Sunday, December 10, 2006


Famous movie star Sydney Portier, asked a reasonable question in the ESPN documentary, Ali Rap. He asked, "Do you know what black people, African Americans have done , after 400 years of providing free chatteled labor (slavery), to deserve the Hate ,with so much intensity from white people".

In the last four weeks , I have had to assist my son with his American History assignments. One of the designated chapter was "The civil war". The period 1861-1865 amplify's the inhuman greed of the Southern Farmers. The presidency of Abraham Lincoln ushered in the thinking of a building a modern USA. One of the hurdles in the path of a modern capitalist America was eliminating shackled labor as an option in the American economy.

You could not possibly have a modern democracy, heading towards the twentieth century and have workers shackled and forced to labor on farms without pay, and still call the system FREE ENTERPRISE . It is this simple understanding that led the evil Southern Farmers with their large Farms , and reluctance to pay their workers, to treacherously , slit the throat of Lady Liberty, by stabbing the UNION in its back, seeking to secede and fragment our beautiful country.

Our illustrious President Abraham Lincoln won the civil war and kept the Union of the USA together, but was assassinated for his efforts. To the credit of the Great President, he declared the traitor combatants , the so called Rebels, FREE men, from any persecution by the United States for their deeds against the Unity of this great country.

But the backlash for laying the foundation to make this country the best capitalist country, in the following 140 years, was an unprecedented attack on the former shackled workers (slaves) seeking to make them pay for wanting to be treated fairly.

The KluKluxKlan was created , as a Southern Farmers armed terrorist group , to attack , maim , torture, and killed freedom seeking and loving African Americans. Their terrorist doctrine is very similar to that of the much feared Al Quaeda. Yet , throughout the latter years of the 19th century and most of the 20th century , supporters of the evil Southern Farmers, Christian worshippers ( no doubt) with evil in their hearts, discriminated , segregated, castigated ,falsely imprisoned and killed Americans in retaliation for losing the Civil War.

The racism that accompanied these criminal acts were used as a cover to 'front' the Mafia style retaliation that was prevalent throughtout the south and mid west. The sad thing about this retaliation doctrine, was that the poor white folks who were underpaid farm workers , living in horribble conditions, actually believed, and bought into the hate message, as relief from the existence forced on them from the merciless and backward Southern Farmers.

That is why the racist ideology was nurtured and encouraged to continously breed new life in the South. All the ridiculous doctrines that was written to justify racism, by attacking the physicality of the African Race was part of the plan by the defeated traitors and their decendants.
It became fashionable if you were white , in the rural South, even if you had no opportunity for education , no had food or work , you still had ONE THING in common with the white (well-to-do ) middle class families..... you were angry with African Americans for being FREE.

Even today these deprived white folks of the South cannot get anyone, from the esteemed classes ,to pay any attention to their social needs , as long as they turn up their noses to black people and other brown people. Racism will be on the decline if these poor white folks can win their FREEDOM from the ideologists of the defeated evil Old South Farmers.

It became quite common to see, unhealthy,unclean, poor, white farm workers,
encouraged to boost their social egos, by openly villifying people who they were told are "lesser" than they were. The trick being , that as poor white folks , there expectations were directed, not towards uniting to improve their collective well being, but to be white, and counted as better humans than non whites, and blacks particularly, even if , the African Americans, were in a better social position than poor whites.

As a consequence these evil Southern Farmers, hoped to establish a social system of segregation , they hoped will ensure only whites will be rich..... thereby supporting their lie...
What a lie that was.... and a trick to pull on those poor white folks of the South ..

Even today these deprived and oppressed white folks of the South , still hold on to this lie as salvation and connection to the esteeemed classes, who widely ignore their social needs , until the next election.. Racism will eventually be defeated, when these white folks , liberate themselves from the stranglehold of the EVIL WHITE SOUTHERN FARMERS

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