Monday, March 20, 2006

Who killed our love our Love for International Sport

Who killed our love for International sport ?

Tonight is the final of the World Cup of Baseball in San Diego.
Tonight, we, the creators of Baseball  are just fans watching on and rooting   for who?    Up to the time of the first pitch by Romero of Cuba , we  could not raise our interest to decide whether to hate the black boys from Communist Cuba in RED or  hate (a favorite word of the RED states) the folks we used to call ‘Japs’.

It must be the first time , in my life ,  we as Americans with the pale white skin , get to HATE  Black people and Communists in one hateful swing.  
The  Sports journalists ALL  believe that  as trained monkeys, our love for Baseball is centered not on the  GAME,  but only the sport played by our favorite teams or National team.

America has become the only country in the world , that worships the GAME  and not the SPORT.  Someone or some group has stragetically killed  our appreciation  for the beauty of any sport unless an American is participating or in a winning position.

Every country has a “ pastime”   but the followers  and supporters of their respective national favorite sport , become lovers of the beauty of the  game and will show deep interest if a national  or representative of  a well known team shows up to play their team or engage in a world competition.

The Football (soccer ) World Cup competition is scheduled for Germany, in June  this year.   The Germans love for the sport and respect for the game will reflect in their national attention to every game in that month long competition.  In the USA  we will not have the ability to LOVE  the sport sufficiently to want to see the performances of the athletes as they display their skills.
In fact the Morons in the sports media has destroyed our respect for the  performance of the athlete  if he is not  participating in a sport loved by our famous sports journalists.
In most cases these sports  Journalists NEVER  played  any sport and are not trained as athletic performancers to appreciate other athletes’ effort despite the built- in competitiveness.  

The best  example of  the destruction of   AMERICAS  respect for international  athletes and international sports is the work done on the Olympics movement,  by the Network Television corporations such as NBC , ABC and  CBS.    These  major media houses , having acquired the Rights to Broadcast the Olympics  worldwide  took the opportunity to ONLY  promote the AMERICAN athlete at the Olympics to dismay and astonishment to the other performing athletes and fans ALL over the world .
This single act helped to destroy the sacred Olympic spirit of highlighting the athletic performance of the world’s best athletes , men  and women.
So the American fan has been desensitived to be passionate about a game that does not have their athlete involved.  So they will give a lukewarm applause to the Williams sisters, in tennis, but a resounding ovation to a Russian  without respecting the art and beauty of the way the game is played.

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