Sunday, September 03, 2006


It may seem that the Headliner is an exaggeration , to describe members of a political party, that has such a long history with the original American Revolution . But do you think , that this crop of Republican misfits, will be welcomed by great Americans such as President Jsfferson or President Lincoln.

The Party of the original American Revolutionary has been devalued to become the party of decadent individualism, swindlers, dishonest politicians and businessmen, anti christ mischievous christians with a generally anti people outlook. This is the party that still has closet racists jockeying to get into position of National influence.

In 1862 President Abraham Lincoln said " we shall nobly save, or measly lose, the last best hope of earth". ....In my life time, whenever the Republican Party is in a position of authority either in the White House or in Congress America and world becomes a bowl of instability. From Richard Nixon thru to George Bush we have weakly lost a little bit of the International respect we have garnered after helping the world defeat fascism in Europe.

In the last two years, Americans at home are now being exposed to the truly fraudulent nature of the Republican Party. Following the attack of 9/11, what has emerged is a monster organisation that manipulated information to scare our own American people, into subjugation so as to secure their position in the White House and in Congress.

The war in Iraq, that has come back to bite the manipulators in their Ass, was fraudulently created and mismanaged. In the process they have made fools of those genuine hard working Americans in the 'old south' and the Mid West , who believed, that the Party of the rich white men, loved America and them in particular.

So what do we have now?, daily exposures of the highly immoral Republican party. Therefore what do we do? Remember that the founding fathers were not conservatives, but Progressives. Therefore we must take this opportunity, on November 7th, to clean the congress as much as we can of all the monsters and their impish supporters and replace them by Progressives. The mantra this november is : Not a damn seat for them.

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