Sunday, January 09, 2011


Many politically ambitious Business owners have poured millions in support of building a network of right wing political terror organisations . SARAH PALIN was chosen to be leader of the TEA PARTY.. whose aim was to legitimise terrorism as an AMERICAN POLITICAL TACTIC.

The ungodly world phenomenon, of using FEAR to physically , emotionally and spiritually terrorize millions of people has been nurtured and richly financed by Big Corporationists here America, openly , since Barack Obama became United States President.

The attempted assassination of US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the killing of some Americans in an audience assembled to listen and speak with her, reminds us of the assassination BENAZIR BHUTTO , former Prime Minister of Pakistan, on Dec 27,2007 after a rally with thousands Pakistanis.

The American version of terrorism has wildly being ignored by the Corporate Media..and Congress because it , in my opinion, was largely aimed at Africans Americans , Hispanics and nurtured by the culture of racism. The infamous KKK was never labelled a terrorist organisation, thereby making it illegal to be a member. Well known American politicians , State Officials, Religious Leaders , State and Federal Law Enforcement personnel, have for decades, with the money from successful business owners, nurtured a culture of terrorizing Americans. They for years used the cover of racial attacks , prejudices statements,and reckless bigotry, to their mask their RIGHT WING oppressive ideals for America.

Timothy McVeigh , was NEVER labelled a terrorist, because of the racist environment he learnt his HATE and nurtured his philosophy to terrorize innocent Americans. National and Federal leaders were either sympathetic or afraid to tell America, particularly poor white residents of the South and Mid West...., that the HATE train will lead to our destruction..SO GIVE IT UP !!...OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES...AS A COUNTRY....

We became familiar with concept of killing thousands of innocent people, called terrorism, when Palestinian militants , in their struggle with Israel over their peoples' territory. But millions of Americans had being subjected to this form FEAR tactics for a century and a half.

The State of Arizona, has been chosen , by American terrorists organizers with the support of well known GOP politicians , Christian Right religious leaders and Law Enforcement, even former Military High ranking personnel.To become the haven for RIGHT WING , State and Community imposition of a social endoctrination that was promised by the Nazis and Adolf Hitler.

The opposition to National Health Care Bill for the protection of uninsured Americans, a Big Business concern, has become the beacon and platform for building and nurturing of the first AMERICAN NAZISM STATE in Arizona......Or more appropiately , the First American Bigotted Concentration camp..using Mexican workers as bait.

Unless Federal authorities declare the TEA PARTY and their political and financial sponsors as the MOST DANGEROUS GROUP in America...The assassination attempts and other forms of violence, will continue.

Many poor and uneducated white Americans have been brainwashed ( using teachings and inspiration from Right Wing Radio and TV Talk Show activists) and training from having "served" in the US military, are to be used as "unattached" "mules" and individuals to carry out these attempts to destroy America.

SARAH PALIN could emerge as the FEMALE TERRORIST LEADER of AMERICA. For months she has posted and promoted a political HIT LIST..of Americans who wants to SAVE AND REBUILD AMERICA...


On March 29, 2010..I wrote some articles..titled..." Rich White folks are making fools out of Poor White folks " and from April 27 2010, "Redneck Justice in our Politics again" Kindly read, its relevance may help us understand this tragedy in our America...