Thursday, July 16, 2009


Upper Class American white men are trying to create a fake white man race insecurity complex. This fact has become evident during last week's the senatorial drilling of Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor by proclaimed white supremacist Senator J. Sessions and Senator Graham. After 4 days of trying to pin a racist tag on the highly qualified nominee , the Republican Senators, sickeningly had to recoil in defeat, acknowledging that after all their attempts to smear the Judge, she is really a mainstream law adjudicator.

What is causing this racist tinged attacks by members of Congress? It's very noticeable that Republican members of Congress particularly those from the old south States have been relentless in their criticism of President Barack Obama, mainly using "buzz words" to fire up the Trailer Parks , without presenting realistic and workable alternatives.

But what is causing this panic among these powerful white men? They all seem to behave like dodgers fans, the first time Jackie Robinson trotted out to the outfield after being hired. I call this WHITE SUPREMACIST WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME. White men who enjoyed the benefits of "Jim Crowe" , the first, second, and third preference for anything they chose and wanted in society legally and immorally denying millions of non white Americans the same.

The same people that called any non white, "boy". The same white men that got to have public drinking facilities to themselves and lawfully had black men and women to give them their seats on buses . Its sick to hear men like Pat Buchanan and Mr. Bork to criticise Judge Sotonmayor because of her race and try to camouflage it with unreasoned justification. Sounds like the white journalists who criticised the Dodgers for hiring Jackie Robinson . They all claimed there were white Baseball players more talented that Jackie. But today the Baseball honors Jackie Robinson as a pioneer. How short sighted those white supremacists were back then. Very similar to the shortsightedness of Jeff Sessions and former Republican US President candidate Pat Buchanan.

In order to continue to kill this white supremacist scourge in America we need to reveal the true nature and analysis of RACE AND CLASS USA STYLE. I will do so in my next submission. But beware Republicans and white supremacists will prefer to direct and see all our political issues into a race analysis , rather than use the correct method of class analysis. If we use class analysis poor white folks ( the base of the Rich man's Republican Party) will be liberated from their oppression and exploitation .

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