Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It is one thing to be disdainful. People are taught to be snobbish to folks who are lower on the economic ladder than themselves. Feudal kings and queens used the disdainful mechanism to pamper themselves and place their live style equal to the stature of God, the omnipotent.

It is quite another thing to be cruel as well as disdainful. In the theater of world leadership, we are aware of layers of leaders and their cohorts who were cruel and disdainful to their people and to people who they have conquered.

Our citizens of this country HAVE NO IDEA OF THE EXTENT OF THE WICKEDNESS.. perpetuated by the American Ruling Class , politics and corporate businesses, on the people of Latin American and the Caribbean.

We have heard , read , seen and experienced the Segregation, Discrimination, perpetuated by the White Ruling Class. Just think what they would do in countries, where they can threaten Military action if they squealed, or protested . So many Republicans are whining about our 'New Era " President, willingness to lead without being a Bully in the Hemisphere

If you listened to the former Vice President, Dick Cheney you will realise that within Americas' Ruling Class, there are some of the most evil people existing on this Planet. We know that they are unashamed of their actions against pepole guilty or perceived guilty..of crimes such as being, non white, not rich..and possibly religious militants .

Well countries like the Dominican Republic , Haiti, Chile, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, Mexico..all have been victims of our America's CRUEL AND DISDAINFUL leadership. So we should not be shaking our fist at those countries' leaders, who found a forum to vent. their about the WICKEDNESS of almost a century and more of the worst kind of domineering imperialism. We , the USA , have qualified a long time ago , to be an Imperial Super Power.

So am happy in our lifetime, we have a President that was willing to acknowledge our passed sins and just fall short of asking for their forgiveness , as we seek to create a new Big Country dispensation with our Southern neighbors. Once again we must say...Thank God for President Obama and his progressive outlook and agenda.

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