Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Last weekend, I was very furious with LYNN JENKINS with her open bigoted "Great White Hope" speech to encourage acts of violence , from Republicans, (The Nasty Stinking Racists) . They want a disunited USA. We are becoming a damaged Empire , eroded from the inside, by WHITE SUPREMACISTS.

They destroyed the South during the civil war. They frustrated the rebuilding of the South , with the formation of the KKK and JIM CROW LAWS. It took Dr. Martin Luther King 's initiative to return civil rights, for the South to begin the process of growth.

Republican politicians despite this movement to modernize the South still encouraged Poor White Folks , who mostly live in poor conditions, called TRAILER PARKS, to be relentless and insane RACIAL HATERS. They were living in poor conditions, when the KKK was formed in 1868 and they are still there today.

These stupid people thought after a KKK meeting that all they had to do was to wear a "Caucasian Skin" and they will become Grade A students , and walk into a high paying job and live in the suburbs. After 140 years of this bullshitt , without success, the "Caucasian skin" wearers, in their frustration are now attacking President Obama and Immigrants.

Republicans such as Lynn Jenkins , Michele Bachman, Sarah Palin, John McCain , Senator De Mint , are ONLY about spreading hate and prejudice ..and should not be allowed to be peoples representatives. They offer the people nothing but hardship yet sickening wealth for the rich.

THE TEA PARTY LYNCH MOB, Birthers, Disturbers, are not about social issues . They are mobilizing and preaching hate towards a President of the USA , who is black. The Nasty Stinking Racists.have NEVER SUCCEEDED AND WILL NEVER BE SUCCESSFUL IN DESTROYING THE DREAM AMERICA OFFERS.


Seane-Anna said...

Amilcar, you're an idiot. You seem to think you've found the answer to all of America's--and maybe the world's--problems. It's those dame White supremacists! And "White supremacists" are anyone who has the audacity to disagree with you. Let me give you a little history lesson, moron.

You claim that "White supremacists" destroyed the South. In truth, it was the Northern armies, epitomized by the rampaging troops under Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, that destroyed the South. Now, I happen to admire Gen. Sherman but I have to be honest about the destruction he wrought on the land and people of the South.

You claim that White supremacists and racist Republicans opposed civil rights in the South. In truth, the segregated South voted so overwhelmingly for Democrats that it was known as the Solid South--solidly Democratic. And a larger percentage of Republicans than Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 80% of Congressional Republicans voted for it while only 64% of Dems did. What do you have to say now, brainiac?

Amilcar, you're one of those warped people who thinks that yelling racist at anyone with a different opinion makes you an intellectual and moral Einstein. It doesn't. You're an unAmerican leftard who wants to stifle real debate and thinks that playing the race card will do just that.

How could anybody criticize Barack Obama? The same way they've criticized every other president we've had.

Equality, dummy, means being treated the same as everyone else. That means that Obama can and should expect to be criticized and even reviled the same way the other presidents, especially his immediate predecessor, were. Otherwise, you're advocating that Obama be treated differently from the others, and just because he's Black. That's the real racism, not people dissenting from Obama as the Constitution guarantees they can. Get a clue, jeez!

Amlicar said...

Thanks for the name calling. Very typical..!!
But My claims are correct. The destruction of the South was not just physical in roads, and structures. The destruction was in the lies they told Free and indentured white workers. They made them slaves to the fake ideology of the "white supremacism" . Till today they still walk around like zombies, unable to think straight like regular " humans" .

Unable to swallow their pride the racist politicians were happy for the civil rights movement, even if they pretended to want to maintain "JIM CROW" for prestige purposes.

The truth is American Apartheid was bad for business and it held back Southern economic , financial and social development for about 150 years.

Your argument about the race is so unnerving. An opinion is not just words with out meaning. They reflect a person's thoughts. Their thoughts derive from their experience or indirect experience. White southern political experience is mainly Racial Politics. The politics was organized to oppress both white and blacks and justify it by blaming it on blacks racially.

There are not many southern politicians who are not racist. They cannot make an honest political analysis without consciously or subconsciously slanting it racially.

So no one has to play the race card, it plays itself. Its American Southern Political ideology.

The third world political thinkers are way ahead of us in scientific political thought. Thats why they don't appreciate our political
views. It's ancient and backward .

Do not kid yourself and be dishonest. Criticism of your leaders is essential.

There is no one saying President Obama is above ridicule and scorn for making mistakes if there are any. But the TEA PARTY LYNCH MOB and BIRTHERS are not about legitimate criticism but about using race analysis to motivate its supporters for lies and personal and character assassinations.

So try not to demean my views as not well thought opinions. Read all my Posts and get back to me , am willing to help you see the real world scientifically.

Thanks for the comments.