Sunday, August 16, 2009


White Supremacists protesting Progress

There is a National stink prevailing over America. The stench is definitely not coming from a 'dead' Improved Health Care Reform Plan. The offensive smell is coming from amongst the top executives of the Corporate America , particularly the Health Insurance industry,and its permeating down thru to the White Southern population .

The present anti improved Health Care Reform movement is resembling the anti civil rights movement led by the WHITE SUPREMACISTS of the 1960's. Despite their angry blah..blah....Civil Rights came very successfully to America. So did women abortions rights, which they also tried with others negative and backward forces tried to stop from happening. Not Now ....Not Ever ..the progressives said at the time.

I am predicting that l the Progressive Health Care Reform become .our method of serving hard working Americans who become sick.....with a strong PUBLIC OPTION.... or Universal Health Care for all Americans.

By the way, do you think the international community is getting a whiff of this stench running thru the South from amongst the white supremacists,that are masquerading with political adolescents in an Urban Park. They are Childish ..very childish.

My High school girlfriend, who migrated to Australia with her husband, called to ask, what the hell is going on with these "lynch mobs" of the South.

My buddy who is in the Caribbean with his family since the beginning of summer, emailed me to say that America sounds like a foreign country, to stay away from. He wanted to know who was stirring the un American hate pot. I sent him a report I read in the Washington Post, by Rick Perlstein, that will help put things in a bit of perspective.

At the end he wanted to know if the white middle class, in offices, and the working class in manufacturing, are vomitting on this ' Banana Republic' style of politics . I told him the middle class is mainly , not collectively barking at the "intruders" but the media is showing some resistance..Thank God!!!

Kindly click on the link to read the report:

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