Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The American middle and working class has had to wring their hands for the better part of nine months while the blabber-mouthed Republicans were throwing mess into the air and blaming Democrats and our brilliant President Barack Obama.

Representative Alan Grayson representing the good folks of Central Florida, correctly describes the performance of the Republican Congressmen on Health Care and other legislative measures to SAVE AMERICA.

This is Rep. Grayson understanding of what the Republicans has portrayed by their actions,in support of the Big Insurance Health Care Companies. The Republican Congressmen collectively receive hundreds of millions of dollars from Major Corporations , on the promise that they would oppose any legislation or attempts to reform the Health Care system that makes them at least $500 million profit in one year. This happens while over 44,000 thousand Americans die , either as rejections , for being sick, or because they could not afford the expensive monthly payments to join their plan.

This is Rep. Alan Grayson presentation to Congress:

Mr. Grayson also appeared on CNN'S SITUATION ROOM and bravely and correctly and unapologetically defended his stand on behalf of Amnericas' middle and Working classes, who lose so many of our families as the "for profit" American Health Care system eliminates them.

This is Representative Grayson interview on the Situation Room, very commendable:

So as you read this praise to Rep Alan Grayson, we ask you to kindly contact Mr. Grayson with some verbal encouragements to stoutly stand on the side of Middle and Working class Americans.

But one point I will like to address is the feverish uncomfortableness his use of the word HALOCAUST
. There is nothing wrong with using the word HALOCAUST to highlight the effect of any action by a group, on devastating the lives of another group.

His contact information is:
Orange County Office
Alan Grayson 455 N. Garland Ave, Ste. 402
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 841-1757
(407) 841-1754 (fax)

Thursday, September 24, 2009


We all remember the images depicted from biblical times 2,000 years ago, of RICH ROMAN EMPERORS, SENATORS.... their mass of soldiers , their mass of hard working citizens and over exploited peasants , followed everywhere by people who had given all they had and were now ravished by sickness and poverty, tattered all along cobbled streets.

This scene is repeated in every Kingdom of the feudalistic era. In France, in England, all of Europe, Russia, and in China the Feudal Kings and Queens , the Czars and Warlords refused to share their country's wealth, with the producers of that wealth.

The citizens of these Kingdoms mostly die early in age, because they had no access to health services. The history books are full of pictures displaying citizens wracked by disease and illness begging for ALMS / CHARITY to help make them well.

Senators Eric Cantor and Tom Coburn, echoing the principle on Health Care of the Republican Party, suggested that very ill citizens , who have lost their Health Care Insurance, should sell their property or GO BEGGING FOR CHARITY / ALMS to satisfy their health care needs.

It is this evil moment in our time, in that time, that encouraged the citizens of those early Kingdoms to break the feudalistic society and form another phase of human development enshrined with the principles of democracy, freedom, and service to the people and citizens.

The American revolution and the French revolution are among the change the world peoples took to form societies where the RICH will not have unrestrained access to all resources and the wealth created by the people.

This feudalistic concept of the GOP to Health Care, allowing the RICH to determine singularly the health of the American citizen , whether they are , young, middle class , very ill, senior citizen or even visitors to our country and of course, the general working population has no place in this century, this time, or this country. This has to change NOW!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Where were you when President Carter said, ALL WHITE AMERICANS WERE CARRYING A DAGGER UNDER THEIR COATS FOR PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. Did you check for yours? Or did you do a skin color check. ?

Most White Americans did NOT have to do any kind of SKIN COLOR CHECK. Because white Americans like Black Americans or Brown Americans are NOT a homogeneous block in the population. This is where President Carter fell short in his analysis of the character of White Americans.

Working America have to make decisions based on facts and relevant data every minute of the working day to complete tasks and get the job done. In that successful process we learn that fantasy information or misleading data leads to incorrect decisions and mistakes and possible jobs lost or costly setbacks.

In that scenario Working America, consisting of White America, Brown America, Black America even Native America, working side by side in groups of similar hue or combination of hues, have each come to know where to correctly place the value of the person working to produce a product or service. The value of color in that setting is WORTHLESS .

This is method of evaluation was used by 55 % of the voting population when they chose the President of the United States on November 4th 2008.

That model of evaluation based on merit, to choose a USA President seriously undermined the old plantocracy methods of White Supremacism , used successfully in our politics since 1868, during the Era of Reconstruction.

In a real sense this "business" method of evaluation introduced into our National politics , has seriously threatened to put the REPUBLICAN PARTY out of business .

In an effort to save their "business", Republican Congressmen decided to contract out the task of restoring their popularity and credibility to the Firm of RUSH LIMBAUGH, GLEN BECK, SEAN HANNITY AND FOXNEWS.

To achieve this goal for the Republican Party in Congress, the Contractors of RL-GB-SH-FX collectively decided to use the psycho- political strategy of uncivilized harrassment, using race as a mobilizing factor.

The use of race , is most cost effective, because there are hundreds of thousands of POOR WHITE FOLKS , living just above and below the poverty line, whose ONLY real value to the REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMEN, is the color of their skin. These ruthless Congressmen, normally, use every excuse in the book , not to address the issues of , living, working and social conditions within the POOR WHITE COMMUNITY.

Using phantom fringe groups and fantasy issues, the tactic was to spread false info and misleading analysis of issues dear to Americans prosperity and development, such HEALTH CARE REFORM . The Contractual firm began spreading this propaganda from the White Supremacist platform. The POOR WHITE COMMUNITY lapped up this poison up like hungry mongrels.

It is this factory of defeatist REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMEN , that induced and produced the violent racial hatred at Town Hall meetings and caused "JOE ' D' PRESIDENT'S INSULTER' WILSON " to embarrass his Sons , his Wife and Relatives.

The loud noise of empty vessels rolling down a hill , caused the Nation and the International Community to hear most clearly, above genuine criticisms and concerns for the issues at hand, the insidious clatter of racial attacks. Which pleased the collaboration of the CONGRESSMEN , the Phantom fringe groups and RL-GB-SH-FN .

This strategy for a moment , immobilized and neutralized middle and working class Americans. White and black folks each watched each other curiously and silently asking: ' What's going on? What are we gonna do?' The progressive media was the first to initiate a critical analysis of the strategy used. ALL PRAISE TO MSNBC...THE PLACE FOR UNBIASED POLITICS... who provided the data on the strategy used to hopefully DIVIDE THE USA, using White Supremacist ideology , of racism and secession to help get the REPUBLICAN PARTY some new "business".

So President Jimmy Carter's "truth be told" explanation caused all white folks, ( in the offices, on the production line, traveling on train, in contruction) to ask themselves:

"Was I secretly supporting the REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN racial attacks on President Obama as an inherent race germ inside me?" Or I knew it was bullshit all along but kept quiet, nevertheless.

May I suggest you find some place to give expression to what is on your mind , on this issue.

In this discussion the value of your hue is Worthless . Bringing the lessons of your work and social life will be invaluable.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Many Americans and International observers are bewildered by the ruthless extremism encouraged by the Republican Party, parading as civil debate. No one could answer the question when asked of the protesters in Washington DC on Saturday, 'What are you protesting about. ?' But we saw signs screaming anti government sentiments, anti immigration insults, condemnation of the Health Care proposals and calls for States secession.

Let us be clear . The Republican Party and their extremist fringe groups are still jealous that Barack Obama, as an African American, won the Presidential election and became the first Black President , in a country where rich white men , in business and politics preach and encourage WHITE SUPREMACISM.

The theory preached by supporters of racism, that is suspiciously believed throughout the society, that a black man could never win an election for President , and if he did he will be shot before the swearing in ceremony.

That theory was the basis of the thinking behind Presidential Candidate John McCain's seemingly, flippant choice of Sarah Palin for his Vice President. It was this theory , of no black man can ever be President, that made the Republican Party think that they did not have to respect America enough, to suggest a reasonable economic and social program to SAVE AMERICA FROM FINANCIAL RUIN.

At the beginning of the year Americans thought that opposition to President Obama's analysis of the national financial crisis was just ideological bankruptcy and a unified decision not to cooperate with President Obama's Administration.

But after close examination of the single message of all the insane white supremacists groups and the Main Stream Republican Party, reveals a dangerous ideological theory that sews all these groups together and is more a threat to our National Security , than any Militant Islamic Group situated in the middle east.

The Patron Saint of this un American, anti democracy , pro Apartheid, pro Jim Crowism, ultra capitalism movement, is JOHN C. CALHOUN, a South Carolinian , born March 18, 1782 and died– March 31, 1850. "He was the 7th Vice President of the United States and a leading SouthernSouth Carolina during the first half of the 19th century. Calhoun was an advocate of slavery, states' rights, politician f or limited government"..

See Wikipedia.....

Although Calhoun died nearly 11 years before the start of the American Civil War, he was an advocate of secession. He supported state's rights and nullification, under which states could declare null and void federal laws which they deemed to be unconstitutional. He was an outspoken proponent of the institution of slavery, which he famously defended as a "positive good" rather than as a "necessary evil".[2] His rhetorical defense of slavery was partially responsible for escalating Southern threats of secession.

***** This year , I promise, this will be threat expected to be taken by some State Governors, when the Immigration Reform legislation comes up for discussion in Congress.

This is the basis and reason for the "joe the President insulter" outburst on "immigrants", the new black , to be scorned and hated.

The positions outlined above deemed to be philosophies of John C. Calhoun who also asserted... that slavery was a "positive good." He rooted this claim on two grounds—white supremacy and paternalism. All societies, Calhoun claimed, are ruled by an elite group which enjoys the fruits of the labor of a less-privileged group.

All the signs and positions taken by the fringe extremist groups and supported by the Republican Congressmen and some Governors of Minnesota and Texas are linked to the teachings John C. Calhoun. Avery dangerous omen for the security of this nation , African Americans and other minorities

It is the belief of the Republican Congressmen and their White supremacist Groups , that President Obama was successful at the polls due mainly to the support of NEW AMERICANS they villify as "immigrants".

They think that America is no longer lily white in its racial composition , and therefore 'White Supremacism' was losing its value as a mobilizing trick amongst poor white folks,who generally are seeking to change their social relations with the rest of the American society.

I am certain that Republican Senator Mel Martinez saw the right wing extremism developing in his Party and decided to bolt for the door, rather than sit and listen to racial attacks on Hispanics, and other minorities, now called," illegal immigrants".

All Americans who support democracy, freedom , equality and civil rights should rally around the dream that America promises and all those that work to achieve these principles. This includes the Administration of President Barack Obama.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


This Summer of 2009, showcased the Republican Party acute sickness called political dwarfism . This is an ailment political organisations suffer when they are so self centered on serving and satidfying the ideals of the minority economic elite of a society , that they resort to scraping the propaganda barrel, looking for wasteful slime to influence their ideological direction.

History is littered with the garbage of political groups and parties whose ideas for national development, failed to inspire the productive forces of their population. After being rejected as a backward political alternative to the dreams of Americans. The GOP installed an African American as their black mascot sitting in a main Chair at their Headquarters.

Then they embarked on an outlandish KKK style of attacking our proud African American President Obama, because of his race. Using obviously discernible tactics of camonflaging their intent with issues such as HEALTH CARE REFORM AND ANTI IMMIGRATION RHETORIC.

Chairman of the GOP Michael Steele , an African American, has been drinking his immoblization "kool Aid" pretending to be oblivious of the attempt to disunite Americans based on race by elected Republican Congressmen.

The Report Card for the Republican Party of Summer 2009 rebuilding, using a racist strategy project, is as follows:

Formation of a LYNCH MOB called a TEA PARTY .

*** They were motivated by the embarrassing defeat of dumb and Madame dumbness by a bright beacon of Americas future, President Barack Obama. Failure *****

Formation of the BIRTHER Movement .

***They were attempting to define the international parentage of Barack Obama, as justification that he was ineligible to be a citizen. And to seek a way to overturn the rejection by America's Youth, middle and working classes of Ruling Class politics that was impoverishing this Great Country. The result a lying shame of ........ Failure ******

***The introduction of the worst kind of political poison fed to our glorious Senior Citizens . The propaganda initiated by Senator John Mc Cain's Madame Dumbness, attempted to create a DEATHERS MOVEMENT speculating that doctors assisting our elderly compose their last wishes with dignity, were DEATH PANELS....prescribed in the New upcoming Health Care legislation. The result...Am embarrassing confirmation that a Vice Presidential candidate has major educational cracks, causing dumbness. Failure********

Next was the introduction character assassinations of a President that was given the responsibility to save America from slipping into total economic ruin. At the time of the hot and angry Summer of 2009 , Republican members of Congress were tacitly and openly supporting the accusation that President Obama leadership and policies were similar to Adolf Hitler.

The purpose of this name calling to scare Jewish elderly citizens into believing that the President they voted for, was similar to the Fascists monster that killed their parents and other Jews. The result.... Success....Dick Armey and other Republicans were able to fleece millions of dollars from the elderly Jewish community through donations. That went into the pockets and coffers of Anti American undemocratic fringe groups, such as Freedom Works and possibly the KKK.

At the end of Summer 2009, Republican members of Congress , discredited by their constituents, were scrambling to share audiences with insane undemocratic extremists, white supremacists groups , threatening military action to overthrow the US Government .

The un American, anti democratic , right wing forces will soon be calling for the rule of oppression and white supremacists dictatorship, targeting IMMIGRANTS FROM HISPANIC BACKGROUNDS .

After their failure of the Summer of 2009, Hispanic and non white immigrants will all be labeled "Mexican illegal immigrants" to be attacked as the most vulnerable segments of the population. They are hoping to stir up RED STATES hysteria , as a means of initiating right wing violence in America.

The GOP and its insane right wing groups are hoping to be Americas' Taleban. Silly people..I must say!!

Saturday, September 05, 2009


Upper middle class families never cared for lower income families unless they used them as "help" where they can abuse them free from protection.

They liked African Americans and other minority families, when they worked for them cooking , cleaning and managing their unruly and and disrespectful children.

In my neighborhood of large families, from Middle middle class and working class backgrounds, the incidence of kids generally being pompous and disrespectful to elders was NOT TOLERATED by parents throughout the neighborhood. Every elderly person could be assured that young men and women will treat them as they treat their parents.

Men and women who were in the leadership positions, e.g. Teachers, the Postmistress, the Priest, Community Leaders all glowed in the respect they received from school children.

Of course there were the exceptions , where dysfunctional families or single parents would defy the golden rule to teachers, and abuse them about the handling of a particular child issue.

In the 1960's and1970's there were movies depicting the lifestyles of the Upper Middle Class , where the bulk of "adolescent" kids came from. Many scenes portrayed disenchanted kids, who could not reconcile the hypocrisy of their parents telling them , even lecturing them, about drugsm yet were always drunk, or always smoking, or sipping "booze" from a glass. These adolescent kids grew up to make many drug dealers rich and become a menace to society.

Today we see another adolescent lesson about to be taught by White middle class families , who are advocating to their children that a "black" President cannot teach my kids. So those kids will become misfits in a school that has as their NUMBER ONE GOAL....'BE RESPECTFUL TO YOUR ELDERS' AND NATIONAL LEADERS'

I remember when a National Leader addressed my school assembly. I can't remember whether he was White or Black, but I distinctly remember his words to the school.

He said,' Your future is in your school bag'. As a ten or eleven year old kid, I looked at my school bag differently from that day. I did not drag it behind me as I regularly did. Which many times brought complains from the neighborhood parents to my grandmother,or an the spot spanking or scolding from a concerned adult.

That lecture lit an academic fire in me that my parents and grandparents did not do up to that point. My future was in my school and I paid particular attention to it.

A national Leader is NOT just a guy or woman with good "lyrics" or speech, that looks well groomed. They are like 'rock stars' with an all inspiring power.

So those parents who are advocating holding their kids home as the all the powerful President Barack Obama addresses the America's kids and even kids living in every country, your kids will the future adolescent adults who were taught to use "prejudice" and bigotry as a means of making choices and decisions.

They are preparing the next generation of LOSERS , the next generation of White Supremacists.

I know most of these White Supremacists parents are "camouflage" Christians, who have a special "god" that teaches HATE above all else (apparently). But in the real and honest world of Christianity, "God do not love ugly", he usually finds a way to make you pay for your ugly behavior !

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Last weekend, I was very furious with LYNN JENKINS with her open bigoted "Great White Hope" speech to encourage acts of violence , from Republicans, (The Nasty Stinking Racists) . They want a disunited USA. We are becoming a damaged Empire , eroded from the inside, by WHITE SUPREMACISTS.

They destroyed the South during the civil war. They frustrated the rebuilding of the South , with the formation of the KKK and JIM CROW LAWS. It took Dr. Martin Luther King 's initiative to return civil rights, for the South to begin the process of growth.

Republican politicians despite this movement to modernize the South still encouraged Poor White Folks , who mostly live in poor conditions, called TRAILER PARKS, to be relentless and insane RACIAL HATERS. They were living in poor conditions, when the KKK was formed in 1868 and they are still there today.

These stupid people thought after a KKK meeting that all they had to do was to wear a "Caucasian Skin" and they will become Grade A students , and walk into a high paying job and live in the suburbs. After 140 years of this bullshitt , without success, the "Caucasian skin" wearers, in their frustration are now attacking President Obama and Immigrants.

Republicans such as Lynn Jenkins , Michele Bachman, Sarah Palin, John McCain , Senator De Mint , are ONLY about spreading hate and prejudice ..and should not be allowed to be peoples representatives. They offer the people nothing but hardship yet sickening wealth for the rich.

THE TEA PARTY LYNCH MOB, Birthers, Disturbers, are not about social issues . They are mobilizing and preaching hate towards a President of the USA , who is black. The Nasty Stinking Racists.have NEVER SUCCEEDED AND WILL NEVER BE SUCCESSFUL IN DESTROYING THE DREAM AMERICA OFFERS.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

US Senator Grassley and his KKK friends.

Senator Chuck Grassley invited his old KKK friends to a Town Hall meeting. These KKK seniors never believed they would be alive 50- 60 years later, after they most likely firebombed innocent Americans' homes, dressed cowardly in white robes, to see an African American become President of the USA.

One old grizzly hate filled veteran of WWII, accused the President of the free world , of being Hitler. Which has become a buzz word, introduced by the Tea Party Lynch Mobs, the Birthers and other insane white supremacists groups for, "nigger President". They have been trained not to use bigoted terms and words for fear being sued and prosecuted.

The KKK Town Hall senior friend of Senator Grassley felt so empowered by his silent approval of his insultive characterization , he went on to threaten to carry his guns and attack the President, in Washington DC, if he could round up an Iowan Posse. While it maybe argued that this man is reliving his days of attacking unarmed Africans Americans and is harmless.

The truth is that there are oppressed poor white folks who has been used and abused by rich white republicans, then blame it on African Americans and immigrants. They have heard so much negative propaganda ,all their historical lives in America, about who has them downtrodden in the Trailer Park Community, that they don't believe, they stand more to gain, MORE THAN ANY SEGMENT OF THE POPULATION , from Health Care Reform .

Rather than sing praises to heaven that a President of the USA is determined to get All America the health Care opportunity we deserve, poor white America, particularly those on the fringe want to stay in chains placed on us by the Health Insurance Corporations. They are joining White supremacist militias hoping to intimidate or harm the First African American President of the United States.

We cannot continue to live like Barbarians , hoping to tell the world THEY should live like civilised people, rather than resort to violence . We should recognise that our Republican leaders openly LIE to us hoping to create disunity.


Monday, August 24, 2009


There is a debate in the political blahosphere that the polls that show our President Obama is losing steam , is something to unnecessarily to get more gray hair about. Please read an article by my favorite correspondent JOAN WALSH..Then read my response...

It could be argued that a leader needs to know the temperature of those he leads. But that was relevant when Leaders resided on a pedestal and followed the Machiavellian outlook on how to treat and lead THE PEOPLE.

Even President Bush was not affected by the low polls on his competence and Presidency. Barack Obama as President is dealing with a broken USA , in economics, social services, and political ethnics.

Given the nature of our political system , an election to the Presidency of the USA, does not give the owner of that esteemed title, control to administer revolutionary change, easily. as demanded by the electorate.

There can be no delusion by President Obama that he is "ruling by the numbers". Without a magic wand to blink things into place , the change he promised cannot flow down the mountain in torrents of success to confuse the opposition , and please his supporters. He has to meander through obstacles, barter and trade like "The Merchant of Venice" just to reach a position of his core principles.

The President's only worry, is to keeps his promise or his word. The Health care , PUBLIC OPTION is a goal for him personally, and an important measure to reduce cost of providing Health Care to Americans.

He has to enact that feature of his commitment to also upgrade our social health services. His conflict with his supporters and middle class Americans,which will be not long lasting, is more about his patented patience and tolerance with the LYING AND DECEITFUL REPUBLICANS, than about the incorrectness of his policies.

He has shown his desire not to encourage open class warfare. This warfare, which is normal, (and mostly non- violent) in most societies outside America, can easily be nurtured by the GOP into a deteriorating open race antagonism. So he won't unnecessarily and openly attack corporate or upper middle class America.

I think President Barack Obama is exactly where he could possibly be, in his agenda, his mission, his reputation, his quality of leadership and in the polls, after seven months. This President is a winner. Congrats Mr.President.!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


This is a true story.
Please forward when you finish reading!

A little background:

Neiman-Marcus, if you don't know already, is a very expensive boutique
shop (they sell a typical $8.00 T-shirt for $50.00)

My daughter and I had just finished lunch at a Neiman-Marcus Cafe in
Dallas , USA . Because both of us are such biscuit lovers, we decided to
try the 'Neiman-Marcus cookie'. It was so excellent that I asked if they
would give me the recipe. The waitress said with a small frown, 'I'm
afraid not, but you can buy the recipe.'

I asked how much, and she responded; 'Only two fifty - it's a great

I agreed to that, and told her to add it to my bill.

Thirty days later, I got my Visa statement, and the Neiman-Marcus charge
was $285. I looked at it again, and I remembered I had only spent $9.95
for two sandwiches and about $20 for a scarf. At the bottom of the
statement, it said, 'Cookie Recipe - $250.00'. That was outrageous!

I called Neiman's Accounting Department and told them the waitress had
said it was 'two fifty', which clearly does not mean 'two hundred and
fifty dollars' by any reasonable interpretation of the phrase.
Neiman-Marcus refused to budge. They would not refund my money because
according to them; 'What the waitress told you is not our problem. You
have already seen the recipe. We absolutely will not refund your money.

I explained to the Accounting Department lady the criminal statutes
which govern fraud in the state of Texas .. I threatened to report them to
the Better Business Bureau and The Texas Attorney General's office. I
was basically told: Do what you want. Don't bother thinking of how you
can get even, and don't bother trying to get any of your money back'

I said, OK, you've got my $250, and now I'm going to have $250 worth of
fun. I told her that I was going to see to it that every cookie lover in
the world with an e-mail account gets a $250 cookie recipe from
Neiman-Marcus for free. She replied, 'I wish you wouldn't do that.' I
said, 'Well, perhaps you should have thought of that before you RIPPED
ME OFF!' and slammed down the phone.

So here it is! Please pass it on to everyone you can possibly think of.
I paid $250 for this, and I don't want Neiman-Marcus to EVER make
another penny from this recipe!

NEIMAN-MARCUS COOKIES (Recipe may be halved as this makes heaps)

2 (500 ml) cups butter
680 g chocolate chips
4 (1000 ml) cups flour
2 (500 ml) cups brown sugar
2 tsp.. (10 ml) Bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp. (5 ml) salt
2 (500 ml) cups sugar
500 g Grated Cadbury chocolate
5 (1250 ml) cups blended oatmeal
4 eggs
2 tsp. (10 ml) baking powder
2 tsp. (10 ml) vanilla
3 cups (375 ml) chopped nuts (optional)

Measure oatmeal, and blend in a blender to a fine powder. Cream the
butter and both sugars. Add eggs and vanilla, mix together with flour,
oatmeal, salt, baking powder, and bicarbonate of soda. Add chocolate
, grated Chocolate and nuts. Roll into balls, and place two inches
apart on a cookie sheet. Bake for 10 minutes at 375 degrees (180 C).

The above quantities make 112 cookies. Enjoy!


Sunday, August 16, 2009


White Supremacists protesting Progress

There is a National stink prevailing over America. The stench is definitely not coming from a 'dead' Improved Health Care Reform Plan. The offensive smell is coming from amongst the top executives of the Corporate America , particularly the Health Insurance industry,and its permeating down thru to the White Southern population .

The present anti improved Health Care Reform movement is resembling the anti civil rights movement led by the WHITE SUPREMACISTS of the 1960's. Despite their angry blah..blah....Civil Rights came very successfully to America. So did women abortions rights, which they also tried with others negative and backward forces tried to stop from happening. Not Now ....Not Ever ..the progressives said at the time.

I am predicting that l the Progressive Health Care Reform become .our method of serving hard working Americans who become sick.....with a strong PUBLIC OPTION.... or Universal Health Care for all Americans.

By the way, do you think the international community is getting a whiff of this stench running thru the South from amongst the white supremacists,that are masquerading with political adolescents in an Urban Park. They are Childish ..very childish.

My High school girlfriend, who migrated to Australia with her husband, called to ask, what the hell is going on with these "lynch mobs" of the South.

My buddy who is in the Caribbean with his family since the beginning of summer, emailed me to say that America sounds like a foreign country, to stay away from. He wanted to know who was stirring the un American hate pot. I sent him a report I read in the Washington Post, by Rick Perlstein, that will help put things in a bit of perspective.

At the end he wanted to know if the white middle class, in offices, and the working class in manufacturing, are vomitting on this ' Banana Republic' style of politics . I told him the middle class is mainly , not collectively barking at the "intruders" but the media is showing some resistance..Thank God!!!

Kindly click on the link to read the report:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


President Obama speaking to America's Future

The wild MOB sponsored by FOXNEWS and the Insurance 'Fatcat' Companies . Should COUNT this attempt to encourage backwardness in the USA as a lost cause.

Educated Americans and young people will never and has never supported the Racist lunatic MOBs' attempts to discourage progress in this country. Our forefathers who created this powerful Union of States, will continue to guide the progressive movement as they have done in every generation.

Since 1868 , LUNATIC RACIST MOBs have tried to intimidate Americans away from carrying this Nation to higher heights . They have failed every damned time.

Forty - five years ago they tried to stop the introduction of Medicare and medicade....with the same arguments and messages you see on their signs today. Today our senior citizens LOVE MEDICARE ...BUT THEY WAVED SIGNS AGAINST IT..... WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG. NOW THEY ARE YELLING ...NO..NO..TO AN IMPROVED HEALTH CARE AND PUBLIC OPTION......THEY ARE ALWAYS ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY~~~~~

SO let me say it ONE FINAL TIME.


* There is nothing they , the LUNATIC RACIST MOB, could and will do to change that.







It is noteworthy.....The Devil never calls himself Devil or Satan....He calls other people by his name..or he lets his surrogates do the name calling.

Also the surrogates ... always knows is always evil things ...always evil...Never.. good news.....Never Hope......always Nope!!!!

Friday, August 07, 2009


Two famous Americans gained their fame fighting and winning against them. Every struggle America had with them ,the society as a whole moved forward by leaps and bounds.Today its President Barack Obama's turn to defeat them and take our Health Care System forward by leaps and bounds.

They, the poor white folks , joined the American National Family, not all came as Free men, some came here as indentured slaves, from the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean who worked in the cane fields for a minimum of five years then brought here or delivered to the USA via South Carolina. Many white southerns came to the USA via the Slave or semi Slave system.

Racism was a policy effectively used to divide the Labor population ( which consisted of white free laborers, white semi free laborers and black chattel labourers) to make them more manageable for the Big Land Owners. The anti -slavery riots throughout the Caribbean had taught the Slave masters here in America , that a strong DIVIDE AND RULE policy was the most effective way to manage the laborers( free, semi-free and chattel) in an Agricultural society.

White laborers desperate for respect and admiration by their White Owners and Bosses quickly embraced the fabled notion that, though economically and socially free, they were no better off, than black Slaves , the color of their skin gave them an identification with the Boss Massa Sir. But literally nothing else.

When the Confederates States of the South wanted to destroy the Union of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, they sought to build an army to physically carry out their destructive mission.

The military and political representatives of Rich White Land Owners recruited poor white semi- slave laborers with the rallying call, that President Abraham Lincoln wanted to change and reduce their status in society by FREEING THE SLAVES

President Abe Lincoln in1865 demolished the Big White Land Owners attempt to destroy our USA. The slaves were freed, but the propaganda lies of the White politicians and Businessmen of the South never happened. White Laborers NEVER lost their status as men in the American society.

Today, Fifteen Generations later , the great , great , great grandchildren of those oppressed , exploited and indoctrinated white laborers are still holding onto, an out of place grudge and misplaced hate from the days they were lied to.

As a consequence of that chain been placed, unceremoniously around the necks of that segment of the American population of poor whites , they are continously encouraged to historically advocate for the wrong policies for America.

Permit me reflect on some of the bad choices, the Rich white Land Owners or Big Corporations, have led this segment of the middle and working class to wildly support.

Here are some:

*They were on the wrong side of the Civil War.

*They earnestly supported, ethnic cleansing policy of the Klu Klux Klan.

*They revelled in the Jim Crow policy of Segregation and State discrimination ( believing that these policies would provide an upgrade in their living and working conditions exclusively). It never happened. Some of the worst living and health conditions are experienced in the Trailer Park community.

*They shamelessly attacked Elementary and Middle school black students , on their way to get an education in desegregated public schools .

*Wild and rabblerousing protest against the Voting Rights Bill.

*Wild and rabblerousing protests against women Abortion Rights.

*Wild and rowdy support for the invasion of Iraq. (The outcome many Americans and Iraqis suffering today)

*Support for John McCain and Sarah Palin two of the worst Presidential candidates ever .
*Support for the abuse of Sick Americans and their families by Big Insurance Companies.
*Like all the other bad choices this segment of the American population has made, they will be proved to again be at the tail end of Americas progress.

What shall we do with these folks who have become victims of the worst kind of POLITICAL INDOCTRINATION in modern American history. They are led around like sheep dogs , being pumped with the most filthy misinformation from FOXNEWS, RUSH LIMBAUGH and the BIG CORPORATE INSURANCE LOBBYISTS.



Wednesday, August 05, 2009


My Mother's Generation are played as suckers by rich white men in Corporate Insurance Business suits

I recently saw a movie clip from South Africa,where the benefactors of Apartheid were causing some trouble by organizing them selves into armed militias trying to scare FREED SOUTH AFRICA.

The white supremacists, in South Africa,having lost their privilege of trampling other human beings because of their skin color, lost even their ability to scare children of extreme poverty.

The President of South Africa,Nelson Mandela at the time, did NOT jump up and shout them down or even have them arrested for disturbing the peace of their new Nation. He skillfully mobilized the rest of the country to support the participation of South Africa in the World Rugby Cup, contested in South Africa at the time.

Free South Africa Nation, no longer stagnated by racist policies and backward solutions to satisfy an unpatriotic minority, rallied around their national team , spiritually and morally. The South African National Rugby Team won the Rugby World Cup and consequently , defeated the SA White Supremacists forever.

There is a parallel here for the USA,as we struggle to bury the concept of White Supremacist oppression nurtured by the Republican Party.

The Birthers, the Tea Party Racists, The Health Reform Town Hall disrupters, the Republican Party Congressmen Caucus of JUST SAY NO -ERS, are compared to the armed white supremacists of South Africa, who were seeking to maintain the status quo, their money pool.

The Birthers and their sister destabilizers and disrupters are fed lies and misinformation, they are exposed on National TV, as feeble minded old white Americans. They are led to the slaughter,like sheep by BIG CORPORATE INSURANCE COMPANIES, who want to suck their blood endlessly and deny their children and grand children an improved and modern Health Care System.

The Town Hall meeting disrupters have become the laughing stock of the civilized world, their pictures and behavior are shown in all countries, as examples of old America, still hanging on today.

They claim they are against Public funded Health Care, yet, they are treated by Public funded Madicare and Medicaid ,for their health care needs.


In Iran and Iraq, in Brazil and Vietnam, in Australia and Venezuela, in Cuba and Lithuania, poor folks there are elated that, though unable to adequately provide to all their needs, they are not subject to that ancient form of race antagonism and discrimination still in existing America.

My grandmother, in her wisdom, would have said, ' They are so wicked in their heart, they cannot bring themselves to believe our President is a Black man.'

Monday, July 20, 2009


The Republican Senators issued a statement on Health Care legislation. It says "America has the best health care and it does not need to be scrapped." These are the words of the proven dishonest men and women,who lives hypocritical lives. These men/women who are elected by the masses but serves shamelessly Corporate America to the detriment of the majority of middle and working class America.

The Republican Party has very long ago abandoned the principle of "Serving the People" they exclusively serve BIG BUSINESS and Corporate executives. They usually take orders and directions for their day's schedule from corporate lobbyists. Given all we know personally about getting sick in America. Given all we know about our family and friends who are not employed in a well paying job but has gotten sick.

Given all we know about ALL AMERICANS who earn lower than $35,000.00 annually and the state of their health care opportunities for their families. Who will you say the Republican Senators are representing when they issue statements like the one above?

Always remember that America is not a homogeneous block of Americans. We are stratified into economic layers that determine our political outlook and the manner our political and financial leaders respect us. THE FAMILY CULT ORGANIZATION OF C STREET IN WASHINGTON DC, teaches their Congressional Republican members that middle and working class voters are minions who elect s them to have 'dominion over them' and they don't have to serve them.

This is the folks the Obama Presidency has to compete with, in trying to get health care service that provides adequate health protection for working America. All the arguments presented by the Republicans members against an adequate health care service for America is provided by their employers in the Insurance and Pharmaceutical Corporate industries.

So when you are swaying one way today and another tomorrow as you hear the arguments being made for and against a progressive and efficient Health Care Plan, always examine who is talking and what and who they represent. Always check their class background and what class they serve, either the Upper Class or the rest of America.


Kindly send this quote to all Republican Congressmen!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Upper Class American white men are trying to create a fake white man race insecurity complex. This fact has become evident during last week's the senatorial drilling of Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor by proclaimed white supremacist Senator J. Sessions and Senator Graham. After 4 days of trying to pin a racist tag on the highly qualified nominee , the Republican Senators, sickeningly had to recoil in defeat, acknowledging that after all their attempts to smear the Judge, she is really a mainstream law adjudicator.

What is causing this racist tinged attacks by members of Congress? It's very noticeable that Republican members of Congress particularly those from the old south States have been relentless in their criticism of President Barack Obama, mainly using "buzz words" to fire up the Trailer Parks , without presenting realistic and workable alternatives.

But what is causing this panic among these powerful white men? They all seem to behave like dodgers fans, the first time Jackie Robinson trotted out to the outfield after being hired. I call this WHITE SUPREMACIST WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME. White men who enjoyed the benefits of "Jim Crowe" , the first, second, and third preference for anything they chose and wanted in society legally and immorally denying millions of non white Americans the same.

The same people that called any non white, "boy". The same white men that got to have public drinking facilities to themselves and lawfully had black men and women to give them their seats on buses . Its sick to hear men like Pat Buchanan and Mr. Bork to criticise Judge Sotonmayor because of her race and try to camouflage it with unreasoned justification. Sounds like the white journalists who criticised the Dodgers for hiring Jackie Robinson . They all claimed there were white Baseball players more talented that Jackie. But today the Baseball honors Jackie Robinson as a pioneer. How short sighted those white supremacists were back then. Very similar to the shortsightedness of Jeff Sessions and former Republican US President candidate Pat Buchanan.

In order to continue to kill this white supremacist scourge in America we need to reveal the true nature and analysis of RACE AND CLASS USA STYLE. I will do so in my next submission. But beware Republicans and white supremacists will prefer to direct and see all our political issues into a race analysis , rather than use the correct method of class analysis. If we use class analysis poor white folks ( the base of the Rich man's Republican Party) will be liberated from their oppression and exploitation .

Monday, July 13, 2009


"Days before a Northeast Philadelphia day camp's membership at a private suburban swim club was rescinded, several of the campers said they had heard racial remarks about themselves at the pool.

Sixty-five campers, kindergartners through seventh graders who are African American and Hispanic, arrived at the private swim club around 3:30 p.m. on June 29. It was their first visit to the club, but the camp had made arrangements for weekly trips on Mondays through Aug. 10.

While the campers were swimming,Alethea Wright the Camp's executive director , said, three of them came up to her and said they had heard club members asking what African Americans were doing at the club."( from philly .com)

This nasty stinking racism and prejudice is practiced by some White Americans in front of their white children , within earshot of African American and Hispanic kids.

What affect can this experience perpetuated by white middle class mothers have on the minority and the white children?

The black and hispanic kids will become resentful and be consoled by their parents. Some of that group will always fear white people as unjust and cruel to black folks and their kids.

We as Americans , we have seen the brutal cruelity of white supremacists attacking minority children. During the desegregation period of Southern Public Schools we saw images of white mothers and fathers berating a 6 year old, black school girl as she bravely walked through a gauntlet of their verbal abuses and spit bombs.

These brutal white supremacists of Valley Club in Huntingdon Valley, PA. and many other private, "white only" organizations, where they are creating the next generation of COLUMBINE KILLERS , are showing they are unworthy of being citizens of the USA.

Every household that teaches white supremacists ideology is potentially an incubator for their children to become violent racists. The irony is that in the absence of black and hispanic kids to injure, these psychologically bruised white kids, either attack their friends or their parents, in some cases , with demented rage.

Black Americans and Hispanic kids, in the midst of this ancient attack, take all diverse directions. Some lose all will to fight the claw of the white majority, that seem willing to shed their existence to smittens. Gangs and crime become an attractive haven . Yet some , clench their fists tighten their jaw and run through the gauntlet, to become the Michael Jordans, the Michael Jacksons, the Commander in Chief Barack Obamas, the Tiger Woods, the Justice Sonia Sotomayors and Serena and Venus Williames".

Since the election of African American President Barack Obama, the GOP members of Congress, Rush Limbaugh, and blind members of the racist TEA PARTY organization all are spitting racist rage , trying unsuccessfully to make sensible rebuttals to the programs to SAVE AMERICA outlined by the handsome President of the USA.

I hope there is a law written , that makes these white supremacists swim club members pay the ultimate price for child abuse, that leaves all the kids mentally brutalized for life. They are unAmerican as any anti American living on this Earth. !!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Many times we read comments and statements from individuals and we decide whether to accept or reject their opinion based who they are or their stake in society.Most Americans are not schooled in class analysis. Which is the ability to recognize the Class nature and background of an individual. Since everyone belongs to a class in society , it is easy to surmise that they will reflect tendencies and position in support of that outlook.

This means we all seek our "class interest". The worker on the job sees his contribution to the job, differently to the management , who therefore suggest a pay scale that conflicts with the workers interpretation of his/her worth. If the law allows in our State, we will then get a Trade Unionist to represent us. The Corporate Executive nad his representatives seeking to deny Universal Health care for all as it may deny him easy profits he made for decades.

In politics , in America we are trained not to see people as manifestations of their Class or the class they aspire to join, but as liberals or conservatives. Totally giving us a false reading on who to trust based on class affiliations and who they represent. In life we know automatically, that if a person is affiliated to us in some meaningful way, we are most likely to give that person the benefit of our confidence. We also know that the devil comes himself to mislead us but sends an IMP/ archangel to to gain our trust and outsmart us .

But in America we have Ruling Class apologists, who openly hide behind labels of "conservatives" and "Republicans" to down play their class affiliation and definitely the class nature of their positions. A great example, this week is the daughter of Mister Evil, the former Vice President, Dick Cheney, who is seeking to invoke 'bush logic' to justify a ridiculous notion that " the Kings men" should be free from persecution when there is evidence that they abused the law and their high administrative position.

The outlandish position of the 'daughter of Dick' is similar to the snake oil salesman of the old wild west. These ruling class people think that the middle class and their ally , the working class, are listening to their "Jim Jones type excuse to have us drink their Kool Aid again". She is thinking of protecting her father from a dark dungeon where he really belongs, because of his unrepentant service to the Ruling Class at the detriment of those men and women who died on the battle fields of Iraq. Their deaths had nothing to do with National Service ,only that they were instructed to serve on the orders from the Commander-in -Chief, GWB, who is reported, at this time, not to be talking to the Dick Cheney.

So we must always assess the class nature , and background of the individual who are talking down to us on these TV Talk Shows. What class do they represent ? Will you trust them to negotiate an employment contract on your behalf , or will you suspect that they will sell you out to their Ruling Class friends. Then we should reject their Kool Aid, before you get contaminated with their anti people poison.

Another great example of the anti people sentiment of the Ruling Class is their response to President BHO's desire to have as a Supreme Court Judge, a person that has EMPATHY with the middle and working classes.

Suddenly we are seeing Ruling Class Senators and Congressmen responding with disgust at the thought that a supreme Court Judge is expected to share the life experiences,and be aware of the plight of those who do not have access to wealth. My Great Grand mother told her daughter to be aware of the biasness of those who administrate the law. That was a century and a half ago.

Here's a great definition of the word..:em·pa·thy (ěm'pə-thē)n.

Identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives.

All the world knows that the wealthy gets the law to serve them better than they do the middle and lower classes. All the world knows that if a member of the Ruling Class understands and empathize with the situation of the working class, he is called a communist or in the case of President BHO, a socialist. So the Ruling Class members do not want a Supreme Court Judge to understand the " situation , feelings and motives" of those outside the wealthy class. ALL OUR SUPPORT GOES TO JUDGE SOTOMAYOR !!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Many political analyst and sensible media commentators are perplexed by the actions of Dick Cheney, former Vice President.Why is he on a media tour? What are his plans? What is the game ? what goal is he expecting to achieve?
What is the role of Rush Limbaugh in Mr. Dark Evil Vader plans?

Well, My dear readers permit me to present a perspective. First of all Dick Cheney in my opinion foresees himself as the American Czar of the world. He believes that Americas Armed forces is under utilized. He believes that we ( he) , America should rule the world with an iron fist, making all countries subservient to America's military might. Mr. Cheney is sick with the same ailment that afflicted Mr. Hitler, visions of grandeur, soon to be World Conqueror. Insane expectations ,straight out of Cartoon Network.

In Dick Cheney's demented maniacal mind he was willing to be a leader behind the scenes manipulating weak leaders like George Bush and his son. It is quite possible that his dream of the potential to personally use and abuse America's military prowess was hatched by Dick Cheney as he moved through the corridors of Washington's power brokering circles and White House influential positions.Richard (Dick) Cheney was Assistant to President Gerald Ford. When Rumsfeld, as Chief of Staff to President Ford, was named Secretary of Defense, Cheney became White House Chief of Staff. He later was campaign manager for Ford's 1976 presidential campaign as well.

The man credited with fashioning his ideological world view was Professor H . Bradford Westerfield, of Yale University, then a self-described ardent 'hawk'( extreme right wing fundamenralist) who believed the United States should be assertive in its role as the leader of the free world. However, Westerfield's views were modified over the course of time; and he came to characterize the Bush-Cheney administration's foreign policy as "precisely the wrong approach.

Nevertheless the extremism of Dick's militaristic desire was born and was in full growth spur by the time " Dick Lucifer" became Secretary of Defense under President George H.W. Bush. As we know he was the master mind behind, the first invasion of Iraq, Desert Storm.

In my view, following the defeat of George H. Bush, Dick called up a few of his buddies , such as Donald Rumsfeld and began to discuss some main talking points. Remembering the teachings of his old Professor, Mr. Westerfield, Dick saw an opportunity to "kill two birds with one stone"

The weakness of Saddam Hussein's Army, in Dessert Storm I, told him that America's military could defeat the entire Middle East country's military without danger of defeat and the cost of much American lives. The underground Right Wing extremist group grew to include a strong lobby of the Israeli Government and a few more Right Wing opportuinists, who hatched up an ambitious plan to seize White House power legally and use it to create an opportunity to "assert America's military power" around the world , beginning in the Middle East.

The country that was targeted as the Port,the opening, to this new world of America's military terror, was the infamous Iraq and its loquacious leader Saddam Hussein. The secret military plan called for a public relations campaign, after winning easily in Iraq ( they dreamed), to identify, Syria as the second middle eastern target.

Before that day came , they constructed an audacious plan to undermine President Bill Clinton and his Administration. President Clinton with his weakness for attractive women, facilitated them with his mistakes. It could be debated whether the intern, that gave President Clinton the famous 'blow job',was a plant of this malicious underground Right Wing group. The manner in which they exploited it to weaken the Clinton Presidency was not lost on his wife Hillary , who correctly called out, the conspirators and their Right Wing agenda, as the main reason for Bill Clinton's embarrassment.

However as history will testify, Dick Cheney and his Right Wing group did succeed in undermining the Democratic Party and the Republican Party won the election of 2000, with an input from the then Chief Justice, a personal friend of Dick Cheney . Dick Cheney chose George W. Bush and placed him as President, with him accepting the Vice President position. A place he figured he could maneouvr and manipulate things without being directly seen.

Just as Adolph Hitler miscalculated the invasion of Russia in his madman desire to conquer the world, and assert Germany's military superiority, Dick Cheney and his cronies miscalculated their dreams and lost on their average .

Many people have wondered why after the attack on 9/11 did the Bush Administration, put all the military material in a military theater that had so very little military benefits in the so called revenge against Al Quiada, the leading extreme militant muslin group.?

The answer was in the original plans of the secret group, led by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. The plan when it was confirmed as go, was to invade Iraq, take it over place a military type leadership that was easily manipulated by the White House . The 9/11 attack was at once a blessing and at the same time a curse on the plans of the underground 'Dick and Donald' underground Right Wing extremist group.

Many people believe that in some way, Mastermind evil planner, Dick Cheney, had a hand in orchestrating the attack on the New York Twin Towers. In my estimation it may very well be that Dick Cheney with his close contact with CIA , could have gotten some wind of a possible attack and submerged efforts to stop it. Or the underground group could have, with some great elaborate planning, put things in place to create the diversion of a militant attack and use it as cover, to justify their plan to attack Iraq.

So in fact Osama Bin Laden may have been a de facto accomplice in the Iraqi invasion. which meant that he could be repaid with a 'low level' search and destroy excursion in Afghanistan.The years, Iraq allowed Al Quaida to grow and enhance itself amongst the villagers on the Border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Inside America, in Washington, the failure of the underground plan to make America's military an assertive imperialist personal Army of terror on unsuspecting countries was causing two kinds of problems. One was the uneasiness of the "middle of the road" middle class. They, generally like to believe in the aspirations and assertions of the Ruling class, were becoming concerned with safety of their personal liberties and Civil Rights.

Dick Cheney, in an effort to salvage a defeated plan, sought to introduce FEAR as a military tactic on Americans. Through President Bush,he sought to attack the GREAT AMERICAN CONSTITUTION as a hindrance in their phony war on terrorists. The Patriot Act was a component in that masquerade of pretending to fight militant religious extremists, by reducing the role of the American Constitution.

Between the years 2002 and 2008 , the Republican Party , the white House and the misinformed residents of the so called Red States were fighting a losing battle on all fronts. It began to become apparent there was a sham war effort in Afghanistan, the war was a mess in Iraq, and constant evaporation of support for the war concept, amongst the working class was followed by an increasing number of the middle class.

Unable to defend its failed policies, the Republican Party, faced an eloquent Chicago Senator who as a black American with historical bruises of oppression, suppression and discrimination was able to expose the Bush/Cheney failure to improve the livelihood of Americans during their tenure. He rarely sought to expose the mischievous plans of Dick, Donald or their puppet/ co conspirator George Bush. Instead he concentrated on restraining the slide of the American standard of living.

But Mr Dick Cheney, like the demented DON QUIIXOTE, is caught running behind his fallen star, trying to achieve his goal long after his sun, and his party's , had settled into the darkness of America's history.

Today he is trying to create chaos and distraction with a media tour talking about FEAR AND TERRORIST, two subjects that won him and George a second term in the white House in 2004.

There are some features of his crusade to cover "my footprints" by Dick Cheney that should be noted. In his overstretched mind, Mr Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney believes that he should rightfully be the new leader of the Republican Party. He frowns that after being the manipulator behind the curtains or from a safe place, in two Bush administrations , its time he should be the leader and US President.

Dick also thinks he has connections in the right places in the military and secret services that he can call on for support, when necessary. On his estimation,he needs to form a coalition with extreme media types, such Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Fox News.Their mission and have they accepted it , is to try and create the notion of FEAR of a terrorist attack, via their programs. At the same time they should keep the "unsuspecting " political base in the Trailer Park revved up with racial hate, for President BHO.

Of course this or any other Dick Plan will fail, it may have some casualties as the war mess in Iraq continues to have, but it will fail. America and its integrity will be restored. Dick and Donald, will join Mussolini, General Franco and Adolph Hitler in that restless place for fascist demagogues.

There is no doubt that Dick Bruce Cheney has being, since the George H Bush years, the most dangerous man in the world. Just close your eyes and think, for a moment, what danger the world will be in, if the dreaded, RED BUTTON is in the same office Dick Cheney occupies.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


When I started thinking of preparing to write a comment about President Barack Obama's first 100 days in Office. My Original thought was to analyze the cooperation of the Ruling Class and their Republican Party during the early era of President Barack Obama.

But the sensible moderates of their Party began to feel isolated and embarrassed by the irrational covert and overt racial attacks by the leadership and their surrogates. This resulted in Senator Arlen Specter disassociating himself and his reputation from the anti people Republican Party.

The entire 100 days of President Obama's tenure as President has been used by the leadership of Republicans in Congress to 'nit pick' on nonsensical issues of the new President. Even when they are legitimately asking sensible questions on the strategies, to be used by the Obama administration to SAVE AMERICA,there is this unbelievable IDIOTIC STUPIDITY presented as American educated logic used as the basis for justifying their inquiry.

The infamous Tea bag "LYNCH MOB" Party tried to be a rally of the ideological Right Wing Ruling Class supporters. But it turned out to be exposed, for the whole world to see, as a racially motivated crowd attacking the President of the United States, because of his race.

----- The following story reminds us of the danger of terrorism here, in the USA. A terror the Republican Party conveniently ignores. Maybe the Republican Party supports racism as a means of regaining their lost political. The GOP nurtures this terror band and their members' families. This is what the media calls, "THE GOP POLITICAL BASE".-------

In my view the GOP is descending into the garbage heap of backwardness where they will dissolve into their natural ally. The KKK.

The whole world saw, (during the LYNCH MOB'S TEA PARTY) a series of placard waving feudalistic hate mongering groups trying to mask their hate crimes with calls for reduced taxations when the focal point of President Obama's Administration is lower taxes for the majority of Americans.

The strange thing is , before this last election many Americans did not have an educated idea, as to who are these GOP Party members. Many middle class Americans thought the Republican Party was just like them. They mistakenly thought Republicans were faithfully patriotic Americans, who will never try to undermine the foundations of the country they loved. They thought the GOP was a middle class party, that they just dressed well. That's why poor white folks voted, supported, held them up and showed them so much love.

They never figured out that the REPUBLICAN PARTY IS AN INSTRUMENT OF AMERICAS SUPER WEALTHY. Whose agenda is similar to that of Feudal Monarchies. Economically that want ALL the resources,and its profits of America to belong to them. Their only request is that the rest of Americans should own their labor and they the Super Rich and Republican Leaders, would, using their conscience and discretion (evidence shows they have neither towards middle and poor America) "trickle down" financial resources to the masses. Which include poor white folks in the Mid West and South.


Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine, one of the few remaining moderate Republicans in the Senate,and in the GOP, said, last Tuesday that Arlen Specter's abandonment of the GOP is "devastating,personally and I think for the party."

She continued, "I've always been deeply concerned about the views of the Republican Party nationally in terms of their exclusionary policies and views towards moderate Republicans," said Snowe, who has been approached, she said, by Democrats in the past about switching parties.

Specter's switch to the Democratic Party "underscores the blunt reality" that the GOP is not a welcome place for moderates, she said.

So far, she said, she's staying put. "I believe in the traditional tenets of the Republican Party: strong national defense, fiscal responsibility, individual opportunity. I haven't abandoned those principles that have been the essence of the Republican Party. I think the Republican Party has abandoned those principles.

She added that being a Republican is simply part of who she is. "It's my ethnic heritage, Spartan side, that continues to fight," she said.

A word of caution to the good Senator of Maine, the so called 'traditional sentiments' of the republican Party, are not what she claims. These are smoke screens phrases for 'well to do' middle class white people, who think they are joining a CARING PARTY that's willing to serve the masses. They are wrong, and they are getting a reality check...!! A rude awakening.

The Republican Party's main tenet is to disunite America, by any means necessary. Thereby providing a better opportunity for them to oppress segments of Americans with ease. Giving them full access to the wealth of America to play with and to abuse,without much opposition.

The terms : STRONG NATIONAL DEFENSE,: Turns out be a cover for military contractors of Big Arms Corporations to have easy access to the funds of Treasury of the USA, and a theoretical justification to attack unsuspecting countries.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY : , Is the Flash Card that's used to deny workers appropriate compensation for work done. And to deny the free formation of organized workers and on the Job Representations,normally called UNIONS. ( Any politician that's anti Union is someone workers, and middle class folks should avoid totally).
But most importantly the phrase is a propaganda tool used to deny the wealth, created by America's working masses, of ever reaching the Poor and Middle Class of America, in any form. Whether in Health care, Transport improvements, affordable housing or whatever . The Republicans prefer to keep the wealth and share it amongst themselves and Corporations, using legal and illegal trickery.

INDIVIDUAL OPPORTUNITY: With the abuse of the wealth of America, by the Republican Party owners, the "individual opportunity" is a mirage for many Americans.

So in this era of political transparency , there is no cover for the Republican Party to try to camouflage their real intentions for our beloved country. AMERICANS WE HAVE TO STAY ON OUR TOES AND KEEP OUR EYES OPEN...FORWARD EVER BACKWARD NEVER....

Saturday, April 25, 2009


How will the talented and objective authors consider and define this period in our nations history? This present sad period began with the election of Ronald Reagan as President.

His leadership brought with it a sense of evil that penetrated the most susceptible amongst our population that were sucking on the backwardness that racism nurtured.

In my opinion the most damaging feature of this evil has been the deliberate destruction of the education system.

Adolf Hitler made it a point of imposing his fascist regime, in Germany, to destroy all features of education, books , schools and teachers. It has been the same here , they have delibertely set out to dumb down the nation and scrape of the cream of the "duncey heads" and make them empty vessels that loudly support a view that's outside their class interest and do harm to themselves and family.

On TV and AM radio, you hear some of the most illogical arguments , ever presented on this Planet by surrogates and activists for the Republican Party. That was Hitler's concern he had to have German's thinking just like he thought, although they are victims of his oppression and suppression. A perfect example are the families in the Trailer Park Commune... Followers who wont break the circle and are hoping for a return to the backward days of segregation and open discrimination

From President Reagan to President GWB, with the exception of that brief period of Pres. Bill Clinton, we have seen the formal destruction of our country, its spirit of goodwill, opportunities, prayers of support from far and near , and the unusual growth of White male moronism, mainly racists from lower income families. Then there is the White female middle class unbalanced and illogical liars, such as Palin , insane Michelle Bachmann,( In photo. who lives in an asylum in the political red light district of Minnesota) Ann Coulter and other Ruling class thinking women who enflame minds that don't possess the formal ability to think and analyze, they foolishly try to pass off themselves, as politicians and Rightwing activists . But they are nothing but low life, selfishly pampered girls trying to unscrupulously get their bread buttered.

They yap their gums, because they know that the "uneducation of America" has laid the ground for them to gyrate on. Neither of them could have any success with educated middle class boys and girls and members of progressive Unions.

Because of them and others of like elk,.......

On YouTube you can find devilish videos from the uneducated that seeks to undermine our country and its desire to its tracks set by our forefathers. It is just poison from these boys and girls. But I found this video, below... the following is very touching, America trying to spiritually protect Barack from the evil of America, trained by Ronald Reagan and the Republicans.:

This piece is a comment I wrote in response to an uneducated liitle boy or girl... who was tortured with ideological brainwashing by Rush , Hannity and the bunch anti American Talk Show Hosts. Its they who said they want America to fail.....

"You are nuts. You are a product of the destroyed American education system...A mind left in the darkness of racism , backwardness, and feudalistic outlook on the people by the Republican administrators. They see you and trained you to be no better than your great grand parents who fled Europe from the Monarchy.....They (Republicans) are now your are their peasants. Don't look now, am not in there with you.
Free your self and your mind will follow.....WE CANT WAIT ON YOU FOREVER..!!"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It is one thing to be disdainful. People are taught to be snobbish to folks who are lower on the economic ladder than themselves. Feudal kings and queens used the disdainful mechanism to pamper themselves and place their live style equal to the stature of God, the omnipotent.

It is quite another thing to be cruel as well as disdainful. In the theater of world leadership, we are aware of layers of leaders and their cohorts who were cruel and disdainful to their people and to people who they have conquered.

Our citizens of this country HAVE NO IDEA OF THE EXTENT OF THE WICKEDNESS.. perpetuated by the American Ruling Class , politics and corporate businesses, on the people of Latin American and the Caribbean.

We have heard , read , seen and experienced the Segregation, Discrimination, perpetuated by the White Ruling Class. Just think what they would do in countries, where they can threaten Military action if they squealed, or protested . So many Republicans are whining about our 'New Era " President, willingness to lead without being a Bully in the Hemisphere

If you listened to the former Vice President, Dick Cheney you will realise that within Americas' Ruling Class, there are some of the most evil people existing on this Planet. We know that they are unashamed of their actions against pepole guilty or perceived guilty..of crimes such as being, non white, not rich..and possibly religious militants .

Well countries like the Dominican Republic , Haiti, Chile, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, Mexico..all have been victims of our America's CRUEL AND DISDAINFUL leadership. So we should not be shaking our fist at those countries' leaders, who found a forum to vent. their about the WICKEDNESS of almost a century and more of the worst kind of domineering imperialism. We , the USA , have qualified a long time ago , to be an Imperial Super Power.

So am happy in our lifetime, we have a President that was willing to acknowledge our passed sins and just fall short of asking for their forgiveness , as we seek to create a new Big Country dispensation with our Southern neighbors. Once again we must say...Thank God for President Obama and his progressive outlook and agenda.

Thursday, April 16, 2009



In an attempt to intimidate President Barack Obama, white so- called Christians, encouraged by Big Shot Washington Lobbyists , were on display showing off their racists placards and signs trying to discourage our President from SAVING AMERICA by restoring confidence in America's ability to SERVE THE PEOPLE and not just a few economic swindlers .

Backward racists elements of white America, were out seeking to inspire racists terror against the African American US President. Using the cloak and dagger method of pretending to be angry or displeased with policies of President Obama. The supporters of Sarah Palin and John McCain came out to say NO, but could not determine NO to what .

The truth is ..white racists wants to inspire violence personally against Barack Obama.
White terrorist groups such as "Skin Heads" and "Neo Nazis" together with their favorite neighborhood KKK have all had their recruitment spiked enormously since the successful election of Barack Obama to the white house. The history of violence against African Americans are usually "Mob Violence" where groups of racists white men and women strike fear in the black and minority population of Southern States, and small towns .

We remember the scene of a lage crowd of adult white men and women spitting and shouting at an African American kindergarten baby girl, as she walked proudly into the entrance of a Southern School seeking an education, at the sametime while destroying racists school segregation.

Yesterday's "TEA Party" protests were an extension of the same mob protests that followed and tried to discourage our country from moving into 20th century freedom movement. The message was also a terror warning from the white lynch mob, to all immigrants that they want America to hopefully remain ALL white, and they are willing to do damage to get their way.

Yesterday's display of the open racists "Tea Party" reminds us that it was these rabid and crazy folks, with their hateful ideology, who inspired the killing of President Abraham Lincoln, the formation of the KKK, the killing of President John F. Kennedy, and the American Martyr of Human and Civil Rights,Dr. Martin Luther King jr.

CARRIAGE LANGUE is appealing to all freedom loving, Progressive democratic (independents and progressive conservatives) in America and all over the world to send letters to the White House, ( White House .gov) and all democratic congressmen pledging support to help defeat the AMERICAN CHRISTIAN RACISTS TALEBAN's desire to bring back apartheid thinking in our Federal and State politics.

Down with the American Christian Racists Taleban. America's political wing of white racists terror groups, such as the KKK, Neo Nazis, Skin Heads , the Weather men and other fully armed white militias.

We are going forward, Never backward.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


This year, 2009, marks the first year in the new era of America's social/economic transformation. President Barack Obama, the leader with the vision, to spearhead the movement to first SAVE AMERICA from joining way too soon, former Super power civilizations such as Rome, Greece etc at the international super power grave sites.

He has begun the massive task of quickly stopping the bleeding of Americas financial resources. While at the same time projecting a plan to create a matrix of activities to rebuild our dilapidated infrastructure and introduce America to the need for a new source of inexpensive energy and the long delayed plan to make the American work force stay healthy longer, with a proper Health Care Program, at less than the price it cost today.

Ordinary people in the USA have had 8 years of agonizing political pressure. A pressure that was imposed by the ruling class , the kingpins of Capitalism, the mega millionaires of American society.
While the middle and working class were immobilized by an abusive political leadership, that acted more like a puppet, in the white house , whilst allowing the ruling class to swindle, sometimes openly steal through contracts and fraud from our financial institutions.

Today I want to hand out FIRST QUARTER AWARDS ( the first three months of 2009) to those influential Americans who recognise the moment we face today , and are responding in the interest of either SAVING AMERICA or are responding TO SINK AMERICA, for their individualistic and selfish Class interest.

My first award is the SINK AMERICA award

This award is presented to members of organizations , groups and individuals who by their deeds and actions seek to worship the policies that has put AMERICA on the brink of financial destruction. These people have no ideas, and no vision for the future, but a repeat of the same things to facilitate the most outstanding swindlers in AMERICAS history.

The award goes to the The Republican "GOP" party members in Congress . They are the ones with the responsibility to legislate the new era but are selfishly defending the old capitalist way of dominating and exploiting working AMERICA with the same old and corrupt and stealing ways of denying AMERICANS their dream.

They are bankrupt of ideas that does not include, corruption and bribes for their lobbyists set- up friends. In an attempt to confuse their constituents they throw up bullsh*t screens to hide their attempts to bleed AMERICA and sink our country and its credibility.

There prize is to be tarred and feathered and placed along the fence on Dick Cheney's hunting ranch.

My second award goes to the MOST BRAINLESS WOMAN in American politics.

The candidates are: MICHELE BACHMANN . An outrageous , overzealous Senator from minneasota, with a fringe - cultured Mc Carthyistic mentality.(2) Sarah Palin an uneducated Governor of Alaska, with a village appeal to school dropouts and lovers of old Jim Crow.
The winner is Michele Bachman

My third award is THE OLD CAPITALIST AWARD (with no vision for the future).

The winner is Senator John McCain.
The two-faced former GOP candidate for President. Who showed no knowledge for the science of economics and finance during the campaign , but suddenly knows when an economic plan won't work. He foolishly thinks, we, the masses of AMERICA, don't know that he is barking and whimpering like a dog, because he cannot get the amount of free corrupt money for his lobbyists friends, as part of the SINK AMERICA way of fleecing AMERICA.

In his desperation to SERVE his bloodsucker friends of USA , he has proposed to President Obama, that he forego evaluation of the war and its needs, that he dismisses data, and forget about planning and just send 10, 000 troops to Afghanistan , just as George and Dick foolishly did in Iraq.

This award is dedicated to the network of AM RADIO POLITICAL TALK SHOW HOSTS.

The candidates are ALL the Republican and Conservative Radio Talk Show hosts lined up on the AM Radio frequency. Fox Radio affliliates , all over the country are swarmed with these illogical logical commentators of political issues. They are definitely not in the business of seeking truth from facts or facts from absurd. They sell lies at the advertised market price. They target the uneducated, school drop outs, looking for the remnants of Jim Crow believers to sniff on.

My fifth award is the JIM JONES EXILIR AWARD ( the best koolaid preparers in AMERICA).

This award goes to RUSH LIMBAUGH. H e is the foremost preparer misinformation 'koolaid'
given to unsuspecting residents mainly in the Old (Confederate treasonous flag waving ) South. Because of our broken education system, particularly disastrous in the Trailer Park Communities, Rush Limbaugh makes a "killing" on the minds and outlook of poor white folks. Just as JIM JONES did with Americans transported to Guyana, Rush 'the madman' Limbaugh, is asking his listeners to go off the deep end with him.

My Final award today is the GREAT AMERICAN ASSHOLES AWARD this is a special award granted to special men and women, whose words and deeds are diametrically opposed to each other as they try to hold back America's destiny to go forward on all fronts. The first candidate is SENATOR BOB CORKER , of Tennessee. Big time promoter, spokesman and Union Basher for foreign car companies, in Tennessee and Alabama. Wants Government and the White House to force Auto workers to accept low wages and little benefits. But find it appalling for the Obama administration to force CEO's to resign when found incompetent in utilizing taxpayers borrowed or bailout money.
This is the Vast exploiter who lobbied and screamed and organised bailout money for Automakers but found it "Socialistic" to fund an American financial recovery that is aimed at creating jobs and fixing the money sucking Health System.

Added to that list is Senator Richard Shelby...Alabama.....who loves his greed and selfish concerns more than he loves AMERICA. Senator Lindsay Graham..South Carolina...who loves his lobbyist more than he loves his constitutents.. ( who still believe their color makes them better than President Obama)....and AMERICA. Senator Judd Gregg..N.H. The Grinch. To him everything is just a repeat of the same old thing. Future..there is no future in Gregg's world....just the same old thing......

The evidence shows that the majority of backward people in AMERICA today are REPUBLICANS. Even world leaders have a greater grasp of the dire situation Capitalism has degenerated into. But our Congressmen and women from the GOP show outrageous stupidity and limitless Class selfishness..... The WINNER IS ALL OF THEM!!