Saturday, September 05, 2009


Upper middle class families never cared for lower income families unless they used them as "help" where they can abuse them free from protection.

They liked African Americans and other minority families, when they worked for them cooking , cleaning and managing their unruly and and disrespectful children.

In my neighborhood of large families, from Middle middle class and working class backgrounds, the incidence of kids generally being pompous and disrespectful to elders was NOT TOLERATED by parents throughout the neighborhood. Every elderly person could be assured that young men and women will treat them as they treat their parents.

Men and women who were in the leadership positions, e.g. Teachers, the Postmistress, the Priest, Community Leaders all glowed in the respect they received from school children.

Of course there were the exceptions , where dysfunctional families or single parents would defy the golden rule to teachers, and abuse them about the handling of a particular child issue.

In the 1960's and1970's there were movies depicting the lifestyles of the Upper Middle Class , where the bulk of "adolescent" kids came from. Many scenes portrayed disenchanted kids, who could not reconcile the hypocrisy of their parents telling them , even lecturing them, about drugsm yet were always drunk, or always smoking, or sipping "booze" from a glass. These adolescent kids grew up to make many drug dealers rich and become a menace to society.

Today we see another adolescent lesson about to be taught by White middle class families , who are advocating to their children that a "black" President cannot teach my kids. So those kids will become misfits in a school that has as their NUMBER ONE GOAL....'BE RESPECTFUL TO YOUR ELDERS' AND NATIONAL LEADERS'

I remember when a National Leader addressed my school assembly. I can't remember whether he was White or Black, but I distinctly remember his words to the school.

He said,' Your future is in your school bag'. As a ten or eleven year old kid, I looked at my school bag differently from that day. I did not drag it behind me as I regularly did. Which many times brought complains from the neighborhood parents to my grandmother,or an the spot spanking or scolding from a concerned adult.

That lecture lit an academic fire in me that my parents and grandparents did not do up to that point. My future was in my school and I paid particular attention to it.

A national Leader is NOT just a guy or woman with good "lyrics" or speech, that looks well groomed. They are like 'rock stars' with an all inspiring power.

So those parents who are advocating holding their kids home as the all the powerful President Barack Obama addresses the America's kids and even kids living in every country, your kids will the future adolescent adults who were taught to use "prejudice" and bigotry as a means of making choices and decisions.

They are preparing the next generation of LOSERS , the next generation of White Supremacists.

I know most of these White Supremacists parents are "camouflage" Christians, who have a special "god" that teaches HATE above all else (apparently). But in the real and honest world of Christianity, "God do not love ugly", he usually finds a way to make you pay for your ugly behavior !

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