Sunday, December 10, 2006


Famous movie star Sydney Portier, asked a reasonable question in the ESPN documentary, Ali Rap. He asked, "Do you know what black people, African Americans have done , after 400 years of providing free chatteled labor (slavery), to deserve the Hate ,with so much intensity from white people".

In the last four weeks , I have had to assist my son with his American History assignments. One of the designated chapter was "The civil war". The period 1861-1865 amplify's the inhuman greed of the Southern Farmers. The presidency of Abraham Lincoln ushered in the thinking of a building a modern USA. One of the hurdles in the path of a modern capitalist America was eliminating shackled labor as an option in the American economy.

You could not possibly have a modern democracy, heading towards the twentieth century and have workers shackled and forced to labor on farms without pay, and still call the system FREE ENTERPRISE . It is this simple understanding that led the evil Southern Farmers with their large Farms , and reluctance to pay their workers, to treacherously , slit the throat of Lady Liberty, by stabbing the UNION in its back, seeking to secede and fragment our beautiful country.

Our illustrious President Abraham Lincoln won the civil war and kept the Union of the USA together, but was assassinated for his efforts. To the credit of the Great President, he declared the traitor combatants , the so called Rebels, FREE men, from any persecution by the United States for their deeds against the Unity of this great country.

But the backlash for laying the foundation to make this country the best capitalist country, in the following 140 years, was an unprecedented attack on the former shackled workers (slaves) seeking to make them pay for wanting to be treated fairly.

The KluKluxKlan was created , as a Southern Farmers armed terrorist group , to attack , maim , torture, and killed freedom seeking and loving African Americans. Their terrorist doctrine is very similar to that of the much feared Al Quaeda. Yet , throughout the latter years of the 19th century and most of the 20th century , supporters of the evil Southern Farmers, Christian worshippers ( no doubt) with evil in their hearts, discriminated , segregated, castigated ,falsely imprisoned and killed Americans in retaliation for losing the Civil War.

The racism that accompanied these criminal acts were used as a cover to 'front' the Mafia style retaliation that was prevalent throughtout the south and mid west. The sad thing about this retaliation doctrine, was that the poor white folks who were underpaid farm workers , living in horribble conditions, actually believed, and bought into the hate message, as relief from the existence forced on them from the merciless and backward Southern Farmers.

That is why the racist ideology was nurtured and encouraged to continously breed new life in the South. All the ridiculous doctrines that was written to justify racism, by attacking the physicality of the African Race was part of the plan by the defeated traitors and their decendants.
It became fashionable if you were white , in the rural South, even if you had no opportunity for education , no had food or work , you still had ONE THING in common with the white (well-to-do ) middle class families..... you were angry with African Americans for being FREE.

Even today these deprived white folks of the South cannot get anyone, from the esteemed classes ,to pay any attention to their social needs , as long as they turn up their noses to black people and other brown people. Racism will be on the decline if these poor white folks can win their FREEDOM from the ideologists of the defeated evil Old South Farmers.

It became quite common to see, unhealthy,unclean, poor, white farm workers,
encouraged to boost their social egos, by openly villifying people who they were told are "lesser" than they were. The trick being , that as poor white folks , there expectations were directed, not towards uniting to improve their collective well being, but to be white, and counted as better humans than non whites, and blacks particularly, even if , the African Americans, were in a better social position than poor whites.

As a consequence these evil Southern Farmers, hoped to establish a social system of segregation , they hoped will ensure only whites will be rich..... thereby supporting their lie...
What a lie that was.... and a trick to pull on those poor white folks of the South ..

Even today these deprived and oppressed white folks of the South , still hold on to this lie as salvation and connection to the esteeemed classes, who widely ignore their social needs , until the next election.. Racism will eventually be defeated, when these white folks , liberate themselves from the stranglehold of the EVIL WHITE SOUTHERN FARMERS

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The American military is at war, but America is not at war."

The following is a clip from LAWRENCE O'DONELL'S blog........dd11/21/06

Charlie Rangel is angry about the Iraq war, the one that Henry Kissinger has told us we can't win. Thanks, Henry, but most Americans figured that out before you did. Rangel saw combat in Korea. Kissinger has only seen combat on TV. That might have something to do with why Kissinger thinks our troops should stay in Iraq even though we can't win.

Kissinger says that if we leave now, all hell will break loose and Iraq will never achieve stability. Never mind that all hell has already broken loose. Never mind that Kissinger said the same thing would happen if we left Vietnam--all hell would break loose and Vietnam would never achieve stability. Vietnam has become so stable that Presidents Clinton and Bush, both combat cowards during the Vietnam war, have made well publicized, utterly safe visits to the country Kissinger used to think didn't have a chance without us.

In my one conversation with Kissinger, which occurred on TV, I asked him if he knew anyone who got killed in Vietnam. He was completely thrown. He doesn't go on TV to be asked such small-minded questions, he goes on TV to pontificate and TV interviewers are happy to let him do it. Kissinger sputtered and ran away from the question, leaving the distinct impression that he did not know anyone who was killed in the war he managed. His memoir of the period does not mention a single casualty. If you have ever stood at the Vietnam Memorial and run your hand over the name of a relative on the wall, as my mother and I did last month, you can get as angry as Charlie Rangel does about people like Kissinger deciding how long our soldiers should be exposed to enemy fire in a war we know we can't win.

Rangel announced on Sunday that he wants to reinstate the draft. He said the same thing a few years ago but quickly let on that he wasn't serious. He's playing it straight this time and has already introduced a bill. Local New York TV news has given Rangel saturation coverage.

You can see his anger and frustration building each time he answers another reporter's question about the draft. The point he keeps repeating is: "There's no question in my mind that this president and this administration would never have invaded Iraq, especially on the flimsy evidence that was presented to the Congress, if indeed we had a draft and members of Congress and the administration thought that their kids from their communities would be placed in harm's way."..........

Now that you have read Lawrence's comments , does a question or two arise in your mind , about what are we going to do to understand how we are going to correct this mistake. Will we punish the leadership for calculatedly misleading Americans from the luxurious confines of the White House.
Will there be answers to the questions: who specifically was tailored to benefit from the invasion of Iraq. Who profitted the most from the 800 Billion dollars used to finance this mistake. Can a leader of major Super Power just simply be allowed to retire to the back social activity, after such catastrophic tenure of Leadership????
Finally is there a way to prevent this from ever happening again???

Sunday, September 03, 2006


It may seem that the Headliner is an exaggeration , to describe members of a political party, that has such a long history with the original American Revolution . But do you think , that this crop of Republican misfits, will be welcomed by great Americans such as President Jsfferson or President Lincoln.

The Party of the original American Revolutionary has been devalued to become the party of decadent individualism, swindlers, dishonest politicians and businessmen, anti christ mischievous christians with a generally anti people outlook. This is the party that still has closet racists jockeying to get into position of National influence.

In 1862 President Abraham Lincoln said " we shall nobly save, or measly lose, the last best hope of earth". ....In my life time, whenever the Republican Party is in a position of authority either in the White House or in Congress America and world becomes a bowl of instability. From Richard Nixon thru to George Bush we have weakly lost a little bit of the International respect we have garnered after helping the world defeat fascism in Europe.

In the last two years, Americans at home are now being exposed to the truly fraudulent nature of the Republican Party. Following the attack of 9/11, what has emerged is a monster organisation that manipulated information to scare our own American people, into subjugation so as to secure their position in the White House and in Congress.

The war in Iraq, that has come back to bite the manipulators in their Ass, was fraudulently created and mismanaged. In the process they have made fools of those genuine hard working Americans in the 'old south' and the Mid West , who believed, that the Party of the rich white men, loved America and them in particular.

So what do we have now?, daily exposures of the highly immoral Republican party. Therefore what do we do? Remember that the founding fathers were not conservatives, but Progressives. Therefore we must take this opportunity, on November 7th, to clean the congress as much as we can of all the monsters and their impish supporters and replace them by Progressives. The mantra this november is : Not a damn seat for them.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Do you remember at the beginning of the baseball season in April, that Barry Bonds, the performance enhancer sinner, was airmarked to be shot by firing squad made up of Sports Journalists.

In case nobody noticed , this is mid August and neither State or Federal prosecutors nor vigilante sports journalists can find the evidence, to prove he got big, not because he lifted weights but because he drank some syrup . what a great comic book concept.... SUPERMAN FROM A BOTTLE...........

Conservative Republican/Democrat Joe Lieberman, friend of VeePee Dick 'D Trick' Cheney, has gone totally looney, pulling the "we must fear the terrorists" trick on his constituents. His conclusion, the only way to isolate, expose and defeat militant combatants is with the leadership of George , Dick and now Joe...... What a tired and deflated thought.

cease fire??..... more defeated leadership..

So there is a Cease Fire between the Israel's IDF and the militant armed party Hirbollah.
President Bush originally said, kill them all, and totally ignored the massive destruction of lives and property taking place in Lebanon. So why did he instruct the weak Ehud Olmert, Israel's Prime Minister to accept the French inspired UN resolution.
It was the acceptance of defeat as a Leader, in the Middle East and responsibility for encouraging Israel to follow an expedition that ultimately strengthened the resolve of those militants, who believes that the only cause, they need to justify, their existence, is the existence of Israel. This Israel attack on Lebanon is going to be a big marketing tool for the maintenance and development of militant groups, and for their use of misguided terror tactics to get at their perceived enemies.
Ehud originally, rushed into attack mode, by launching Air and Sea attacks against the whole of lebanon civilian population, becuse he was afraid of being labelled weak by his opposition. But together with our President George Bush , they were militarily exposed by a well organised militia, that declared for the Universe to see that Republican Conservative politics cannot provide the quality leadership this Planet deserves. Again it is , thank you to the French....
for their suave wisdom.

Football here and there....oh yeah

Following the popularity of the World Cup, the European football leagues begin today, with the English Football season launching today . With Satelite Directv and Dish Network making international Soccer available , this will add to our American sporting entertainment mix and not diminish our love for the NFL. This false view was perpetuated by stupid American sport journalists.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The USA Upper Class leadership has a history of supporting and encouraging anti people Regimes , bring pain and oppression to the people they come into contact with. The history in Latin America in the 50's 60's and 70's is littered with fascists regimes in almost every country , on one hand and massive deaths of civilians caused by these aggressive murderers on the other.

Today the most aggressive, fascist, militarist and aggrogant regime on the Planet is destroying Lebanon, with the encouragment of our USA leadership, while at the sametime saying thru the other side of their mouth ; "we deplore civilian casualities in Lebanon". It is this blatant hypocrisy that ensures the continous anger of the middle Eastern citizens, that allows terror groups to be created time again.

The talented Secretary of State Condi Rice has been thrown to the bottomless pit by President Bush and the Fascists Israeli Leadership.
While the bombardment of civilian positions continue relentlessly, by Israel, she has asked to demand that the armed political parties ,such as Hir'bollah, put away their arms . Even as the IDF invades their country. How can an armed Political Party be asked to surrender their unit and disarm in the midst of an attack? It means that you are looking for an excuse to continue dropping bombs on civilian locations, while pretending to be discussing diplomacy. This idiotic diplomacy and will infuriate the Arab even more.

During the occupation of Lebanon in the 1980's the USA blindly followed Israel into the peoples' country and paid with the lives of 241 of our husbands and brothers. It is wrong for anyone to invade another man's country , we have many dead soldiers because the wrong decisions were made, when exercising our military power. When we lost those 241 soldiers following the suicide attack , our response was to get the hell out of lebanon , we did not carpet bomb civilian locations as Israel are doing today.

Using the control of the media that is now in the hands of the small very wealthy media owners, we are not given the opportunity to assess the information independently but are propagandised by presenters such as Paula Zahn and Miles OBrien of CNN . Should we sympathise with the Lebanese people , should we sympathise with the Israeli militarist, who is wrong who is right , we cannot tell from the way they tell the news. Most people just repeat what Fox prattlers tell us and continue with our lives.

It is important to note that the bombing of the UN army position was deliberate. Make no mistake, Israel do not want any International peacekeeping force near where they are brutalising Lebanese and Palestian people. The bombing was meant to send a message to any country that wanted to contribute men to the forces that will stand between the Lebanese people and the occupation forces of the IDF.

Remember information helps us to see the Forest from the trees and helps us seek the truth from facts. Without the ability to have info. , we will be just like the Germans were under the Regime of Adolf Hitler.......duped followers

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Corruption is the Empire's Destroyer

Today we have confirmed that the US congress is unashamedly corrupt. So said federal investigators who identified two congressmen. It appears that most of the present Senators and Representatives apparently, are paying more attention to their personal bank accounts than to the American peoples' growth and development.

Unfortunately corruption is not simply bribes , Washington manipulations and criminal lobbying , it is also blatantly lying to the American people. It is also anti people and pro-corruption to undermine the American peoples interest by misinforming and misinterpreting facts just to incite racial insecurities, to gain votes.

The American people are this country's treasures. They should have the best human beings servicing them at all times. These servants of the people, must display progressive and not backward thinking. They must be innovative and not restrictive or conservative in seeking methods of problem solving.

Following the years 1992 - 1999, the period 2000 - 2006 (the present) have been the most oppressively backward in the history of the USA . The personnel in the White House and the Majority in the Congress have combined to be the most unimaginative, corrupted, depressing and untalented leadership a super power country could ever hope not to have.

We were attacked in the most gruesome way on 9/11 but we turned a national grief into an international disgrace of historic porportions. It is almost a daily occurence at the top, national tasks are accomplished with laughable solutions. Our President provides more comic material for comedians than all the Presidents in the past put together.

The latest fumble has been the issue of undocumented immigrants also known as illegal immigrants .Our leadership totally oblivious of our historic responsiblity as the world's leading country, has suddenly in response to the embarassing glare of the debacle called the "War in Iraq" launched a counter battle against the people with the least protection in the USA, THE IMMIGRANTS.

Now almost every country on this Planet is bordered by another country. Some of the international wars today are inspired and encouraged by activities that has to do with lines of demarcation and the folks that move between and over these lines. The USA has been fortunate to have friendly neighbors that migrate from the North to escape the the icy days of Canada . Our neighbors to the South migrate mostly to look for work at the lowest entry levels wherever they exist in prosperous cities.

You will think that for all our intellectual brilliance and fabulous democratic principles we would lead the way , as leaders of the( ???? ) world and a welcoming country, in finding a well reasoned solution to the folks who came desperately and are working without documentation .

The weakness of our leadership is on display for the world to see. It is further evident by the articles written in the Orlando Sunday Sentinel newspapers by Senator Mel. Martinez and U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney both republicans.

In his article Sen. Martinez says " Last week the United States Senate took an historic step forward in crafting a comprehensive immigration policy that reflects the best of America. The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 serves our legacy of being a welcoming nation, while at the sametime firmly setting in place provisions that will secure our borders".

In his article Rep. Tom Feeney says, "At a time when the American people's trust in our government and in our leaders has never been lower, the United States Senate privides perfect example of why this level of mistrust exist. In contradiction to the clear desires of a majority of our citizens, the Senate last week passed an immigration bill that not only would surrender borders, but effectively would provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants." Both articles were printed alongside each other on Sunday May 28 ,2006.

On one hand Senator Martinez , an immigrant himself, sees America as the forefathers envisioned it becoming , a welcoming nation that progressively corrects flaws in its systems as it becomes evident or over problematic.

On the other hand Rep . Feeney, represents a finicky ,backward view of America, that relies on mistruths and misrepresentations to gain support. Rep Feeney is just one of the many congressmen that bankrupt of ideas and should not be anywhere near the esteemed halls of our Capitol. This country needs talented leadership that are at least one step ahead of the people inspiring them . Rep. Feeney sounds like the old 'Jim Crow' leadership of the old South, dressed in todays' hip hop clothing. This is the kind of corruption in thinking that will surely destroy the Empire.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Apparently the wrong

Apparently the wrong people are always victimized…

There used to be a very popular political analogy making the ‘rounds, that said, ‘ the rich and  powerful divide and rule’…..  There was also its,  ante dote , … unity  or more potently popular, ‘ united we stand divided we fall’.
Many bad political Leaders and anti- people organizations have used the DAR, philosophy to get into a  position of power and then used it to  maintain their rule.
In the early part of the last century(1900’s) industrialized corporations and countries reluctantly accepted , for the first time, that group unity is stronger than their powerful divisive tricks.
To celebrate that momentous occasion, May 01, every year  is dedicated  to that victory.   Every country on this Planet  is obliged to commemorate  this day with a holiday.  However some countries, with bad intentions, has either renamed the day ,  or has changed the date with sole purpose of undermining the historical importance of the victory for the philosophy, of UNITY.

This  word UNITY is not a very popular word in our beloved USA.  It is most certainly a misplaced WORD everywhere in Washington DC.   The last time  I can remember it , being seen nationally, was during the Civil Rights movement ‘s  peaceful battle for Human Rights.

The Republican Party and generally  the conservative  ‘stiffnecks’ consider it a  disgraceful WORD. The Democratic Party never uses it, for fear of being labeled “progressive”.  So when  the target, for all  the USA problems, fell on the backs of Hispanics, the unified action by “legal, “illegal”, “visiting”, “pending” immigrants was condemned by politicians in the White House , in the Senate, and  in the house of representatives.  No doubt!
Throughout the length and breadth of our Nation this word is  SCARY , not to be used in word or deed .  In new and old communities ordinary people will not congregate or communicate naturally, in their interests.  We all live like  civilised caged  humans , very individualistic.  There is no love for community and  no acceptance of natural protection  UNITY brings with it.

When there is no call for UNITY , the DAR(divide and rule) is put into full effect. Which could leave the weakest sections of the population exposed to tyranny.

One of the media tyrants brandishing, out there  is Lou Dobbs an anchor for one of  CNN’s afternoon political programs.
He is a loud mouth  immigrant basher , since the  9/11 disaster. He promoted his demented outrage against Mexicans, originally, when trying to get the national community to support his call for building a  Berlin –type wall around the USA,  shutting out Canada and definitely Mexico.

He said, he feared that Al Quaida may dress up in Honchos and Mexicans sombreros  or  may bleach their hair white, and  slip thru our security and hurt Americans.

To get traction and support, he subsequently, began attacking all Hispanics as enemies of America’s middle class.  Mr Dobbs defying  the logical gravity of reason, even claimed that the stagnant salaries and wages for middle class workers were caused by immigrants legal or otherwise.

In the absence of unity the said, middle class workers, have had no voice to explain their plight and the reason for the continuous stagnant low income  ( anyone earning less than $35,000.00 annually has to have two jobs to be able to get a mortgage .  There is no effective workers organization in our beloved country’s, workplace, to seek the collective workforce’s interest.  
Without unity there is no progress  for  the majority.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


It took nearly 300 hundred years for white Americans to recognise that non whites and African Americans are humans and deserved the same respectful treatment as their next of kin.

Martin Luther King had to die as a Martyr, thousands of genuine human beings had to demonstrate and riot throughout the streets of our cities, even docile and domicile black folks had to show rage and anger before White Americans allowed their RESTROOMS to be used by everyone.

Where did we go wrong? Is this incessant desire to find somebody to HATE part of our DNA. Is this the only heritage, Americans of the Mid west and South, have to promote ?

The debate on immigration should never be discussed by Senators and representatives of the Mid west and southern states who are bitter, always hateful, evil people. The Senators from Wiscousin and Nedraska, by their ancient comments, on immigration,proved they are not national or political leaders but CULT protagonists . They should NOT be allowed to represent us , while harboring the crudest thoughts on our national relationships ,barking from OUR congress.

There are two main features of the USA. On one hand , almost 99.9% of our population began as immigrants, the legality or illegality of how they got here was NEVER an issue. Among the most notable of the migration population are those that came here in chains reluctantly , and those that were purged and banished from England , Wales , Scotland and Ireland. It is these people , one group white and the other black that worked their asses off and built the USA FROM GROUND ZERO.
One the other hand, together with the people we met here , the native Americans, this country , from very early , has been a multi racial, multi cultural, multi- national ,immigration country. That is despite having a majority of whites.
These are the facts ,we should just enjoy it .

Therefore we are obliged to treat ALL immigrants with the respect and dignity we would have treated our parents , grand parents or even our greatgrandparents as they arrived to continue the building of the USA.

We should not continue to be embarrassing ourselves , with our attitude and policies, to the world ,as we have done for the first six years of the 21st century.

Hate blinds reason , to the point that the perpetrator is unable to realize the self inflicted pain just around the corner . In our economy, that is drained by the 'WAR BY LIES', in Iraq , we cannot survive without an available consumption market here in the USA.. Try to remove 13 million consumers from the market, today, and the bottom will drop out .

So in reality we should be thankful that the so called "illegals" are spending legal tender to keep the USA ECONOMY afloat. So the quesion is, are we , in the heat of hate , trying to kill the cash cow????

The era of moronism which began with the inauguration of George Bush Presidency is surely leaving the shores of our country at a fast clip every day . So advice to my "evil" countrymen , don't be caught stranded with no place to hide, become a progressive now, for the love of the USA.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


                 IMMIGRATION:    RIGHTS  VS  FEARS

As Americans, we are falling victims to easily to  hysterical paranoid white Republican Politicians, who drive us crazy, with their  policy of  Fearmongering

This fearmongering was a tactic used regularly by the old southern politicians and pastors to enflame the insecurity of residents of the Mobile (Trailer) park. This was mostly used as a divide and rule tactic to maintain their control  over  the lives of those in the ‘Hood and in the TP .

After  bringing the tactic into the White  House following the disaster of 9/11, the Public Relations  spin doctor at the White House, eventually overspun the trick and was exposed.

Now the  Republican members of Congress, who fear they are going down with the downward spiraling of the President’s popularity , are resorting to the FEARMONGERING  in the case of migration to the USA.    

The  fear tactic began with associating  migration  with terrorism, so that new immigrants, in this country of immigrants and children of immigrants   , all felt isolated and threatened.

Now, the tactic is to link the two words “illegal and immigrants”.   Then media professionals, like paranoid CNN, LOU DOBBS who  throw in the words  “jobs” and ” overcrowding” together with  a few  BUZZ WORDS to complete the scenario .
This is followed by  the rattling support from Fox News journalists, and the hypocrital Rush Limbaughs’, then you have residents of the Red States beginning to feel left out because NOBODY fusses over them and the issues they have been experiencing for over a hundred years.

This will bring reactions from coffee shops and Bars, Barber saloons  and restaurants in the Red States , such as , ‘Kill them, , Run them over if you have to, but get the “illegals” out.

With the exception of Native Americans we are either children , grand children or great grand children  of immigrants, be they illegal or otherwise, so we , Americans owe it  our  heritage to  treat this experience of immigration with dignity ,honor and fairness.               .

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Dixie Chicks says they are not ready to be nice..........that's sweet.

A taxi cab passenger from Houston said on National TV that "REDNECKS" should give up their heritage and stop hating people who are a different complexion to them. He did not say that the white folks of the deep South persuasion, should give up their history.
He meant that the folks best known for their wanton hatred, should give it up and join the Human Race. Man, If that ever happens , this country will become greater than it has been over the last three centuries.

This may not happen in the Life time of this Planet.
There maybe people willing to kill and die to ensure that the REDNECK NATION remain deprived and dependent on the Republican Party ideology to make them feel wanted and important. The truth is that Redneck Nation has become straw to the Rich and wealthy ideologues , who have developed a time proven strategy of lighting the straw, with Buzz words , to build and strengthen their support.

The sad thing about this stranglehold on an unfortunate people, is that, ALL over the RED States in Trailer Parks (mobile Parks) REDNECKS live in utter and deplorable living conditions without much education and medical support.
Fed by a daily dose of negative and hateful misinformation by the Right Wing star Radio talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and the Fox News type of straitjacket indoctrinators. These famous Citizens of the Red states can find no peace, they are forever encouraged and cajoled, to hate somebody.

As early as the 17th century the Kings of England , forced their subjects from various parts of England , Scotland and Ireland to migrate to the Colonies, the USA , the Caribbean and Australia. For some reason these folks never received the admiration of the general White world, and easily developed a streak of resentment for things that were not part of their experience or world.
This resentment was ultimately encouraged to be directed towards slaves and former for nearly three hundred years.

For a people who barely had more than the slaves, it is remarkable how they developed such anger against a people that were not in any way threatening to them. So although RED NATION met some Africans and Native Americans when they landed in the west, someone set them up to be Haters rather than fighters for their own salvations.

The Dixie Chicks criticism and rejection of President Bush and his administration, was instructive, as it seem to say that they were fed up of the abuse and misuse of REDNECK NATION's loyalty , with nothing in return but dilapidated housing and lives.
I support you DIXIE go girls I love your latest CD

Monday, March 20, 2006

Who killed our love our Love for International Sport

Who killed our love for International sport ?

Tonight is the final of the World Cup of Baseball in San Diego.
Tonight, we, the creators of Baseball  are just fans watching on and rooting   for who?    Up to the time of the first pitch by Romero of Cuba , we  could not raise our interest to decide whether to hate the black boys from Communist Cuba in RED or  hate (a favorite word of the RED states) the folks we used to call ‘Japs’.

It must be the first time , in my life ,  we as Americans with the pale white skin , get to HATE  Black people and Communists in one hateful swing.  
The  Sports journalists ALL  believe that  as trained monkeys, our love for Baseball is centered not on the  GAME,  but only the sport played by our favorite teams or National team.

America has become the only country in the world , that worships the GAME  and not the SPORT.  Someone or some group has stragetically killed  our appreciation  for the beauty of any sport unless an American is participating or in a winning position.

Every country has a “ pastime”   but the followers  and supporters of their respective national favorite sport , become lovers of the beauty of the  game and will show deep interest if a national  or representative of  a well known team shows up to play their team or engage in a world competition.

The Football (soccer ) World Cup competition is scheduled for Germany, in June  this year.   The Germans love for the sport and respect for the game will reflect in their national attention to every game in that month long competition.  In the USA  we will not have the ability to LOVE  the sport sufficiently to want to see the performances of the athletes as they display their skills.
In fact the Morons in the sports media has destroyed our respect for the  performance of the athlete  if he is not  participating in a sport loved by our famous sports journalists.
In most cases these sports  Journalists NEVER  played  any sport and are not trained as athletic performancers to appreciate other athletes’ effort despite the built- in competitiveness.  

The best  example of  the destruction of   AMERICAS  respect for international  athletes and international sports is the work done on the Olympics movement,  by the Network Television corporations such as NBC , ABC and  CBS.    These  major media houses , having acquired the Rights to Broadcast the Olympics  worldwide  took the opportunity to ONLY  promote the AMERICAN athlete at the Olympics to dismay and astonishment to the other performing athletes and fans ALL over the world .
This single act helped to destroy the sacred Olympic spirit of highlighting the athletic performance of the world’s best athletes , men  and women.
So the American fan has been desensitived to be passionate about a game that does not have their athlete involved.  So they will give a lukewarm applause to the Williams sisters, in tennis, but a resounding ovation to a Russian  without respecting the art and beauty of the way the game is played.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Our out of control President, who takes it upon himself to obey the law and disregard the law , as it pleases him. Is about to present a military budget of over 440Billion dollars. While seeking to reduce federal support for Medicare.

The widow of Dr. Martin Luther King, one of a few female politcal royalty in the USA. ,could not find appropiate medical attention for her oviary cancer so she resorted to alternate medicine in an unauthorised medical cowshed in Mexico.

It would have made more sense for Ms Scott King to have gone to CUBA to get the same attention visiting World Leaders are quietly getting from the Cuban medical system.
But nooo ,we are maintaining an embargo on the Cuban people, hoping to strangle them into NON EXISTENCE. The same word " exist " that has arisen between the Hamas of Palestine and the State of Israel. Apparently the Black and Brown people of Cuba could whither away and WE DON'T give a fuek, because of their complexion. Ms Scott King might have gotten a chance to live longer if WE, as Americans cared enough , as we do for israel, about the people of CUBA and rally to have the embargo lifted.

The Bush administration's lip service to democracy and free and fair elections was exposed twice in two weeks. Democracy and elections are ONLY good or relevant, to the Bush administration if their lackeys are victorious.

The people of Palestine chose their national leaders but got no respect. They made a legitimate claim for country, from Israel, they get no respect. The Israeli military brutalise them, destroy their homes, they get no respect or protection.
. While they were blowing themselves and Israelis all over the dessert , we accused them of barbarism . Like the Cuban people the Palestine people can't do anything right for the two- tongue Pale faces in the white house. In the meantime CNN will continue to report on the BULL..NONSENSE from the situation room.

So my beloved American people, the miltary adventure will continue , at the cost of getting well and living longer. The cost of an ambulance ride to the hospital, to save your LIFE is $ 599.00 One Way.
The cost of an ambulance ride in Cuba, Two Way, ( from sickness to health) FREE, FREE. The Cuban people are among the strongest in the world , while we are strangling them they are building a respectable society. We know for sure that the Cuban President won't be seeking any medical attention in any Mexican 30-bed cowshed.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


As I prepared to express my thoughts this new year, I first thought of Cuba, and the cruel and unfair treatment meted out to those caribbean people, because they just wanted to build a society that will serve them and their generations well. The same ideals of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklyn.
But then I thought we Americans ,do not like individuals and smaller countries, than ours, that think independently.
So for over forty years we allow our US Governments ( Democratic and Republican) together with their Republican thinking , mafia type, Cubans friends, attempt to strangle a black and brown Caribbean Island into submission. So that rich Americans can relegate the aspiring Cubans to dream, only to be topless waitresses and busboys , as we seek a new playground.

Then I remembered that our National Capitalist policy ,is anti communism. That is until one billion Chinese communists said ,'we don't care', we are going to be prosperous and so efficient that we can lend Capitalist Nation , communist money, to service your capitalist economy.

Using the now famous, twisted and corrupt logic, our Leaderships in the White House treat Cuba 100 percent different, to the way they treat the communist Chinese. We seemed destined to keep the the Caribbean island nations in a state of revolving poverty. Simply because we have the military power , to scare small nations, who wants to become prosperous and efficient like China.
Even to play Baseball, the Mafiso and their Massa Bedfellows , in Washington , wants to use their lobby money to buy caribbean dinners made up of the Heart and Soul of the Cuban people.
We want so much to break the Will of the Cuban people, Corrupters from Washington to Miami are promising political support and money ,if we deny them the simple priviledge of playing international Baseball..

We dare not try that Bullcrap with China. Tiger plays international Golf there, the WTA plays international Tennis there, FIFA organises international Soccer there, and the Olympics will next be held in Beijing. No one knows who is the President of China, but the whole planet adores the Cuban President .Yet the Cuban people continue to get the American steel boot placed on their necks.

The Bush /Cheney administration original plan was to make Cuba next on the list of invasion candidates, that is,if the mischief in Iraq had succeded. Maybe the Cuban people and their country will be spared the destruction Iraq is now experiencing .
There is an old caribbean saying: " God do not like ugly or injustices" will god show his displeasure??

The last 90 days of the year were very captivating, our Leaders in the White House were caught in the C spin. Americans were grading our President a continous C-, while the chickens 'Chaos and Corruption' came home to roost on the white house lawn.
A wise man once said 'show me your friends and I will tell you who you are,' has become the January 2006, lesson, for tunnel visioned Red State Republicans.
The Republicans in Washington D.C. have re- introduced corruption in massive doses to our public affairs. Corruption in government is a Sin and a menace to any society it infiltrates.
In every country ,where political corruption dominated business and political activities, these countries ceased to be seriously productive.

In our recent history the Soviet Union is a prime example, Corruption , the disease, had so eaten their resolve and the core of their society ,they were a push over and crombled into dust, after all the cowboy talk , from President Reagan. He did'nt have to threaten with an invasion or Nuclear attack.
The Chinese had a big cultural revolution, within their revolution, to rid themselves of the counter productive disease called 'Officials Corruption'.

Throughtout the developing world e,g, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East , South East Asia and the Caribbean Corruption in politics is rendering these affected countries helpless, and unable to solve common and simple problems.
So America , beware of the germs of the Republicans in the White House and in Congress. In recent times they have attacked our enshrined rights, they have attacked the main principles of our Great Constitution and are presently infecting our political resolve with Corruption and Domestic spying.
On the spying on your people thing, are they going to blackmail Americans who they catch with pants down??
who are they spying on? The fat lady with all the Cats? The middle Eastern looking man, behind the counter at the service station? Or is it ,the hippie female Teacher at the middle school? Could it be all the Democratic Congressmen and women ?...... Man this is Bad , how dark and repressive are we going to get...