Saturday, February 04, 2006


Our out of control President, who takes it upon himself to obey the law and disregard the law , as it pleases him. Is about to present a military budget of over 440Billion dollars. While seeking to reduce federal support for Medicare.

The widow of Dr. Martin Luther King, one of a few female politcal royalty in the USA. ,could not find appropiate medical attention for her oviary cancer so she resorted to alternate medicine in an unauthorised medical cowshed in Mexico.

It would have made more sense for Ms Scott King to have gone to CUBA to get the same attention visiting World Leaders are quietly getting from the Cuban medical system.
But nooo ,we are maintaining an embargo on the Cuban people, hoping to strangle them into NON EXISTENCE. The same word " exist " that has arisen between the Hamas of Palestine and the State of Israel. Apparently the Black and Brown people of Cuba could whither away and WE DON'T give a fuek, because of their complexion. Ms Scott King might have gotten a chance to live longer if WE, as Americans cared enough , as we do for israel, about the people of CUBA and rally to have the embargo lifted.

The Bush administration's lip service to democracy and free and fair elections was exposed twice in two weeks. Democracy and elections are ONLY good or relevant, to the Bush administration if their lackeys are victorious.

The people of Palestine chose their national leaders but got no respect. They made a legitimate claim for country, from Israel, they get no respect. The Israeli military brutalise them, destroy their homes, they get no respect or protection.
. While they were blowing themselves and Israelis all over the dessert , we accused them of barbarism . Like the Cuban people the Palestine people can't do anything right for the two- tongue Pale faces in the white house. In the meantime CNN will continue to report on the BULL..NONSENSE from the situation room.

So my beloved American people, the miltary adventure will continue , at the cost of getting well and living longer. The cost of an ambulance ride to the hospital, to save your LIFE is $ 599.00 One Way.
The cost of an ambulance ride in Cuba, Two Way, ( from sickness to health) FREE, FREE. The Cuban people are among the strongest in the world , while we are strangling them they are building a respectable society. We know for sure that the Cuban President won't be seeking any medical attention in any Mexican 30-bed cowshed.

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Swish said...

You are welcome to have Blair as well, if you want - another disaster. Bush utters and Blair agrees - Kay