Saturday, May 20, 2006

Corruption is the Empire's Destroyer

Today we have confirmed that the US congress is unashamedly corrupt. So said federal investigators who identified two congressmen. It appears that most of the present Senators and Representatives apparently, are paying more attention to their personal bank accounts than to the American peoples' growth and development.

Unfortunately corruption is not simply bribes , Washington manipulations and criminal lobbying , it is also blatantly lying to the American people. It is also anti people and pro-corruption to undermine the American peoples interest by misinforming and misinterpreting facts just to incite racial insecurities, to gain votes.

The American people are this country's treasures. They should have the best human beings servicing them at all times. These servants of the people, must display progressive and not backward thinking. They must be innovative and not restrictive or conservative in seeking methods of problem solving.

Following the years 1992 - 1999, the period 2000 - 2006 (the present) have been the most oppressively backward in the history of the USA . The personnel in the White House and the Majority in the Congress have combined to be the most unimaginative, corrupted, depressing and untalented leadership a super power country could ever hope not to have.

We were attacked in the most gruesome way on 9/11 but we turned a national grief into an international disgrace of historic porportions. It is almost a daily occurence at the top, national tasks are accomplished with laughable solutions. Our President provides more comic material for comedians than all the Presidents in the past put together.

The latest fumble has been the issue of undocumented immigrants also known as illegal immigrants .Our leadership totally oblivious of our historic responsiblity as the world's leading country, has suddenly in response to the embarassing glare of the debacle called the "War in Iraq" launched a counter battle against the people with the least protection in the USA, THE IMMIGRANTS.

Now almost every country on this Planet is bordered by another country. Some of the international wars today are inspired and encouraged by activities that has to do with lines of demarcation and the folks that move between and over these lines. The USA has been fortunate to have friendly neighbors that migrate from the North to escape the the icy days of Canada . Our neighbors to the South migrate mostly to look for work at the lowest entry levels wherever they exist in prosperous cities.

You will think that for all our intellectual brilliance and fabulous democratic principles we would lead the way , as leaders of the( ???? ) world and a welcoming country, in finding a well reasoned solution to the folks who came desperately and are working without documentation .

The weakness of our leadership is on display for the world to see. It is further evident by the articles written in the Orlando Sunday Sentinel newspapers by Senator Mel. Martinez and U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney both republicans.

In his article Sen. Martinez says " Last week the United States Senate took an historic step forward in crafting a comprehensive immigration policy that reflects the best of America. The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 serves our legacy of being a welcoming nation, while at the sametime firmly setting in place provisions that will secure our borders".

In his article Rep. Tom Feeney says, "At a time when the American people's trust in our government and in our leaders has never been lower, the United States Senate privides perfect example of why this level of mistrust exist. In contradiction to the clear desires of a majority of our citizens, the Senate last week passed an immigration bill that not only would surrender borders, but effectively would provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants." Both articles were printed alongside each other on Sunday May 28 ,2006.

On one hand Senator Martinez , an immigrant himself, sees America as the forefathers envisioned it becoming , a welcoming nation that progressively corrects flaws in its systems as it becomes evident or over problematic.

On the other hand Rep . Feeney, represents a finicky ,backward view of America, that relies on mistruths and misrepresentations to gain support. Rep Feeney is just one of the many congressmen that bankrupt of ideas and should not be anywhere near the esteemed halls of our Capitol. This country needs talented leadership that are at least one step ahead of the people inspiring them . Rep. Feeney sounds like the old 'Jim Crow' leadership of the old South, dressed in todays' hip hop clothing. This is the kind of corruption in thinking that will surely destroy the Empire.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Apparently the wrong

Apparently the wrong people are always victimized…

There used to be a very popular political analogy making the ‘rounds, that said, ‘ the rich and  powerful divide and rule’…..  There was also its,  ante dote , … unity  or more potently popular, ‘ united we stand divided we fall’.
Many bad political Leaders and anti- people organizations have used the DAR, philosophy to get into a  position of power and then used it to  maintain their rule.
In the early part of the last century(1900’s) industrialized corporations and countries reluctantly accepted , for the first time, that group unity is stronger than their powerful divisive tricks.
To celebrate that momentous occasion, May 01, every year  is dedicated  to that victory.   Every country on this Planet  is obliged to commemorate  this day with a holiday.  However some countries, with bad intentions, has either renamed the day ,  or has changed the date with sole purpose of undermining the historical importance of the victory for the philosophy, of UNITY.

This  word UNITY is not a very popular word in our beloved USA.  It is most certainly a misplaced WORD everywhere in Washington DC.   The last time  I can remember it , being seen nationally, was during the Civil Rights movement ‘s  peaceful battle for Human Rights.

The Republican Party and generally  the conservative  ‘stiffnecks’ consider it a  disgraceful WORD. The Democratic Party never uses it, for fear of being labeled “progressive”.  So when  the target, for all  the USA problems, fell on the backs of Hispanics, the unified action by “legal, “illegal”, “visiting”, “pending” immigrants was condemned by politicians in the White House , in the Senate, and  in the house of representatives.  No doubt!
Throughout the length and breadth of our Nation this word is  SCARY , not to be used in word or deed .  In new and old communities ordinary people will not congregate or communicate naturally, in their interests.  We all live like  civilised caged  humans , very individualistic.  There is no love for community and  no acceptance of natural protection  UNITY brings with it.

When there is no call for UNITY , the DAR(divide and rule) is put into full effect. Which could leave the weakest sections of the population exposed to tyranny.

One of the media tyrants brandishing, out there  is Lou Dobbs an anchor for one of  CNN’s afternoon political programs.
He is a loud mouth  immigrant basher , since the  9/11 disaster. He promoted his demented outrage against Mexicans, originally, when trying to get the national community to support his call for building a  Berlin –type wall around the USA,  shutting out Canada and definitely Mexico.

He said, he feared that Al Quaida may dress up in Honchos and Mexicans sombreros  or  may bleach their hair white, and  slip thru our security and hurt Americans.

To get traction and support, he subsequently, began attacking all Hispanics as enemies of America’s middle class.  Mr Dobbs defying  the logical gravity of reason, even claimed that the stagnant salaries and wages for middle class workers were caused by immigrants legal or otherwise.

In the absence of unity the said, middle class workers, have had no voice to explain their plight and the reason for the continuous stagnant low income  ( anyone earning less than $35,000.00 annually has to have two jobs to be able to get a mortgage .  There is no effective workers organization in our beloved country’s, workplace, to seek the collective workforce’s interest.  
Without unity there is no progress  for  the majority.