Saturday, April 25, 2009


How will the talented and objective authors consider and define this period in our nations history? This present sad period began with the election of Ronald Reagan as President.

His leadership brought with it a sense of evil that penetrated the most susceptible amongst our population that were sucking on the backwardness that racism nurtured.

In my opinion the most damaging feature of this evil has been the deliberate destruction of the education system.

Adolf Hitler made it a point of imposing his fascist regime, in Germany, to destroy all features of education, books , schools and teachers. It has been the same here , they have delibertely set out to dumb down the nation and scrape of the cream of the "duncey heads" and make them empty vessels that loudly support a view that's outside their class interest and do harm to themselves and family.

On TV and AM radio, you hear some of the most illogical arguments , ever presented on this Planet by surrogates and activists for the Republican Party. That was Hitler's concern he had to have German's thinking just like he thought, although they are victims of his oppression and suppression. A perfect example are the families in the Trailer Park Commune... Followers who wont break the circle and are hoping for a return to the backward days of segregation and open discrimination

From President Reagan to President GWB, with the exception of that brief period of Pres. Bill Clinton, we have seen the formal destruction of our country, its spirit of goodwill, opportunities, prayers of support from far and near , and the unusual growth of White male moronism, mainly racists from lower income families. Then there is the White female middle class unbalanced and illogical liars, such as Palin , insane Michelle Bachmann,( In photo. who lives in an asylum in the political red light district of Minnesota) Ann Coulter and other Ruling class thinking women who enflame minds that don't possess the formal ability to think and analyze, they foolishly try to pass off themselves, as politicians and Rightwing activists . But they are nothing but low life, selfishly pampered girls trying to unscrupulously get their bread buttered.

They yap their gums, because they know that the "uneducation of America" has laid the ground for them to gyrate on. Neither of them could have any success with educated middle class boys and girls and members of progressive Unions.

Because of them and others of like elk,.......

On YouTube you can find devilish videos from the uneducated that seeks to undermine our country and its desire to its tracks set by our forefathers. It is just poison from these boys and girls. But I found this video, below... the following is very touching, America trying to spiritually protect Barack from the evil of America, trained by Ronald Reagan and the Republicans.:

This piece is a comment I wrote in response to an uneducated liitle boy or girl... who was tortured with ideological brainwashing by Rush , Hannity and the bunch anti American Talk Show Hosts. Its they who said they want America to fail.....

"You are nuts. You are a product of the destroyed American education system...A mind left in the darkness of racism , backwardness, and feudalistic outlook on the people by the Republican administrators. They see you and trained you to be no better than your great grand parents who fled Europe from the Monarchy.....They (Republicans) are now your are their peasants. Don't look now, am not in there with you.
Free your self and your mind will follow.....WE CANT WAIT ON YOU FOREVER..!!"

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