Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Apparently the wrong

Apparently the wrong people are always victimized…

There used to be a very popular political analogy making the ‘rounds, that said, ‘ the rich and  powerful divide and rule’…..  There was also its,  ante dote , … unity  or more potently popular, ‘ united we stand divided we fall’.
Many bad political Leaders and anti- people organizations have used the DAR, philosophy to get into a  position of power and then used it to  maintain their rule.
In the early part of the last century(1900’s) industrialized corporations and countries reluctantly accepted , for the first time, that group unity is stronger than their powerful divisive tricks.
To celebrate that momentous occasion, May 01, every year  is dedicated  to that victory.   Every country on this Planet  is obliged to commemorate  this day with a holiday.  However some countries, with bad intentions, has either renamed the day ,  or has changed the date with sole purpose of undermining the historical importance of the victory for the philosophy, of UNITY.

This  word UNITY is not a very popular word in our beloved USA.  It is most certainly a misplaced WORD everywhere in Washington DC.   The last time  I can remember it , being seen nationally, was during the Civil Rights movement ‘s  peaceful battle for Human Rights.

The Republican Party and generally  the conservative  ‘stiffnecks’ consider it a  disgraceful WORD. The Democratic Party never uses it, for fear of being labeled “progressive”.  So when  the target, for all  the USA problems, fell on the backs of Hispanics, the unified action by “legal, “illegal”, “visiting”, “pending” immigrants was condemned by politicians in the White House , in the Senate, and  in the house of representatives.  No doubt!
Throughout the length and breadth of our Nation this word is  SCARY , not to be used in word or deed .  In new and old communities ordinary people will not congregate or communicate naturally, in their interests.  We all live like  civilised caged  humans , very individualistic.  There is no love for community and  no acceptance of natural protection  UNITY brings with it.

When there is no call for UNITY , the DAR(divide and rule) is put into full effect. Which could leave the weakest sections of the population exposed to tyranny.

One of the media tyrants brandishing, out there  is Lou Dobbs an anchor for one of  CNN’s afternoon political programs.
He is a loud mouth  immigrant basher , since the  9/11 disaster. He promoted his demented outrage against Mexicans, originally, when trying to get the national community to support his call for building a  Berlin –type wall around the USA,  shutting out Canada and definitely Mexico.

He said, he feared that Al Quaida may dress up in Honchos and Mexicans sombreros  or  may bleach their hair white, and  slip thru our security and hurt Americans.

To get traction and support, he subsequently, began attacking all Hispanics as enemies of America’s middle class.  Mr Dobbs defying  the logical gravity of reason, even claimed that the stagnant salaries and wages for middle class workers were caused by immigrants legal or otherwise.

In the absence of unity the said, middle class workers, have had no voice to explain their plight and the reason for the continuous stagnant low income  ( anyone earning less than $35,000.00 annually has to have two jobs to be able to get a mortgage .  There is no effective workers organization in our beloved country’s, workplace, to seek the collective workforce’s interest.  
Without unity there is no progress  for  the majority.

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