Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The American middle and working class has had to wring their hands for the better part of nine months while the blabber-mouthed Republicans were throwing mess into the air and blaming Democrats and our brilliant President Barack Obama.

Representative Alan Grayson representing the good folks of Central Florida, correctly describes the performance of the Republican Congressmen on Health Care and other legislative measures to SAVE AMERICA.

This is Rep. Grayson understanding of what the Republicans has portrayed by their actions,in support of the Big Insurance Health Care Companies. The Republican Congressmen collectively receive hundreds of millions of dollars from Major Corporations , on the promise that they would oppose any legislation or attempts to reform the Health Care system that makes them at least $500 million profit in one year. This happens while over 44,000 thousand Americans die , either as rejections , for being sick, or because they could not afford the expensive monthly payments to join their plan.

This is Rep. Alan Grayson presentation to Congress:

Mr. Grayson also appeared on CNN'S SITUATION ROOM and bravely and correctly and unapologetically defended his stand on behalf of Amnericas' middle and Working classes, who lose so many of our families as the "for profit" American Health Care system eliminates them.

This is Representative Grayson interview on the Situation Room, very commendable:

So as you read this praise to Rep Alan Grayson, we ask you to kindly contact Mr. Grayson with some verbal encouragements to stoutly stand on the side of Middle and Working class Americans.

But one point I will like to address is the feverish uncomfortableness his use of the word HALOCAUST
. There is nothing wrong with using the word HALOCAUST to highlight the effect of any action by a group, on devastating the lives of another group.

His contact information is:
Orange County Office
Alan Grayson 455 N. Garland Ave, Ste. 402
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 841-1757
(407) 841-1754 (fax)

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