Friday, July 29, 2005

Congratulations to Senator Frist, he has responded as a professional Healer, and Doctor, you agreed to help mankind eleviate sickness and diseases, by supporting Stem cell research.
The posibilities are enormous for patients all over the world. Thank goodness you have cut one the strangling cords that President Bush and his extremist fringe groups have woven around the political, social and moral necks of us Americans.

This morning on Television you should have worn a sign in front of you claiming " DEFEAT PRESIDENT BUSH EXTREMIST FRINGE GROUPS", you might have qualified for nomination for a noble peace prize.

I hope this means that you recognise that is need for a progressive American Administration to keep step with the 21st century, that is far away from the controlling nature of the religious Right. It appears that President Bush promises to veto any progressive legislation that is counter to the extremist fringe groups, philosophy , too bad.


Fenton Harwick III said...

I was a big fan of Frist's change in stance on stem cell research also until someone pointed out that he may be doing it for a VERY selfish reason: He wants to look more moderate to aid in a bid for the presidency in 2008. If that truly is the case, I'll hate him even more than I did.

squarepeg said...

Don't politicians always have an agenda, generally self-serving? It is naive to expect otherwise. The scary difference with Bush jr. and his crew is that they don't even make half an effort to hide it anymore. They know there's simply nothing they can't get away with... as democracy dies a slow, painful death.

AMLICAR said...

This is in response to your highly appreciated comments. Politicians generally have to be held to a higher standard, because they sought our support to be our Servants. Their thoughts , their actions, are expected to be in the interest of the people. But as in every class society, the term , "interest of the people" can get lost in transalation, and the "THE PEOPLE" may now be the folks that financed the politician's desire to be chief servsnt , or they, maybe the social group (CLASS) ideology that best represented his or her views.
In a democracy ( like here in the USA) where class identification is undermined or deliberately distorted the voters like me and you, are never clear who is the candidate , what class is he closely associated with, or who is his class friends.
We are directed to pay attention to whether he/she is a Liberal or Conservative/Republican.
Of course there are no clear definition for these labels for the voters to analyse.
This lack of education does not occur in Europe. The voter decides to choose Left or Right, clearly knowing what each candidate or Party stand for and which social economic group will benefit from their success.
I heard Larry King, on his talk show, informing his guest that we are a conservative country. As opposed to what?, a democratic country? Since when?????
We have had the most revolutionary constitution for over 200 hundred years, suddenly we are not forward moving anymore, but slow , reactionary and ideologically reclining.
Now that we are labelled a conservative country, does that mean that ALL political , economical and social policies are made in the interest of the VERY wealthy conservatives, who are at least 8% of the 365 million Americans.
Therefore I agree with you , we the other 92% of the American population are going to see democracy die a slow painful death.
So fenton harwick iii, maybe correct, Bill Frist could very easily be 'fronting' an issue to show up him self to the Republican King makers.
In any case the survival of democracy depends on the actions of those who HAVE the most to LOSE from its DEATH.