Sunday, September 13, 2009


Many Americans and International observers are bewildered by the ruthless extremism encouraged by the Republican Party, parading as civil debate. No one could answer the question when asked of the protesters in Washington DC on Saturday, 'What are you protesting about. ?' But we saw signs screaming anti government sentiments, anti immigration insults, condemnation of the Health Care proposals and calls for States secession.

Let us be clear . The Republican Party and their extremist fringe groups are still jealous that Barack Obama, as an African American, won the Presidential election and became the first Black President , in a country where rich white men , in business and politics preach and encourage WHITE SUPREMACISM.

The theory preached by supporters of racism, that is suspiciously believed throughout the society, that a black man could never win an election for President , and if he did he will be shot before the swearing in ceremony.

That theory was the basis of the thinking behind Presidential Candidate John McCain's seemingly, flippant choice of Sarah Palin for his Vice President. It was this theory , of no black man can ever be President, that made the Republican Party think that they did not have to respect America enough, to suggest a reasonable economic and social program to SAVE AMERICA FROM FINANCIAL RUIN.

At the beginning of the year Americans thought that opposition to President Obama's analysis of the national financial crisis was just ideological bankruptcy and a unified decision not to cooperate with President Obama's Administration.

But after close examination of the single message of all the insane white supremacists groups and the Main Stream Republican Party, reveals a dangerous ideological theory that sews all these groups together and is more a threat to our National Security , than any Militant Islamic Group situated in the middle east.

The Patron Saint of this un American, anti democracy , pro Apartheid, pro Jim Crowism, ultra capitalism movement, is JOHN C. CALHOUN, a South Carolinian , born March 18, 1782 and died– March 31, 1850. "He was the 7th Vice President of the United States and a leading SouthernSouth Carolina during the first half of the 19th century. Calhoun was an advocate of slavery, states' rights, politician f or limited government"..

See Wikipedia.....

Although Calhoun died nearly 11 years before the start of the American Civil War, he was an advocate of secession. He supported state's rights and nullification, under which states could declare null and void federal laws which they deemed to be unconstitutional. He was an outspoken proponent of the institution of slavery, which he famously defended as a "positive good" rather than as a "necessary evil".[2] His rhetorical defense of slavery was partially responsible for escalating Southern threats of secession.

***** This year , I promise, this will be threat expected to be taken by some State Governors, when the Immigration Reform legislation comes up for discussion in Congress.

This is the basis and reason for the "joe the President insulter" outburst on "immigrants", the new black , to be scorned and hated.

The positions outlined above deemed to be philosophies of John C. Calhoun who also asserted... that slavery was a "positive good." He rooted this claim on two grounds—white supremacy and paternalism. All societies, Calhoun claimed, are ruled by an elite group which enjoys the fruits of the labor of a less-privileged group.

All the signs and positions taken by the fringe extremist groups and supported by the Republican Congressmen and some Governors of Minnesota and Texas are linked to the teachings John C. Calhoun. Avery dangerous omen for the security of this nation , African Americans and other minorities

It is the belief of the Republican Congressmen and their White supremacist Groups , that President Obama was successful at the polls due mainly to the support of NEW AMERICANS they villify as "immigrants".

They think that America is no longer lily white in its racial composition , and therefore 'White Supremacism' was losing its value as a mobilizing trick amongst poor white folks,who generally are seeking to change their social relations with the rest of the American society.

I am certain that Republican Senator Mel Martinez saw the right wing extremism developing in his Party and decided to bolt for the door, rather than sit and listen to racial attacks on Hispanics, and other minorities, now called," illegal immigrants".

All Americans who support democracy, freedom , equality and civil rights should rally around the dream that America promises and all those that work to achieve these principles. This includes the Administration of President Barack Obama.

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