Sunday, March 29, 2009


This year, 2009, marks the first year in the new era of America's social/economic transformation. President Barack Obama, the leader with the vision, to spearhead the movement to first SAVE AMERICA from joining way too soon, former Super power civilizations such as Rome, Greece etc at the international super power grave sites.

He has begun the massive task of quickly stopping the bleeding of Americas financial resources. While at the same time projecting a plan to create a matrix of activities to rebuild our dilapidated infrastructure and introduce America to the need for a new source of inexpensive energy and the long delayed plan to make the American work force stay healthy longer, with a proper Health Care Program, at less than the price it cost today.

Ordinary people in the USA have had 8 years of agonizing political pressure. A pressure that was imposed by the ruling class , the kingpins of Capitalism, the mega millionaires of American society.
While the middle and working class were immobilized by an abusive political leadership, that acted more like a puppet, in the white house , whilst allowing the ruling class to swindle, sometimes openly steal through contracts and fraud from our financial institutions.

Today I want to hand out FIRST QUARTER AWARDS ( the first three months of 2009) to those influential Americans who recognise the moment we face today , and are responding in the interest of either SAVING AMERICA or are responding TO SINK AMERICA, for their individualistic and selfish Class interest.

My first award is the SINK AMERICA award

This award is presented to members of organizations , groups and individuals who by their deeds and actions seek to worship the policies that has put AMERICA on the brink of financial destruction. These people have no ideas, and no vision for the future, but a repeat of the same things to facilitate the most outstanding swindlers in AMERICAS history.

The award goes to the The Republican "GOP" party members in Congress . They are the ones with the responsibility to legislate the new era but are selfishly defending the old capitalist way of dominating and exploiting working AMERICA with the same old and corrupt and stealing ways of denying AMERICANS their dream.

They are bankrupt of ideas that does not include, corruption and bribes for their lobbyists set- up friends. In an attempt to confuse their constituents they throw up bullsh*t screens to hide their attempts to bleed AMERICA and sink our country and its credibility.

There prize is to be tarred and feathered and placed along the fence on Dick Cheney's hunting ranch.

My second award goes to the MOST BRAINLESS WOMAN in American politics.

The candidates are: MICHELE BACHMANN . An outrageous , overzealous Senator from minneasota, with a fringe - cultured Mc Carthyistic mentality.(2) Sarah Palin an uneducated Governor of Alaska, with a village appeal to school dropouts and lovers of old Jim Crow.
The winner is Michele Bachman

My third award is THE OLD CAPITALIST AWARD (with no vision for the future).

The winner is Senator John McCain.
The two-faced former GOP candidate for President. Who showed no knowledge for the science of economics and finance during the campaign , but suddenly knows when an economic plan won't work. He foolishly thinks, we, the masses of AMERICA, don't know that he is barking and whimpering like a dog, because he cannot get the amount of free corrupt money for his lobbyists friends, as part of the SINK AMERICA way of fleecing AMERICA.

In his desperation to SERVE his bloodsucker friends of USA , he has proposed to President Obama, that he forego evaluation of the war and its needs, that he dismisses data, and forget about planning and just send 10, 000 troops to Afghanistan , just as George and Dick foolishly did in Iraq.

This award is dedicated to the network of AM RADIO POLITICAL TALK SHOW HOSTS.

The candidates are ALL the Republican and Conservative Radio Talk Show hosts lined up on the AM Radio frequency. Fox Radio affliliates , all over the country are swarmed with these illogical logical commentators of political issues. They are definitely not in the business of seeking truth from facts or facts from absurd. They sell lies at the advertised market price. They target the uneducated, school drop outs, looking for the remnants of Jim Crow believers to sniff on.

My fifth award is the JIM JONES EXILIR AWARD ( the best koolaid preparers in AMERICA).

This award goes to RUSH LIMBAUGH. H e is the foremost preparer misinformation 'koolaid'
given to unsuspecting residents mainly in the Old (Confederate treasonous flag waving ) South. Because of our broken education system, particularly disastrous in the Trailer Park Communities, Rush Limbaugh makes a "killing" on the minds and outlook of poor white folks. Just as JIM JONES did with Americans transported to Guyana, Rush 'the madman' Limbaugh, is asking his listeners to go off the deep end with him.

My Final award today is the GREAT AMERICAN ASSHOLES AWARD this is a special award granted to special men and women, whose words and deeds are diametrically opposed to each other as they try to hold back America's destiny to go forward on all fronts. The first candidate is SENATOR BOB CORKER , of Tennessee. Big time promoter, spokesman and Union Basher for foreign car companies, in Tennessee and Alabama. Wants Government and the White House to force Auto workers to accept low wages and little benefits. But find it appalling for the Obama administration to force CEO's to resign when found incompetent in utilizing taxpayers borrowed or bailout money.
This is the Vast exploiter who lobbied and screamed and organised bailout money for Automakers but found it "Socialistic" to fund an American financial recovery that is aimed at creating jobs and fixing the money sucking Health System.

Added to that list is Senator Richard Shelby...Alabama.....who loves his greed and selfish concerns more than he loves AMERICA. Senator Lindsay Graham..South Carolina...who loves his lobbyist more than he loves his constitutents.. ( who still believe their color makes them better than President Obama)....and AMERICA. Senator Judd Gregg..N.H. The Grinch. To him everything is just a repeat of the same old thing. Future..there is no future in Gregg's world....just the same old thing......

The evidence shows that the majority of backward people in AMERICA today are REPUBLICANS. Even world leaders have a greater grasp of the dire situation Capitalism has degenerated into. But our Congressmen and women from the GOP show outrageous stupidity and limitless Class selfishness..... The WINNER IS ALL OF THEM!!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Name then FINANCIAL ENEMY COMBATANTS..then seize their property!!!

MoveOn.Org emailed me asking for support...for a campaign to send a petition to AIG expressing my sentiments on their abuse of taxpayers money to pay their executives for crashing their company. Please find my sentiments below...:

This is outrageous, This is Criminal. I am sure you have NO LOVE for America. To you this is just a trough where you have your fill. But the rest of the over 300 million Americans, this is our home, our castle, our playground, our collective, our community. WE DARE TO STRUGGLE ; WE DARE TO WIN.. we like that principle: " if one is suffering , we all are suffering".

Just like any animal or horse , you owe no allegiance to nothing but money. Like Mr.Madoff, the world's greatest swindler, greed is now the guiding principle for Nation building. According to Ruling Class America.

Are you and the AIG Executives going to justify this unpatriotic act to our children, as seeking THE AMERICAN DREAM ?. Swindling taxpayers of their contribution they sacrificed to save your company ?.

I am sure, America is sure, the International community is sure, that you are Republicans , in your outlook and selfishness.

We, the Progressive Americans, have to Pledge to rid America of this cancer of greed and over -indulgent greediness, encouraged by the"bring all the wealth to the Penthouse" and 'trickle down down the dreggs"... philosophies President Ronald Reagan and subsequent Conservative Republican Presidents and Dick Cheney.

Government as the majority shareholder, on behalf of the American taxpayers, should pass a law putting a moratorium on Corporate Executives' annual pay and bonuses.

They should, as a follow up, pass and strong ANTI - CORRUPTION legislation to penalize Political officials and Corporation Executives with strong fines, jail and even executions, for crimes against the American peoples' livelihood. This should be a retroactive law going back 15 years.

Clear the jails of petty criminals and replace them with "white collar criminals" who acted against the interest of the development of America.

Or we can apply the laws of "Dick Cheney" and consider them ENEMY COMBATANTS, thereby having the right to seize all the offending executives' property.

We can justify all our actions against them by asking......Are they not financial terrorists, shaking down our country?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009



A pompous old fart like Rush Limbaugh, a bush comedian, an uneducated nincompoop, who has already consumed his egotistical "Jim Jones elixir, is about ready to go steering mad.

First he considers himself a GOD, because of the following he has in the Republican uneducated , impoverished, regions, of the Mobile Park communities throughout the mid west and Old South. The so-called base of the Republican Party. Then he challenges the PRESIDENT OF THE USA to a debate on his Radio Talk show.

We can begin to see , a bouncing bulb of a man, who thinks his time is now, and could initiate something really bad , something really silly, something to test the foundations of our civilization, our virtue as a historically progressive Country and our new President Barack Obama, an African American.

The power the Republican Party has given him this week, cannot be processed logically by Rush Limbaugh , as an extremist in every possible way , he is about to abuse his new found power as if its Oxycontin. Rush is not bright enough to respond in any other way. In my opinion.

The ideological , political and leadership bankruptcy of the Republican Party has created a ready market for the Rush Limbaugh's KOOLAID directed at the Base of the impoverished South .

This bankruptcy of the Republican Party did not begin with the loss of the Presidential election and wipe out at the congressional levels. But was evident in their nomination of George W. Bush for President in the 2000 elections. In was this absence of credible ideological and political leadership that allowed opportunists such as Bill O' Reilly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh to use their Talk shows to fill the vacuum left by the inept , weakness of President George Bush as the ceremonial Leader of the Republican Party.

The market for their ideological drivel, was not the middle class, it was not the intellectuals, it was not the working class, but the impoverished residents of the poorer rural areas called the "Red Neck " or "Trailer Park" regions. A major contradiction , since the Republican Party is the political platform of the Upper Class, the mega rich, the real Capitalist, the Corporation's silly rich executives .

This has been the approach of the unseen and unknown hierarchy of the Republican Party, to allow a seeming acceptable " white male", with a few screws missing, like George and Rush, to take the mantle of Leadership ( to stand in front) of a real life Corporation executive, Dick Cheney . Which, if they don't use, will ensure automatic defeat for the Upper Class Party.

The Court Jester is now running the asylum. Rush Limbaugh is a lunatic comedian Talk Show Host who has elevated as the Cultural and Spiritual Leader of the Right Wing elements of the Wild Republican / Conservative Party.

This basically unschooled Maverick has used subtle and open racial propaganda to broadcast fodder to attract millions of rural listeners who has been left out of the political and economic success of America since 1864. The purposeful American miseducation system, was directed at this rural population and the Urban residents of African Americans.

The poor rural Americans has been deliberately forsaken by the Upper Class and Party, hidden as the under class of Rural and Southern America. These are descendants of white indentured and free workers of pre Civil War and post Reconstruction period.

They have been fed hatred,the Bible misinterpreted by pastors and politicians, who used it as a mantra to blame their impoverished existence on the destruction of the Slave system, and the loss of hope for success as "WHITE MEN", the supreme being . These are the minds, the Comedian Leader of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, has been priming with bullshit analysis and illogical commentary.

What the Mid west and Southern "old South" regions needed was an AL Sharpton type leader, to expose and bring to national exposure their plight of poor living and working conditions. Instead they got someone to exploit them again, and offer them "KOOLAID" as a way to succeed.