Thursday, September 17, 2009


Where were you when President Carter said, ALL WHITE AMERICANS WERE CARRYING A DAGGER UNDER THEIR COATS FOR PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. Did you check for yours? Or did you do a skin color check. ?

Most White Americans did NOT have to do any kind of SKIN COLOR CHECK. Because white Americans like Black Americans or Brown Americans are NOT a homogeneous block in the population. This is where President Carter fell short in his analysis of the character of White Americans.

Working America have to make decisions based on facts and relevant data every minute of the working day to complete tasks and get the job done. In that successful process we learn that fantasy information or misleading data leads to incorrect decisions and mistakes and possible jobs lost or costly setbacks.

In that scenario Working America, consisting of White America, Brown America, Black America even Native America, working side by side in groups of similar hue or combination of hues, have each come to know where to correctly place the value of the person working to produce a product or service. The value of color in that setting is WORTHLESS .

This is method of evaluation was used by 55 % of the voting population when they chose the President of the United States on November 4th 2008.

That model of evaluation based on merit, to choose a USA President seriously undermined the old plantocracy methods of White Supremacism , used successfully in our politics since 1868, during the Era of Reconstruction.

In a real sense this "business" method of evaluation introduced into our National politics , has seriously threatened to put the REPUBLICAN PARTY out of business .

In an effort to save their "business", Republican Congressmen decided to contract out the task of restoring their popularity and credibility to the Firm of RUSH LIMBAUGH, GLEN BECK, SEAN HANNITY AND FOXNEWS.

To achieve this goal for the Republican Party in Congress, the Contractors of RL-GB-SH-FX collectively decided to use the psycho- political strategy of uncivilized harrassment, using race as a mobilizing factor.

The use of race , is most cost effective, because there are hundreds of thousands of POOR WHITE FOLKS , living just above and below the poverty line, whose ONLY real value to the REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMEN, is the color of their skin. These ruthless Congressmen, normally, use every excuse in the book , not to address the issues of , living, working and social conditions within the POOR WHITE COMMUNITY.

Using phantom fringe groups and fantasy issues, the tactic was to spread false info and misleading analysis of issues dear to Americans prosperity and development, such HEALTH CARE REFORM . The Contractual firm began spreading this propaganda from the White Supremacist platform. The POOR WHITE COMMUNITY lapped up this poison up like hungry mongrels.

It is this factory of defeatist REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMEN , that induced and produced the violent racial hatred at Town Hall meetings and caused "JOE ' D' PRESIDENT'S INSULTER' WILSON " to embarrass his Sons , his Wife and Relatives.

The loud noise of empty vessels rolling down a hill , caused the Nation and the International Community to hear most clearly, above genuine criticisms and concerns for the issues at hand, the insidious clatter of racial attacks. Which pleased the collaboration of the CONGRESSMEN , the Phantom fringe groups and RL-GB-SH-FN .

This strategy for a moment , immobilized and neutralized middle and working class Americans. White and black folks each watched each other curiously and silently asking: ' What's going on? What are we gonna do?' The progressive media was the first to initiate a critical analysis of the strategy used. ALL PRAISE TO MSNBC...THE PLACE FOR UNBIASED POLITICS... who provided the data on the strategy used to hopefully DIVIDE THE USA, using White Supremacist ideology , of racism and secession to help get the REPUBLICAN PARTY some new "business".

So President Jimmy Carter's "truth be told" explanation caused all white folks, ( in the offices, on the production line, traveling on train, in contruction) to ask themselves:

"Was I secretly supporting the REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN racial attacks on President Obama as an inherent race germ inside me?" Or I knew it was bullshit all along but kept quiet, nevertheless.

May I suggest you find some place to give expression to what is on your mind , on this issue.

In this discussion the value of your hue is Worthless . Bringing the lessons of your work and social life will be invaluable.


JoeTaxpayer said...

Amazing. I am white. I voted for Obama. I don't accuse Joe Wilson of being racist, I just think he lacks judgment. Uh, the same lack of judgment Kanye West showed at the music awards. No race has a monopoly on impulsiveness. If I disagree with something our president does, am I racist? Hardly. Carter is misguided.

Jay said...

The ironic thing about racists is that they often accuse others of what they themselves think about the concept of race. Your post is a prime example.