Wednesday, March 19, 2008



Everyone is proclaiming Barack Obama's speech was great, I agree. But that was all it was.It was not a working speech. It provided not prospect for solutions, as it HAD to DO in
order for it to be Presidential.

Obama wasNOT making the speech as a community leader, he NOT making speech as a civil
rights leader, he was making the speech, a few steps in the process from being President of
the USA. In that respect he failed and consequently lost his opportunity to get the
superdelegates to give him the nod over Hillary Clinton.

The main problem with his analysis, was he showed he did not have answers or a projection of
ideas as a progressive blackman wanting to be President. It was the same weak analysis he
keeps making throughtout his campaign thus far. The 'yes we can"..mantra could not work here
and therefore he was at a lost to project solutions, he could get away with on the
campaign trail.

THE SAD TRUTH IS THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE CANNOT NOW BE A CANDIDATE( THAT IS BLACK) WHO DOES NOT OR CANNOT, PROJECT ..A VISION FOR AMERICA THAT DOES NOT, AT LEAST, INCLUDE A METHOD TO BRING THIS COUNTRY TOGETHER AT THE RACIAL...LEVEL..... Barack has failed to understand that his main attraction as a leader, was the potential, he displayed that he can break the old mold of anger of our black community, and layout the whole situation in a unique analysis that provided the steps to the NEW

We cannot believe he has the tools to do so in such company as his pastor
and Church. He will have to be a social scientist..armed with great powers of analysis,
together with his oratory skills to convince oppressed America; white , black and hispanic
that he is of a new world view, bringing a new approach .

Hillary has informed him many times ,' you can't go around speecifiying thousands of
people with out outlining steps and methods for a solution'. He SIMPLY answered that he was a good
speech maker....Bro. that ain't it ..that means you did not get it. That means you were posturing and is not good enough to be President over Hillary Clinton.

Someone has to make a proper class analysis of our country..correctly identify who are the
true enemies within America against the UNITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Then we will have to reconcile who benefits from the injection and practice of racism and sexism. To which class do they belong?

We have to deal with both 'isms' as hindrances to the progress of the USA.
Someone has to be brave and tell black , and other minority Americans that racism is the
by-products of an economic system that prevails on discrimination and disqualifications. Our
system has always being built on individualism. Meaning...... I am for me and will hurt to get as much of the American pie as possible. The 'for' family was eventuallyadded
as an excuse to justify the haste for greed.

It is in this context , it is in this house of actions and reactions that racism lives. It is
this house that has to be destroyed in order for the NEW WIND OF RECONCILIATION TO BLOW..
Barack was not willing to be honest..with the American people..and our black community. He kept pointing a finger at the "special interests"...and..lobbyists.. but these were employees of who??? Obama never told us about them. In fact he was misleading America as they are NOT the real culprits ..IN MYSTERY OF ..WHO IS KILLING AMERICA

Barack Obama's speech had to have said that, and most importantly,.. he would have had to
destroy his relationship , contacts, and belief in the old racism..and its old reactions. and
those of his Pastor ans mentor...... He HAD TO VEHEMENTLY SHOUT IT DOWN... in order to show
those,.... that want to destroy the old racism and subsequently the old reactions... that he was serious, in order to win the nomination...AND HE DID NOT......maybe the next four years........So he better get
next to Hillary...and sweet to talk her to be her Vice President .