Monday, August 24, 2009


There is a debate in the political blahosphere that the polls that show our President Obama is losing steam , is something to unnecessarily to get more gray hair about. Please read an article by my favorite correspondent JOAN WALSH..Then read my response...

It could be argued that a leader needs to know the temperature of those he leads. But that was relevant when Leaders resided on a pedestal and followed the Machiavellian outlook on how to treat and lead THE PEOPLE.

Even President Bush was not affected by the low polls on his competence and Presidency. Barack Obama as President is dealing with a broken USA , in economics, social services, and political ethnics.

Given the nature of our political system , an election to the Presidency of the USA, does not give the owner of that esteemed title, control to administer revolutionary change, easily. as demanded by the electorate.

There can be no delusion by President Obama that he is "ruling by the numbers". Without a magic wand to blink things into place , the change he promised cannot flow down the mountain in torrents of success to confuse the opposition , and please his supporters. He has to meander through obstacles, barter and trade like "The Merchant of Venice" just to reach a position of his core principles.

The President's only worry, is to keeps his promise or his word. The Health care , PUBLIC OPTION is a goal for him personally, and an important measure to reduce cost of providing Health Care to Americans.

He has to enact that feature of his commitment to also upgrade our social health services. His conflict with his supporters and middle class Americans,which will be not long lasting, is more about his patented patience and tolerance with the LYING AND DECEITFUL REPUBLICANS, than about the incorrectness of his policies.

He has shown his desire not to encourage open class warfare. This warfare, which is normal, (and mostly non- violent) in most societies outside America, can easily be nurtured by the GOP into a deteriorating open race antagonism. So he won't unnecessarily and openly attack corporate or upper middle class America.

I think President Barack Obama is exactly where he could possibly be, in his agenda, his mission, his reputation, his quality of leadership and in the polls, after seven months. This President is a winner. Congrats Mr.President.!!

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