necessary. Thereby providing a better opportunity for them to oppress segments of Americans with ease. Giving them full access to the wealth of America to play with and to abuse,without much opposition.

The terms : STRONG NATIONAL DEFENSE,: Turns out be a cover for military contractors of Big Arms Corporations to have easy access to the funds of Treasury of the USA, and a theoretical justification to attack unsuspecting countries.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY : , Is the Flash Card that's used to deny workers appropriate compensation for work done. And to deny the free formation of organized workers and on the Job Representations,normally called UNIONS. ( Any politician that's anti Union is someone workers, and middle class folks should avoid totally).
But most importantly the phrase is a propaganda tool used to deny the wealth, created by America's working masses, of ever reaching the Poor and Middle Class of America, in any form. Whether in Health care, Transport improvements, affordable housing or whatever . The Republicans prefer to keep the wealth and share it amongst themselves and Corporations, using legal and illegal trickery.

INDIVIDUAL OPPORTUNITY: With the abuse of the wealth of America, by the Republican Party owners, the "individual opportunity" is a mirage for many Americans.

So in this era of political transparency , there is no cover for the Republican Party to try to camouflage their real intentions for our beloved country. AMERICANS WE HAVE TO STAY ON OUR TOES AND KEEP OUR EYES OPEN...FORWARD EVER BACKWARD NEVER....

Saturday, April 25, 2009


How will the talented and objective authors consider and define this period in our nations history? This present sad period began with the election of Ronald Reagan as President.

His leadership brought with it a sense of evil that penetrated the most susceptible amongst our population that were sucking on the backwardness that racism nurtured.

In my opinion the most damaging feature of this evil has been the deliberate destruction of the education system.

Adolf Hitler made it a point of imposing his fascist regime, in Germany, to destroy all features of education, books , schools and teachers. It has been the same here , they have delibertely set out to dumb down the nation and scrape of the cream of the "duncey heads" and make them empty vessels that loudly support a view that's outside their class interest and do harm to themselves and family.

On TV and AM radio, you hear some of the most illogical arguments , ever presented on this Planet by surrogates and activists for the Republican Party. That was Hitler's concern he had to have German's thinking just like he thought, although they are victims of his oppression and suppression. A perfect example are the families in the Trailer Park Commune... Followers who wont break the circle and are hoping for a return to the backward days of segregation and open discrimination

From President Reagan to President GWB, with the exception of that brief period of Pres. Bill Clinton, we have seen the formal destruction of our country, its spirit of goodwill, opportunities, prayers of support from far and near , and the unusual growth of White male moronism, mainly racists from lower income families. Then there is the White female middle class unbalanced and illogical liars, such as Palin , insane Michelle Bachmann,( In photo. who lives in an asylum in the political red light district of Minnesota) Ann Coulter and other Ruling class thinking women who enflame minds that don't possess the formal ability to think and analyze, they foolishly try to pass off themselves, as politicians and Rightwing activists . But they are nothing but low life, selfishly pampered girls trying to unscrupulously get their bread buttered.

They yap their gums, because they know that the "uneducation of America" has laid the ground for them to gyrate on. Neither of them could have any success with educated middle class boys and girls and members of progressive Unions.

Because of them and others of like elk,.......

On YouTube you can find devilish videos from the uneducated that seeks to undermine our country and its desire to its tracks set by our forefathers. It is just poison from these boys and girls. But I found this video, below... the following is very touching, America trying to spiritually protect Barack from the evil of America, trained by Ronald Reagan and the Republicans.:

This piece is a comment I wrote in response to an uneducated liitle boy or girl... who was tortured with ideological brainwashing by Rush , Hannity and the bunch anti American Talk Show Hosts. Its they who said they want America to fail.....

"You are nuts. You are a product of the destroyed American education system...A mind left in the darkness of racism , backwardness, and feudalistic outlook on the people by the Republican administrators. They see you and trained you to be no better than your great grand parents who fled Europe from the Monarchy.....They (Republicans) are now your are their peasants. Don't look now, am not in there with you.
Free your self and your mind will follow.....WE CANT WAIT ON YOU FOREVER..!!"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It is one thing to be disdainful. People are taught to be snobbish to folks who are lower on the economic ladder than themselves. Feudal kings and queens used the disdainful mechanism to pamper themselves and place their live style equal to the stature of God, the omnipotent.

It is quite another thing to be cruel as well as disdainful. In the theater of world leadership, we are aware of layers of leaders and their cohorts who were cruel and disdainful to their people and to people who they have conquered.

Our citizens of this country HAVE NO IDEA OF THE EXTENT OF THE WICKEDNESS.. perpetuated by the American Ruling Class , politics and corporate businesses, on the people of Latin American and the Caribbean.

We have heard , read , seen and experienced the Segregation, Discrimination, perpetuated by the White Ruling Class. Just think what they would do in countries, where they can threaten Military action if they squealed, or protested . So many Republicans are whining about our 'New Era " President, willingness to lead without being a Bully in the Hemisphere

If you listened to the former Vice President, Dick Cheney you will realise that within Americas' Ruling Class, there are some of the most evil people existing on this Planet. We know that they are unashamed of their actions against pepole guilty or perceived guilty..of crimes such as being, non white, not rich..and possibly religious militants .

Well countries like the Dominican Republic , Haiti, Chile, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, Mexico..all have been victims of our America's CRUEL AND DISDAINFUL leadership. So we should not be shaking our fist at those countries' leaders, who found a forum to vent. their about the WICKEDNESS of almost a century and more of the worst kind of domineering imperialism. We , the USA , have qualified a long time ago , to be an Imperial Super Power.

So am happy in our lifetime, we have a President that was willing to acknowledge our passed sins and just fall short of asking for their forgiveness , as we seek to create a new Big Country dispensation with our Southern neighbors. Once again we must say...Thank God for President Obama and his progressive outlook and agenda.

Thursday, April 16, 2009



In an attempt to intimidate President Barack Obama, white so- called Christians, encouraged by Big Shot Washington Lobbyists , were on display showing off their racists placards and signs trying to discourage our President from SAVING AMERICA by restoring confidence in America's ability to SERVE THE PEOPLE and not just a few economic swindlers .

Backward racists elements of white America, were out seeking to inspire racists terror against the African American US President. Using the cloak and dagger method of pretending to be angry or displeased with policies of President Obama. The supporters of Sarah Palin and John McCain came out to say NO, but could not determine NO to what .

The truth is ..white racists wants to inspire violence personally against Barack Obama.
White terrorist groups such as "Skin Heads" and "Neo Nazis" together with their favorite neighborhood KKK have all had their recruitment spiked enormously since the successful election of Barack Obama to the white house. The history of violence against African Americans are usually "Mob Violence" where groups of racists white men and women strike fear in the black and minority population of Southern States, and small towns .

We remember the scene of a lage crowd of adult white men and women spitting and shouting at an African American kindergarten baby girl, as she walked proudly into the entrance of a Southern School seeking an education, at the sametime while destroying racists school segregation.

Yesterday's "TEA Party" protests were an extension of the same mob protests that followed and tried to discourage our country from moving into 20th century freedom movement. The message was also a terror warning from the white lynch mob, to all immigrants that they want America to hopefully remain ALL white, and they are willing to do damage to get their way.

Yesterday's display of the open racists "Tea Party" reminds us that it was these rabid and crazy folks, with their hateful ideology, who inspired the killing of President Abraham Lincoln, the formation of the KKK, the killing of President John F. Kennedy, and the American Martyr of Human and Civil Rights,Dr. Martin Luther King jr.

CARRIAGE LANGUE is appealing to all freedom loving, Progressive democratic (independents and progressive conservatives) in America and all over the world to send letters to the White House, ( White House .gov) and all democratic congressmen pledging support to help defeat the AMERICAN CHRISTIAN RACISTS TALEBAN's desire to bring back apartheid thinking in our Federal and State politics.

Down with the American Christian Racists Taleban. America's political wing of white racists terror groups, such as the KKK, Neo Nazis, Skin Heads , the Weather men and other fully armed white militias.

We are going forward, Never backward.