Wednesday, March 29, 2006


                 IMMIGRATION:    RIGHTS  VS  FEARS

As Americans, we are falling victims to easily to  hysterical paranoid white Republican Politicians, who drive us crazy, with their  policy of  Fearmongering

This fearmongering was a tactic used regularly by the old southern politicians and pastors to enflame the insecurity of residents of the Mobile (Trailer) park. This was mostly used as a divide and rule tactic to maintain their control  over  the lives of those in the ‘Hood and in the TP .

After  bringing the tactic into the White  House following the disaster of 9/11, the Public Relations  spin doctor at the White House, eventually overspun the trick and was exposed.

Now the  Republican members of Congress, who fear they are going down with the downward spiraling of the President’s popularity , are resorting to the FEARMONGERING  in the case of migration to the USA.    

The  fear tactic began with associating  migration  with terrorism, so that new immigrants, in this country of immigrants and children of immigrants   , all felt isolated and threatened.

Now, the tactic is to link the two words “illegal and immigrants”.   Then media professionals, like paranoid CNN, LOU DOBBS who  throw in the words  “jobs” and ” overcrowding” together with  a few  BUZZ WORDS to complete the scenario .
This is followed by  the rattling support from Fox News journalists, and the hypocrital Rush Limbaughs’, then you have residents of the Red States beginning to feel left out because NOBODY fusses over them and the issues they have been experiencing for over a hundred years.

This will bring reactions from coffee shops and Bars, Barber saloons  and restaurants in the Red States , such as , ‘Kill them, , Run them over if you have to, but get the “illegals” out.

With the exception of Native Americans we are either children , grand children or great grand children  of immigrants, be they illegal or otherwise, so we , Americans owe it  our  heritage to  treat this experience of immigration with dignity ,honor and fairness.               .

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