Sunday, September 30, 2007


My mother had a saying ,that she picked up from her mother, which said: 'The bed you make, its there you shall lie'. Justice Clarence Thomas was interviewed on "60 Minutes" , the television Show on Sunday night. He gave the interview, to help sell his personal life, written in his auto biography book.

In his interview, he sounded and looked like a hurt man, begging for understanding from the African American population. In my opinion the man is unrepentant for utilising his talent as a Law Professional, in the service of those who principally administered and benefitted from an uneven system of Justice and Economic virtues to middle and lower income families, especially African Americans and other minorities

Justice Thomas is a product of cruel poverty managed by the evil Laws of Jim Crowe in the oppressive Old South. He is man Black American with a brilliant mind that sought to see about himself, joined the political organisation that supported and mostly encouraged the brutal violence against African Americans. The Republican Party , as an American institution, cannot be used as a sanctuary by the oppressed or children of the victims of racism and exploitation and hope to , years later beg for understanding.

Have you noticed that the Jewish Community shows no mercy to those who encouraged or supported the oppression of Jews during the period of fascism in Germany.

Justice Clarence Thomas lamented that he could not get a job after receiving a law degree from Yale University. It is no shame for an oppressed person to choose to work for someone who is willing to pay an acceptable salary. But it is done with the full knowledge that you will pay a price in Life or Death, that is heavier than a mountain. More importantly you are always judged by your actions after you have attained success.
There is no greater achievement in Life , than to have the ability to receive, the admiration ,love and respect from people of your community. If you did not get that love or admiration, it is only because you showed that community no respect by not serving their interest.

Therefore Justice Clarence Thomas has no sympathy to receive. Nelson Mandela served 27 years in prison for serving the interest of those who were most oppressed. what did he do???

Sunday, September 23, 2007


The worst picture or image I have ever seen, coming out of America, is a picture of adult residents of little Rock, Arkansas surrounding a baby girl about five years old, yelling and spitting at her as she is heading to school alone. Do you know the one?
Where women and men are angry with this ONE brave little girl taking the history of Education in America on her tiny black shoulders and walks proudly.
I have compared the cruelty of that image or picture to images I have seen of the cruelty of Adolf Hitler's army in Europe, during his campaign to impose segregation and fascism .
This month is 50 years since that momentus occasion, when the American education system was forced to improve its product in order to remain competitive in this world. Because of that act of defiance, knowledge was spread to all the people, heralding the information age and the increase in scientific development of new products to improve our lives.
The Founding Fathers' dream of making the USA the most progressive nation on Earth is enshrined in the principles of our Great American Constitution. An integral part of making us successful as a nation, they thought, was giving every human being the same opportunity and priveledge without discrimination and segregation.
Ever since the General Robert Lee and his Army of Confederates, sought to break that contract with Americans, we have had to be continously 'On Alert' , that rabid supporters of the Republican Party, amongst the super rich and the desperately poor white folks of the ' old south', do not try to impose the evils of the defeated pro slavery Confederacy.

The following is the story of 'the little Rock Nine,' that broke the back of the segregationist Jim Crowe's, anti US Constitution laws to America backward .
Please take note, pass this along it may help cleanse some minds still are longing for the past.

The Fight for Equal Education Resistance to the Movement Timeline
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Although most school districts at least attempted to integrate, some districts tried to avoid it, particularly those in the South. One of the most famous cases of integration was the story of the Little Rock Nine, which took place in Little Rock, Arkansas. Governor Orval Faubus had the National Guard block nine black students from entering Central High in Little Rock because he didn’t want to integrate Little Rock’s schools. President Eisenhower heard of this and sent Federal Troops to protect the nine black students.
Image of Thurgood Marshall at from Ken Love,, March 2001. Email message
Fighting Back Against Faubus
On September 20, 1957, Judge Ronald N. Davies granted the NAACP lawyers, Thurgood Marshall and Wiley Branton, the right to stop Governor Faubus from using the National Guard to stop the students from entering the high school. Governor Faubus finally agreed with them about not using the National Guard, but he wished the nine would stay away from Central High until integration could occur without violence. He knew there would be violence because of the violence last time when the Whites beat the Blacks because they didn't want African-American kids in their school.
Images of Central Nine and Protesters at
Off to School
On Monday, September 23, 1957, the nine students set off for the high school. They knew there would be violence so they went in the rear entrance. White mobs were there to protest because they didn’t want any Blacks in their school and the reporters were there in support of the Blacks. White mobs that were waiting for the nine students beat up black reporters because they didn’t want them near their school. When the mob heard the nine students had entered the school they went crazy. The black students left out the rear exit right when the mob came in so they wouldn’t get hurt.

Image of Central Nine and Federal Marshalls at
To make sure that the students completed a successful day of school, President Eisenhower sent the 101st Airborne Division to Little Rock. Each student had their own patroller to walk with them to school and during school, but Whites still beat them. They stabbed Melba Patillo and sprayed acid into her eyes. If it weren’t for the 101st patroller throwing water over her eyes she would have been blind for the rest of her life.
After a few weeks, the patrollers left and the nine students had to protect themselves. Finally Christmas came around and the Blacks wanted to get away from the Whites. Eight of the nine students couldn’t be happier to get a break from school, but not Minnijean Brown. She was suspended for dumping her lunch on two white males because they were insulting her. The Whites told the press that they didn’t blame her for getting mad. She was suspended for 6 days. Then she was suspended again for calling a white girl, "White Trash." None of the Whites were suspended.

Video of Little Rock Nine at
Faubus Fights Again
The other eight all finished the school year successfully, and Earnest Green Graduated that spring. He was the first black student ever to graduate from Central High.
Although Earnest Green graduated, segregationists in Arkansas wanted to stop the other seven remaining students from doing the same. The school board asked for an injunction delaying integration until 1961. Even though the injunction was granted at first, the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals said no to the injunction in August of 1958. The court told Little Rock it must integrate.
Governor Faubus had other plans. He signed a package of segregation bills that were passed by the Arkansas legislature, including a bill that granted him the power to shut down the Little Rock Public High Schools.
Just a few weeks later, the parents of the nine black students came under tremendous pressure. The families either were forced to resign from their jobs or were fired because of what was happening at the school. One of the families moved away. The five students that remained in Little Rock took courses from the University of Arkansas while they waited for their school to reopen.
The summer of 1959 came and the act that Governor Faubus had used to shut down the school was declared unconstitutional. Yet again Governor Faubus started to work on another law to take its place. To avoid the law, the school board opened up the school early on August 12, 1959. Only two Blacks that were assigned to Central High were members of the original Little Rock nine, Jefferson Thomas and Carlotta Walls. The other three went to the new Hall High. Both Jefferson Thomas and Carlotta Walls graduated that spring.
This story shows you how hard Whites would work to stop Blacks from integrating and how far Blacks will go until equality is won. Melba Patillo now teaches at Central High School. Forty years ago she was beaten and stabbed. It went so far that she had acid thrown in her eyes. Now she gets hugs from students there, black and white alike. Today, the school is sixty percent black.
excerpted from wikipedia.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Alisha Burton Karen Burton Frankie Brewster

George Messer Danny Combs Bobby Brewster

The Sunday Gazette of Charleston West Virginia, has reported that, the above residents of Pecks Mill, Logan County, held, raped and tortured a black woman, in their house.

According to criminal complaints filed against six people (above) in this case, she was beaten, stabbed, choked, sexually assaulted and threatened with death.
The details are even more horrible. According to the complaints, she was forced to eat dog and rat faeces and to lick up blood. She was made to lick parts of Brewster’s body, under the threat of death. Her hair was pulled out. She was made to drink from the toilet. She was sexually assaulted while hot water was poured on her body, and while a man held a knife to her.
A woman allegedly cut Megan Williams’ ankle and said, “That’s what we do to niggers around here.”
The Six people had been charged Monday evening, including Brewster, the 49-year-old woman who owns the home where the alleged assault happened. She is charged with sexual assault, kidnapping, malicious wounding and giving false statements to an officer.
These are faces of racist America. These are the folks that religiously support the REPUBLICAN PARTY . These faces represent poor America, the poverty- stricken white America, that are encouraged to hate people, black people, immigrants, Asians , Hispanics, Jews and Meditterean people. They are taught to disrespect these people from birth, simply because they are not white.
A friend from the Caribbean emailed me to ask "Is this still happening in America?"
Yes , this is how poor white folks roll it. The house owned by Ms Brewster, where the crime alledgedly took place, is best described as a ramshackle trailer house. Clear evidence that poor white folks of the South remain the most backward elements in America.
New American citizens coming , from Europe , South America, Asia and the Caribbean to establish a new life in the land of the biggest opportunity, have a stronger drive to build a better America than these rats , masquerading as human beings, representing the White race.
The sickening truth about these acts of racial cruelty that's popping up in the South, like the racist persecution of school kids in Gena, Louisiana, are always more prevalent when we have a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT in the White House.
On behalf of Progressive America, the America of the 21st century, I kindly ask you to take another look (above) at the America of the defeated (1865) Confederated Army lifestyle . This is why immgration , and immigrants are so important to the eternal success of America.
These cruel, poor white folks , without education, cannot tell the difference between people who are similar to them. Ideologically they cannot see the difference themselves and Dick Cheney , George Bush and the oppressive Leadership of the republican party........all they know is that these people are white. So they remain poor, frustrated, angry and riden like Jackasses for more than a 150 years..with no end in sight.
'Wake up.. poor white people you are being left behind. Make that move to the 21st century'

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I did not notice this before; that white folks seem more than usually pissed off at African Americans.That is until I heard the Lawyer for one of the Louisana school kids,tell the story, of the white residents using the legal system to discrimate against African Americans, and also the white kid that jumped the black kid and beat him were exonorated.

You know about the case , where six African American boys were charged with attempted murder , in a back and forth school yard brawl. After one black kid was beaten by white kids , a white boy got his Ass kicked in retaliation, but the black boys were charged with attempted murder.

Originally my reaction was 'what the hell is going on here ?' Did someone awake JIM CROWE from his permanent slumber. It was clear white folks were openly pissed off again , in a way we have not seen since the the Klu Klux Klan were riding in open bed trucks snatching and grabbing black men to lynch them.

If we remembered how bitter white sports talk show hosts like Jim Rome,were with Barry Bonds for smashing Baseball's Home Run record , since he did not care to talk to any of them.

We saw recently how angry white folks were when Micheal Vick was charged with aiding and supporting Dogfighting. But they all cooled down when the New York Hotel Magnate left 12 million dollars in her will to her Dog. Suddenly they recognised, in America, that dogs were better off that them as well.

But why this rise in meaness from white folks towards non whites.?? Is it the economy pushing them further down and they are instinctively clawing at the next and avilable "human punching bag"?

Are they so ashamed of the George Bush and the Republican Party and its bringing out an aggressive psychopathic reaction. I know they thought that the Republican Party were their salvation and George Bush their Man for the ages.
When all the people of America and the world laughed our heads off at that ridiculous notion, they were waiting to have the last laugh. But it never came.

The attack on New York on Sept 11 , in a very sick way , was seen as the free ticket to keep the Republican Party's foot on the necks of all other people, for a long time. But that did not work.
The Invasion of Iraq was exposed as an international violation wrapped in the worst lies ever told to the American people by any National Leadership.

So it seems that the American white folks are taking out their frustration on African American Men in particular and all non white Americans in general.
If that is not true, how can we explain the reaction in Louisana to the school kids drama and the over reaction to Micheal Vick's dogfighting charges and the insane and rabid condemnation of Barry Bonds without any legal confirmation of wrong doing.

There maybe another reason but I can not find one as yet. If you have an opinion let me know. White folks are pissed off for some reason......maybe because they are losing their homes??? What do you think ?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


There is , to me at least, a kind of a dismality hovering over America. Don't you sense it , this feeling of doldrumism, where nothing seems to be happenning progressively ?.

Can you imagine you being in a ship , a large ship, that has its Steering wheel broken, ( It was known to be defectively rotten from the first day)and the ship is just going in no particular direction to meet land some where , someday.

Neither of us could describe an area of our national life that is bringing a glowing smile to our American peoples faces. The Professional financial gurus are holding a big secret about our economy and its future , I don't think it is a happy secret. How can it be a happy secret if so much billions is pumped out of the system into a non productive emterprise as the Iraqi Invasion.

Ordinary Americans(middle and working class) sensing danger tried to direct the floundering ship, by voting out of the Congress some of the diseased Republican politicians, in the last mid term elections. But unfortunately they did not bring out the broom to completely sweep out all the Republicans going up for elections in November 2006. The result is that we are not going NOWHERE fast, as we were doing prior to the that elaction; now we are still heading NOWHERE only, just slowly.

Inspite of all that is happening and not happening there is a group of people that are under attack by the American version of the German Nazi Gestapo. Allow me to preface that statement.
Whenever the representatives of the minority Ruling Class can't find favor with the majority of their people, or they want to fire up their fan base, they normally choose the most vulnerable group in the society to attack.

Throughtout the 20th century , up till the late 60's to mid 70's African Americans mainly their Men were always under attack,and always under the cover of legality.

The KLu kLux Klan covered by Law enforcements and the legal system destroyed thousands, maybe millions of African American Men and their families. The KKK and other under ground Militia performed acts of brazen britality while supported by Law enforcement and State officials, just like the German Nazi Gestapo. They all satisfied the Right wing politicians cravings to hurt or sacrifice African Americans or Jews to please their blood thirstty supporters.

So today with the Republican Party losing credibility every passing minute, who do you think is the New sacrificial Target?. African American men are still on the list,particularly deviant and distracted male athletes. But the legitmate Gestapo are targetting Immigrants...paricularly legally challemged Immigrants. Using the protective cover of maintaining the illustrious LAW AND ORDER, the American Gestapo are on a 'snatch and grab' policy, just as their counterparts in Nazi Germany did to the Jews before they expelled them to the Gas Chambers.

The instinctive reaction wil be what they are breaking the Law. That seem to be rational the Nazi Gestapo used to neutralize the German people's reaction to their murderous crimes against the Jews. It was the same LAW AND ORDER justification, that was used, for arresting the first lady of civil(human) rights movement, Rosa Parks. The treatment of Immigrants, legal or illegitmate, is a question of cruelty and abuse of power. Who is going to stand up and protect these defenseless people. Who will be their Martin Luther King or as brave and stand up like Rosa Parks.

I would like to think that Hillary Clinton will be that kind of a champion, but she is too busy and will not allow herself to be distracted from her goal at this time, having constantly to defend why she is taking the side of people branded as not worthy. Barack Obama and John Edwards both possess the attitude and outlook to help but they too are to busy.

So who is going to be their champion? The Iraqi prisoners in the Abu Ghraid prison found a champion to highlight their abuses....who is going to stop this destruction of immigrant families.