Friday, July 29, 2005

Congratulations to Senator Frist, he has responded as a professional Healer, and Doctor, you agreed to help mankind eleviate sickness and diseases, by supporting Stem cell research.
The posibilities are enormous for patients all over the world. Thank goodness you have cut one the strangling cords that President Bush and his extremist fringe groups have woven around the political, social and moral necks of us Americans.

This morning on Television you should have worn a sign in front of you claiming " DEFEAT PRESIDENT BUSH EXTREMIST FRINGE GROUPS", you might have qualified for nomination for a noble peace prize.

I hope this means that you recognise that is need for a progressive American Administration to keep step with the 21st century, that is far away from the controlling nature of the religious Right. It appears that President Bush promises to veto any progressive legislation that is counter to the extremist fringe groups, philosophy , too bad.

Monday, July 18, 2005


For more than a hundred years our Constitution, with its illustrious history of coming into being , was the most revered on this planet. Our Presidents had to portray themselves as honorable men befitting the leader of the FREE world.
George Bush snr, as President tried to maintain that image , even though he had a good reason to launch a massive attack on SADDAM HUSSIEN following Iraq's attack on its neighbor.
He came to the American people and humbly sought their support and the support of other countries so that he can take corrective action. No obvious misinformation to congress or the united nations. He maintained the integrity and dignity of AMERICA as we were about to launch a war on Iraq..

The present President George W. Bush, his son , did not show the same respect to US or maintained the same integrity the office. He together with his bunch of undercover gang of 'bad intention' neocons prepared a plan to deceive us AMERICANS and the world with lies and misinformation to justify an ilconceived decision to invade Iraq for OIL reasons where our brave soldiers die............... for ALL kinds of reasons.

Suddenly in America its no big thing to LIE, anybody can tell you an untruth and give you false information and they can feel free that there will be no consequences. Public offcials , particularly those of the Republican persuasion , from Congress to the county Administrator have been given the green light from the example of the Commander of Chief.

This is just like politics in the Third World, e.g. Bangaldesh, Suriname, Sri Lanka, Libya or 17 th century England , where the Head Honcho did not care about respect or integrity , he is the Boss , what ever he says goes. You can either like or Lump it.

The USA of today, is captalist in our economy, this good, but since the Bush Administration have been in power, , our politics however has going backwards towards Feudalism .

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Question was asked , If you moved the Pot of coffee before it is completely brewed, Do you smell the Mountain or the Burro?

In those circumstances the smell I will get will be similar to the scent of the forest after a light shower of rain. That gritty smell always make feel to eat something wet like damp earth or a fully aroused pussy. The magical aroma of coffee can influence your disposition depending on the environment. A great example is when you visit Granny and she puts on the coffee and it begins to brew, that aroma at the grandparents, reminds you why you love them so, or at least why I love being around them when they were alive.
There is another magic of the coffee aroma that is triggered when the coffee is brewing at your parents home . I loved that coffee smell when we sat at the breakfast table with brothers , sisters and cousins (female) . The mood that is created is joyful with signals being sent with a lot of foot touching and gentle rubbing . As kids, the dining room , the breakfast , the combined scent really brought a warm feeling and innocent excitement.
The best mood that brewed coffee creates , is following a strong night of sweet sex that last into the morning and you are sleeping only to be awakened by a strong aroma coming towards your nostrils from a room outside where you are sleeping.
The tinkling of teacups assure you that work is going on the kitchen. Dreamily you get a stronger whiff of the sexy coffee and you see the best sight on a sunday morning, Your wife (girlfriend ) walking in dressed in your shirt with nothing underneath inviting you to savour the moment , the atmosphere and the scene of the shirt slightly opening showing her upper thigh close to her source of ALL sweetness. You take a deep sip of this exotic coffee , you kiss her lips and taste heated liquid beans, sex and desire so you show your appreciation by diving nose first into her Flower garden, blending erotica with exotica . The coffee and its Aroma Rules.

If you smell the Burro, you may have lost a lot of senses and maybe leaning towards insanity or soon could be a serial killer........... of burros

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Many USA citizens unfortunately rely on common Media sources for what's going on around them, and on the Planet. Lot's of us did not pay attention or were not informed about a building storm of financially supported intellectuals with the encouragement of a former Vice President of George Bush Sr. This was not a very secretive development, it was known and seen but was horribly underestimated.In my view this was deliberately covered up. No one nevertheless imagined that their success could have impacted our daily lives, our economical well being, the International disrespect for the words and intent of our leadership . The unprovoked and ruthless terrorists attack on September 11 should have given us hundreds of years, of international sympathy, spiritual and emotional support that generations of Administrations would have been able to cash in.

Instead within two shorts years every country on Earth was demonstrating against our country, neutralising the goodwill and love, almost every human being directed towards us , the USA.
This selective group, in my opinion is a very dangerous collaboration. Their philosophy, of dislike for common democracy, disrespect for the law that hinders their path, imposing their view and will "mafia style" . One the groups ideological operatives is identified as possibly the source, in fingering the CIA wife of one of their critics.

So our President sent our troops after SADDAM HUSSEIN under false pretext. The citizens of Iraq responds to the invasion, the destruction of their country.
Our history has taught us that when the Commander in Chief George Washington was trying to impede the English invasion of New York, after we declared our independence in 1776, he sought permission from to burn down the buildings to repel the invasion. An invasion is a cruel destruction of all a people has put together over thousand of years.

What is the expected response from us Americans, if a ludicrous leader sent his troops after our President, even if he became very unpopular, like 15% approval rating. Are we not expected to defend our honor , our heritage, our infrastructure, the Pride of our people with our last breathe.
Well, we must YELL for our troops to be returned HOME almost immediately. we have lost the justification to remain there being killed and killing people that are responding to an unjust war that was organised and promoted on false pretexts.
My grandmother always said if you get your hands caught in the cookie jar , don't deny your intentions, the punishments only gets worse. The moment our President was caught lying to our Congress, the United Nations and the American people he should have claimed responsibility and ask for our forgiveness thereby seeking to win the Planet's sympathy. In this context he would have been able to win over a sizable section of the Iraqi fighters to a cease fire. This would saved hundreds of our troops and thousands of Iraqis citizens....... It's ALL about tactics and strategy , stupid........
No our President cannot manfully take a progressive position because his main support group of Anti Democratic feudalistic Monarchists(Ultra Republicans) will leave him stranded as they did NEWT GINGRICH.
So Mr. and Mrs. America, White ,Black and ALL colors in between, Super Rich, Rich, destitute and ALL social strata in between . Where is our Democratic USA heading.. Many Americans file for divorce when our Spouse is caught lying............ so whats keeping YOU this time...... I know ... the word TERRORIST.... If we publicise that we are afraid they will always stalk US..
AnUnknown Plane is buzzing over head, so the number ONE Capitol in the world runs for cover???? that's so embarrassing.
While the threat from terrorists are real, in my opinion, if our President was not advised to use TERROR TALK as a support getter we would have given our defense personnel the credit and not show our fear so cowardly to the WORLD. Imagine the guffawing of the cavedwellers , somewhere in Afghanistan.