Thursday, April 16, 2009



In an attempt to intimidate President Barack Obama, white so- called Christians, encouraged by Big Shot Washington Lobbyists , were on display showing off their racists placards and signs trying to discourage our President from SAVING AMERICA by restoring confidence in America's ability to SERVE THE PEOPLE and not just a few economic swindlers .

Backward racists elements of white America, were out seeking to inspire racists terror against the African American US President. Using the cloak and dagger method of pretending to be angry or displeased with policies of President Obama. The supporters of Sarah Palin and John McCain came out to say NO, but could not determine NO to what .

The truth is ..white racists wants to inspire violence personally against Barack Obama.
White terrorist groups such as "Skin Heads" and "Neo Nazis" together with their favorite neighborhood KKK have all had their recruitment spiked enormously since the successful election of Barack Obama to the white house. The history of violence against African Americans are usually "Mob Violence" where groups of racists white men and women strike fear in the black and minority population of Southern States, and small towns .

We remember the scene of a lage crowd of adult white men and women spitting and shouting at an African American kindergarten baby girl, as she walked proudly into the entrance of a Southern School seeking an education, at the sametime while destroying racists school segregation.

Yesterday's "TEA Party" protests were an extension of the same mob protests that followed and tried to discourage our country from moving into 20th century freedom movement. The message was also a terror warning from the white lynch mob, to all immigrants that they want America to hopefully remain ALL white, and they are willing to do damage to get their way.

Yesterday's display of the open racists "Tea Party" reminds us that it was these rabid and crazy folks, with their hateful ideology, who inspired the killing of President Abraham Lincoln, the formation of the KKK, the killing of President John F. Kennedy, and the American Martyr of Human and Civil Rights,Dr. Martin Luther King jr.

CARRIAGE LANGUE is appealing to all freedom loving, Progressive democratic (independents and progressive conservatives) in America and all over the world to send letters to the White House, ( White House .gov) and all democratic congressmen pledging support to help defeat the AMERICAN CHRISTIAN RACISTS TALEBAN's desire to bring back apartheid thinking in our Federal and State politics.

Down with the American Christian Racists Taleban. America's political wing of white racists terror groups, such as the KKK, Neo Nazis, Skin Heads , the Weather men and other fully armed white militias.

We are going forward, Never backward.


Chris Wysocki said...

Opposition to Obama's policies makes me a racist? Is that really your argument?

Amlicar said...

That's the friggin Cloak. The word "Policy" is intended to disarm me and other Americans so that we hear the aggravated tirade of verbal abuse , coded racists remarks, illogical rantings, targeting and labeling without definition , before our concentration is turned off.
The whole world just watched and laughed as you, the white Republicans, attempted to do a 'Brutus on Julius Caesar'..Et tu Chris? Sad, we saw that trick already...and pony died.

Americans in their millions said "Not Now again, Republicans..Not Now!!"

Chris Wysocki said...

You know I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt, but nope, you're intellectually bankrupt.

"Code words" indeed. Sometimes a complaint is just a complaint and a moron is just a moron.

Amlicar said...

When the mole is in your eye, it is always someone to help you see it. You, Chris have to be immune to seeing things in real time.

It will be same for someone who has trained to seek their own class interest. The truth means absolutely nothing to you. unless it fits into your pigeon hole outlook.

Yes "code words" used by those who felt guilty using racial epithets, in public, directed at our , the Grand USA, President Obama.

If you listened to reasons for being there at the TEA PARTY, more than 90 % of the participants did not AND CANNOT make sense, OF THEIR JUSTIFICATION for been there. Which suggest they were lying for being at the TEA PARTY, and did not want to be openly identified as old time racist.

Even the most eloquent on the TV Shows could find enough information to answer intelligent questions. So Chris don't insult my education and say I'm bankrupt of intelligence.

Is it a character flaw of Republican Right Wingers , that they must try to insult and undermine their adversary in response to well laid out argument. They all seem to answer the same way..insult the one who disagrees with you.
It is much better you follow the Republicans in Congress lead...Just say NO . It tells so much about you than an intended and useless insult.

You noticed, that you could not quote a policy you were against?
Because you know I will dunk or swat any foolishness you might present. But am waiting and ready..Mi Amigo...Chris!!

Amlicar said...

Chris..I know you prefer to assume the position of the Ostrich..But before you dig in the this:

CONSERVATIVE RAGE: Even as "the recession and the election of the nation's first African-American president" fuel a resurgence in "right-wing extremism," according to a new Department of Homeland Security report, conservative media used the Tea Party events to fan the flames of anger against the government and Obama. "They want failure!" Rush Limbaugh said of tea party participants. "Of course they want him to fail!" he said. Tea party protesters carried signs with racist and violent messages and accused the federal government of heading "toward fascism" and "toward socialism" -- anti-government rhetoric promoted by Fox News' Glenn Beck. CNBC's Rick Santelli, whose on-air meltdown against poor homeowners in February helped spur the tea party campaign, argued that "this tea party phenomenon is steeped in American culture." The Daily Show's Jon Stewart put this minority rage into context, telling conservatives, "I think you might be confusing tyranny with losing."

You see intellectual widespread.....Your intellectualism maybe over flowing thus causing you brain hemorrhage ..Chris you are on the losing side of history....again