Sunday, August 13, 2006


Do you remember at the beginning of the baseball season in April, that Barry Bonds, the performance enhancer sinner, was airmarked to be shot by firing squad made up of Sports Journalists.

In case nobody noticed , this is mid August and neither State or Federal prosecutors nor vigilante sports journalists can find the evidence, to prove he got big, not because he lifted weights but because he drank some syrup . what a great comic book concept.... SUPERMAN FROM A BOTTLE...........

Conservative Republican/Democrat Joe Lieberman, friend of VeePee Dick 'D Trick' Cheney, has gone totally looney, pulling the "we must fear the terrorists" trick on his constituents. His conclusion, the only way to isolate, expose and defeat militant combatants is with the leadership of George , Dick and now Joe...... What a tired and deflated thought.

cease fire??..... more defeated leadership..

So there is a Cease Fire between the Israel's IDF and the militant armed party Hirbollah.
President Bush originally said, kill them all, and totally ignored the massive destruction of lives and property taking place in Lebanon. So why did he instruct the weak Ehud Olmert, Israel's Prime Minister to accept the French inspired UN resolution.
It was the acceptance of defeat as a Leader, in the Middle East and responsibility for encouraging Israel to follow an expedition that ultimately strengthened the resolve of those militants, who believes that the only cause, they need to justify, their existence, is the existence of Israel. This Israel attack on Lebanon is going to be a big marketing tool for the maintenance and development of militant groups, and for their use of misguided terror tactics to get at their perceived enemies.
Ehud originally, rushed into attack mode, by launching Air and Sea attacks against the whole of lebanon civilian population, becuse he was afraid of being labelled weak by his opposition. But together with our President George Bush , they were militarily exposed by a well organised militia, that declared for the Universe to see that Republican Conservative politics cannot provide the quality leadership this Planet deserves. Again it is , thank you to the French....
for their suave wisdom.

Football here and there....oh yeah

Following the popularity of the World Cup, the European football leagues begin today, with the English Football season launching today . With Satelite Directv and Dish Network making international Soccer available , this will add to our American sporting entertainment mix and not diminish our love for the NFL. This false view was perpetuated by stupid American sport journalists.

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