Monday, March 16, 2009

Name then FINANCIAL ENEMY COMBATANTS..then seize their property!!!

MoveOn.Org emailed me asking for support...for a campaign to send a petition to AIG expressing my sentiments on their abuse of taxpayers money to pay their executives for crashing their company. Please find my sentiments below...:

This is outrageous, This is Criminal. I am sure you have NO LOVE for America. To you this is just a trough where you have your fill. But the rest of the over 300 million Americans, this is our home, our castle, our playground, our collective, our community. WE DARE TO STRUGGLE ; WE DARE TO WIN.. we like that principle: " if one is suffering , we all are suffering".

Just like any animal or horse , you owe no allegiance to nothing but money. Like Mr.Madoff, the world's greatest swindler, greed is now the guiding principle for Nation building. According to Ruling Class America.

Are you and the AIG Executives going to justify this unpatriotic act to our children, as seeking THE AMERICAN DREAM ?. Swindling taxpayers of their contribution they sacrificed to save your company ?.

I am sure, America is sure, the International community is sure, that you are Republicans , in your outlook and selfishness.

We, the Progressive Americans, have to Pledge to rid America of this cancer of greed and over -indulgent greediness, encouraged by the"bring all the wealth to the Penthouse" and 'trickle down down the dreggs"... philosophies President Ronald Reagan and subsequent Conservative Republican Presidents and Dick Cheney.

Government as the majority shareholder, on behalf of the American taxpayers, should pass a law putting a moratorium on Corporate Executives' annual pay and bonuses.

They should, as a follow up, pass and strong ANTI - CORRUPTION legislation to penalize Political officials and Corporation Executives with strong fines, jail and even executions, for crimes against the American peoples' livelihood. This should be a retroactive law going back 15 years.

Clear the jails of petty criminals and replace them with "white collar criminals" who acted against the interest of the development of America.

Or we can apply the laws of "Dick Cheney" and consider them ENEMY COMBATANTS, thereby having the right to seize all the offending executives' property.

We can justify all our actions against them by asking......Are they not financial terrorists, shaking down our country?

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