Thursday, September 24, 2009


We all remember the images depicted from biblical times 2,000 years ago, of RICH ROMAN EMPERORS, SENATORS.... their mass of soldiers , their mass of hard working citizens and over exploited peasants , followed everywhere by people who had given all they had and were now ravished by sickness and poverty, tattered all along cobbled streets.

This scene is repeated in every Kingdom of the feudalistic era. In France, in England, all of Europe, Russia, and in China the Feudal Kings and Queens , the Czars and Warlords refused to share their country's wealth, with the producers of that wealth.

The citizens of these Kingdoms mostly die early in age, because they had no access to health services. The history books are full of pictures displaying citizens wracked by disease and illness begging for ALMS / CHARITY to help make them well.

Senators Eric Cantor and Tom Coburn, echoing the principle on Health Care of the Republican Party, suggested that very ill citizens , who have lost their Health Care Insurance, should sell their property or GO BEGGING FOR CHARITY / ALMS to satisfy their health care needs.

It is this evil moment in our time, in that time, that encouraged the citizens of those early Kingdoms to break the feudalistic society and form another phase of human development enshrined with the principles of democracy, freedom, and service to the people and citizens.

The American revolution and the French revolution are among the change the world peoples took to form societies where the RICH will not have unrestrained access to all resources and the wealth created by the people.

This feudalistic concept of the GOP to Health Care, allowing the RICH to determine singularly the health of the American citizen , whether they are , young, middle class , very ill, senior citizen or even visitors to our country and of course, the general working population has no place in this century, this time, or this country. This has to change NOW!!!!

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