Monday, July 18, 2005


For more than a hundred years our Constitution, with its illustrious history of coming into being , was the most revered on this planet. Our Presidents had to portray themselves as honorable men befitting the leader of the FREE world.
George Bush snr, as President tried to maintain that image , even though he had a good reason to launch a massive attack on SADDAM HUSSIEN following Iraq's attack on its neighbor.
He came to the American people and humbly sought their support and the support of other countries so that he can take corrective action. No obvious misinformation to congress or the united nations. He maintained the integrity and dignity of AMERICA as we were about to launch a war on Iraq..

The present President George W. Bush, his son , did not show the same respect to US or maintained the same integrity the office. He together with his bunch of undercover gang of 'bad intention' neocons prepared a plan to deceive us AMERICANS and the world with lies and misinformation to justify an ilconceived decision to invade Iraq for OIL reasons where our brave soldiers die............... for ALL kinds of reasons.

Suddenly in America its no big thing to LIE, anybody can tell you an untruth and give you false information and they can feel free that there will be no consequences. Public offcials , particularly those of the Republican persuasion , from Congress to the county Administrator have been given the green light from the example of the Commander of Chief.

This is just like politics in the Third World, e.g. Bangaldesh, Suriname, Sri Lanka, Libya or 17 th century England , where the Head Honcho did not care about respect or integrity , he is the Boss , what ever he says goes. You can either like or Lump it.

The USA of today, is captalist in our economy, this good, but since the Bush Administration have been in power, , our politics however has going backwards towards Feudalism .

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