Saturday, September 12, 2009


This Summer of 2009, showcased the Republican Party acute sickness called political dwarfism . This is an ailment political organisations suffer when they are so self centered on serving and satidfying the ideals of the minority economic elite of a society , that they resort to scraping the propaganda barrel, looking for wasteful slime to influence their ideological direction.

History is littered with the garbage of political groups and parties whose ideas for national development, failed to inspire the productive forces of their population. After being rejected as a backward political alternative to the dreams of Americans. The GOP installed an African American as their black mascot sitting in a main Chair at their Headquarters.

Then they embarked on an outlandish KKK style of attacking our proud African American President Obama, because of his race. Using obviously discernible tactics of camonflaging their intent with issues such as HEALTH CARE REFORM AND ANTI IMMIGRATION RHETORIC.

Chairman of the GOP Michael Steele , an African American, has been drinking his immoblization "kool Aid" pretending to be oblivious of the attempt to disunite Americans based on race by elected Republican Congressmen.

The Report Card for the Republican Party of Summer 2009 rebuilding, using a racist strategy project, is as follows:

Formation of a LYNCH MOB called a TEA PARTY .

*** They were motivated by the embarrassing defeat of dumb and Madame dumbness by a bright beacon of Americas future, President Barack Obama. Failure *****

Formation of the BIRTHER Movement .

***They were attempting to define the international parentage of Barack Obama, as justification that he was ineligible to be a citizen. And to seek a way to overturn the rejection by America's Youth, middle and working classes of Ruling Class politics that was impoverishing this Great Country. The result a lying shame of ........ Failure ******

***The introduction of the worst kind of political poison fed to our glorious Senior Citizens . The propaganda initiated by Senator John Mc Cain's Madame Dumbness, attempted to create a DEATHERS MOVEMENT speculating that doctors assisting our elderly compose their last wishes with dignity, were DEATH PANELS....prescribed in the New upcoming Health Care legislation. The result...Am embarrassing confirmation that a Vice Presidential candidate has major educational cracks, causing dumbness. Failure********

Next was the introduction character assassinations of a President that was given the responsibility to save America from slipping into total economic ruin. At the time of the hot and angry Summer of 2009 , Republican members of Congress were tacitly and openly supporting the accusation that President Obama leadership and policies were similar to Adolf Hitler.

The purpose of this name calling to scare Jewish elderly citizens into believing that the President they voted for, was similar to the Fascists monster that killed their parents and other Jews. The result.... Success....Dick Armey and other Republicans were able to fleece millions of dollars from the elderly Jewish community through donations. That went into the pockets and coffers of Anti American undemocratic fringe groups, such as Freedom Works and possibly the KKK.

At the end of Summer 2009, Republican members of Congress , discredited by their constituents, were scrambling to share audiences with insane undemocratic extremists, white supremacists groups , threatening military action to overthrow the US Government .

The un American, anti democratic , right wing forces will soon be calling for the rule of oppression and white supremacists dictatorship, targeting IMMIGRANTS FROM HISPANIC BACKGROUNDS .

After their failure of the Summer of 2009, Hispanic and non white immigrants will all be labeled "Mexican illegal immigrants" to be attacked as the most vulnerable segments of the population. They are hoping to stir up RED STATES hysteria , as a means of initiating right wing violence in America.

The GOP and its insane right wing groups are hoping to be Americas' Taleban. Silly people..I must say!!

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