Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Question was asked , If you moved the Pot of coffee before it is completely brewed, Do you smell the Mountain or the Burro?

In those circumstances the smell I will get will be similar to the scent of the forest after a light shower of rain. That gritty smell always make feel to eat something wet like damp earth or a fully aroused pussy. The magical aroma of coffee can influence your disposition depending on the environment. A great example is when you visit Granny and she puts on the coffee and it begins to brew, that aroma at the grandparents, reminds you why you love them so, or at least why I love being around them when they were alive.
There is another magic of the coffee aroma that is triggered when the coffee is brewing at your parents home . I loved that coffee smell when we sat at the breakfast table with brothers , sisters and cousins (female) . The mood that is created is joyful with signals being sent with a lot of foot touching and gentle rubbing . As kids, the dining room , the breakfast , the combined scent really brought a warm feeling and innocent excitement.
The best mood that brewed coffee creates , is following a strong night of sweet sex that last into the morning and you are sleeping only to be awakened by a strong aroma coming towards your nostrils from a room outside where you are sleeping.
The tinkling of teacups assure you that work is going on the kitchen. Dreamily you get a stronger whiff of the sexy coffee and you see the best sight on a sunday morning, Your wife (girlfriend ) walking in dressed in your shirt with nothing underneath inviting you to savour the moment , the atmosphere and the scene of the shirt slightly opening showing her upper thigh close to her source of ALL sweetness. You take a deep sip of this exotic coffee , you kiss her lips and taste heated liquid beans, sex and desire so you show your appreciation by diving nose first into her Flower garden, blending erotica with exotica . The coffee and its Aroma Rules.

If you smell the Burro, you may have lost a lot of senses and maybe leaning towards insanity or soon could be a serial killer........... of burros

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