Sunday, April 23, 2006


It took nearly 300 hundred years for white Americans to recognise that non whites and African Americans are humans and deserved the same respectful treatment as their next of kin.

Martin Luther King had to die as a Martyr, thousands of genuine human beings had to demonstrate and riot throughout the streets of our cities, even docile and domicile black folks had to show rage and anger before White Americans allowed their RESTROOMS to be used by everyone.

Where did we go wrong? Is this incessant desire to find somebody to HATE part of our DNA. Is this the only heritage, Americans of the Mid west and South, have to promote ?

The debate on immigration should never be discussed by Senators and representatives of the Mid west and southern states who are bitter, always hateful, evil people. The Senators from Wiscousin and Nedraska, by their ancient comments, on immigration,proved they are not national or political leaders but CULT protagonists . They should NOT be allowed to represent us , while harboring the crudest thoughts on our national relationships ,barking from OUR congress.

There are two main features of the USA. On one hand , almost 99.9% of our population began as immigrants, the legality or illegality of how they got here was NEVER an issue. Among the most notable of the migration population are those that came here in chains reluctantly , and those that were purged and banished from England , Wales , Scotland and Ireland. It is these people , one group white and the other black that worked their asses off and built the USA FROM GROUND ZERO.
One the other hand, together with the people we met here , the native Americans, this country , from very early , has been a multi racial, multi cultural, multi- national ,immigration country. That is despite having a majority of whites.
These are the facts ,we should just enjoy it .

Therefore we are obliged to treat ALL immigrants with the respect and dignity we would have treated our parents , grand parents or even our greatgrandparents as they arrived to continue the building of the USA.

We should not continue to be embarrassing ourselves , with our attitude and policies, to the world ,as we have done for the first six years of the 21st century.

Hate blinds reason , to the point that the perpetrator is unable to realize the self inflicted pain just around the corner . In our economy, that is drained by the 'WAR BY LIES', in Iraq , we cannot survive without an available consumption market here in the USA.. Try to remove 13 million consumers from the market, today, and the bottom will drop out .

So in reality we should be thankful that the so called "illegals" are spending legal tender to keep the USA ECONOMY afloat. So the quesion is, are we , in the heat of hate , trying to kill the cash cow????

The era of moronism which began with the inauguration of George Bush Presidency is surely leaving the shores of our country at a fast clip every day . So advice to my "evil" countrymen , don't be caught stranded with no place to hide, become a progressive now, for the love of the USA.